Comedy: Housekeeping tip

Comedy: Housekeeping tip

Lunch Your husband seems much tastier if it does not feed to this two days.

Freshly bought cheese to be stored for much longer, if you do not eat it for the first day.

To chicken was tender, rub the chicken before cooking garlic inside, try not to pay attention to the perturbed clucking and flapping wings.

Eggplant caviar is much tastier if you replace it of pressed.

To the hands did not smell of fish they should be dipped in kerosene.

If you stretch a piece of string, get a candle that never burns down through the milk sausage.

If a bottle of vodka to pour vodka, your cat get a great cover for the tail.

If you are late to work, two eggs can easily and quickly prepare two spots on the floor.

If you have burned cork, do not rush to throw them out. Maybe burn anything else - then all together and discard.

In order to glue the cup in the absence of glue, you need to carefully degrease the surface, highly compressed pieces and not let them ever!

If the liver is heavily burnt, it is better to throw it away.

Vegetarian soup is more nutritious if it put a little beef.

If your cat is in the kitchen nashkodil, beat it a little broom.

Do not rush to dispose of old rusty iron bed. Do this slowly and with pleasure.

If you see that the guests discreetly wiped his hands on a cloth, linen, or ask them to paper towels.

Phrases like: "Now I'll show you our family album!" Or "Look at how learning to our son!" Significant savings products and drinks.

In all circumstances, it is not necessary to remind the guests that it is too late, and your children have to go to school.

If so you are very tired of the guests, then look at the clock to be eloquent, if you translate it to the shotgun hanging on the wall.

Your dress will last you for years to come, if your husband receives a small salary.

If you have big feet, you will simple pumice. Rub her feet a couple of hours 2-3 times a day for a month, and the problem will disappear.

Oil paint stains are not visible on your clothes, if you do not wear it anymore.

Svezheposazhennye fruit stains immediately treat the 3% solution of IAA in perhloretane. Then after a year, and two, they retain their original flavor, color, flavor and vitamins.

If after sanding parquet in the apartment became slippery, sprinkle with coarse salt or river sand. In the most dangerous places cover flagrant boardwalk or chipped scrap.

To while away on a business trip or holiday flowersthe kitchen is not wilted, open all the taps in the bathroom and in the kitchen, pre-plugged sink. Then, to your return you will be waiting for your green friends - from all the lower floors.

To prepare the pie of the yeast dough,Take 100 g of flour, 5 g of yeast, 1 cup milk, 2 egg yolk, a teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar. Eat it all, carefully alternating. An hour later Kulebyaka ready.

If you laugh, walking and sharp movements slipping glasses with nose - are sitting quietly in their glasses at home and do not let anyone.

Uleteli migratory birds come autumncold, and sink all have not started? Pick up a hammer and begins to knock them on the cold battery. An hour later, the whole house will join you two back migratory birds, and a week later you will realize that is not warmer outside, begin to sink.

Connect to a telephone doorbell. Then, looking through the peephole, you can find out who is calling you on the phone.

Average handkerchief will serve you for many years without washing, remaining essentially pure if it has the dimensions of the ship's sails.

Did you know that in the cistern nice to take root aquarium fish, and you can hide from the rain, folded ears house?

Did you know that the noodles can be inserted into holes of pasta and moles never eats live sheep because they do not smell him.