Interesting cocktail recipes

Interesting cocktail recipes

Champagne - one of the most popular sparklingwines that are always associated with the holidays. Not only is it easy and pleasant in itself, with champagne cocktails is a beautiful and uplifting, as each bubble indicates that the holiday came. Try it and see for yourself!

9 cocktails with champagne

Cocktail «Kir Royal»

The thin glass pour 1 teaspoon raspberry liqueur 1 tsp cherry. Hold the glass at an angle, twist it to the walls inside were covered with liquor. A thin stream pour 100 ml of champagne, not to stir.

Cocktail "Mimosa"

In a glass pour 15 ml orange liqueur Curacao and 45 ml of fresh orange juice. Add 125 ml of champagne. Decorate with ribbon glasses of orange peel.

Champagne "Charlie"

In a glass pour 45 ml of apricot brandy and pour 130 ml of chilled champagne. The cocktail is ready.

"Green Bubbles"

In the glass, combine 30 ml liqueur Poire William and 30 ml melon liquor Midori. Pour 150 ml of champagne.

Cocktail "Blue Bird"

In a glass pour 45 ml Blue Curacao liqueur, pour 140 ml of chilled champagne.

Peach Bellini

Pour 200 ml peach juice to 8 glasses. Pour 750 ml of champagne. Garnish with peach slices.

Cocktail "French 75"

50 ml gin, juice of 1 lemon and sugar shaken with ice in a shaker, strain into a champagne glass and fill with ice cold champagne.

Cocktail "Lemon"

The glass on the fine leg put a piece of sugar, pour 20 ml of lemon juice, pour on top with 100 ml of cold champagne and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Cocktail "Andalusia"

Pour into a glass 25 ml sweet sherry, pour champagne, add the red cherry.

Cocktail «Gold Velvet»

In 1/2 cup of beer has been reduced, add 25 ml pineapple juice, carefully pour the champagne