Fried ice cream

Summer is long gone and now, here in our windowsknock zimushka winter. Enjoying a quiet evening with your family time passes unnoticed, and sometimes boring. Surprise your household may be offering them for dessert after dinner ... fried ice cream.

Fried ice cream

To prepare you need: half a kilo of ice cream, coconut, one pack of cereal, 300 grams of vegetable oil, 3 eggs, berries.

Cooking method:
In a specially prepared dish pour the crushed in a blender cornflakes, coconut chips and whipped to a foam egg.
In a saucepan, pour the oil in an amount such that it could slice of ice cream float freely when roasting and set on fire.
Immediately prior to the preparation by the pull out ice cream from the freezer (or it will begin to melt ahead of time) and cut into eight pieces.
Take one piece of ice cream and crumble ita first coconut flakes, and then the egg and cornflakes. Repeat this step one more time (ie, you must first turn double roll in coconut flakes, then corn flakes and egg).
Put the breaded slice of ice cream in a pan with hot oil for 30-40 seconds and "fry"
After cooking, remove the portion of the fried ice cream in the refrigerator for fifteen minutes. Similar actions repeat with remaining ice cream.

Option 2.
Give ice cream melt a little. Spoon recruit one portion and the middle, put the berry. Form a ball of mass and remove it in the fridge until complete solidification (about two hours).
In a blender or mortar to grind cereals. Beat eggs until foaming.
Turn on the heater frityulnitsu or pour in a deep frying pan vegetable oil and heated to 160-180 °.
From ice cream freezer and pull out each portionobmokaem first in egg and then in crushed corn flakes. The action is repeated three times. The resulting beads beautiful ship for 15 minutes in the freezer to cool slightly breading.
At the final stage podmerzshie ice cream put in frityulnitsu or frying pan with hot oil and fry 40-60 seconds. After roasting the resulting lumps must be slightly cooled in the refrigerator.

Bon Appetit!