Cottage cheese and fruit dessert

Cottage cheese and fruit dessert


500g - cottage cheese low-fat soft
300g - low-fat sour cream
sugar or stevia - in taste
30g - gelatin (preferably instant)
Any seasonal fruit (strawberries used here and bananas)
+ Form (about 26 cm) (about 300 g)


1. Cottage cheese mixed with sugar or stevia
2. Sour cream mixed with sugar or stevia. Fruits washed and put on the bottom of the form
3. Prepare the gelatin (according to package) Connect + curd cream and liquid mass peremeshat.Poluchaetsya
4. Pour a thin stream of gelatin in cottage cheese and sour cream mixture massu.Peremeshat.Poluchivsheysya cover all fruits (uniformly)
5. We send in the refrigerator (1-2 hours).
6. Get, cut into portions and serve fruit