Canapés with sardines

Canapés with sardines

- Canned sardine - 1 bank;
feta - 250 g;
onion - 1/2 medium onion;
mustard - 1 tsp .;
pack of unsweetened crackers (available with different flavors - onion, herbs and so on.)
Step 1

Knead the cheese with a fork.
Step 2

Sardines obtain from banks in a bowl, scraping off the bone, and also mash with a fork. Then add to the mix, and Fet.
Step 3

Finely, finely cut onions and to interfere in the total weight.
Step 4

Serve on crackers. Sometimes I take a large plate, put at the center of a bowl filled, and the edges laid out crackers and guests themselves "draw" an appetizer. So I submit even more like it.

Bon Appetit!