Recipe Cocktail Mojito / Mojito

Recipe Cocktail Mojito / Mojito

Mint - 19 leaves
limes - 2 cloves
sugar syrup - 15 ml
ice - 10 cubes
white rum - 50 ml
soda - 10 ml

Servings: 1

The poor sailors under the command of Francis Drake, is the servant of the Queen of England, going to sea as a sailor ordered not to take water.

Only rum. Many barrels of rum for a few months of sea travel.
Probably, many sailors were unable to afterswimming sober the rest of my life ... Let compassion for the sailors, they are hardened people and they probably did not get used. And hardly any of them was disappointed the lack of water in the ship, after "Mojito" no one can look distressed.

Introducing your precious attention cocktail recipe "Mojito".
With a long history, with sea legends. And with incredible taste.

Mojito cocktail recipe is not complicated! Try it once and you do all the time!

In a tall glass - highball - should be putabout 19 fresh mint leaves, a few slices of lime and pour the whole composition is sugar syrup (15 ml). Good job pestle. Then crumble ice and pour it into a highball.

Add to the same white rum (50 mL), add soda to the glass edges, stir the cocktail spoon and finally garnish with sprig of mint.

Lovely and charming sailor sailors!

Enjoy your voyage with a magnificent cocktail "Mojito"!