Fruits in marshmallow cream

Fruits in marshmallow cream

Gentle, sweet and sour dessert.
2 marshmallow (70 g)
200 g cream 10% -20%
200 g strawberries
200 g of the kiwi
chocolate for sprinkling


Zephyr break into pieces, put in a blender, pour in the cream.
Thoroughly whisk until smooth.
Cut strawberries into quarters (if large - smaller than the cut).
Kiwi clean, cut into cubes.
In kremanku cup or put the strawberries in a single layer.
Pour the cream so as to completely cover the strawberries.
Top with kiwifruit in a single layer.
Serve with cream, kiwi completely closed.
Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

Dessert can serve immediately, and you can put an hour in the fridge to cool. It will be delicious anyway.