You will be the cream on the basis of ... leeches?

Cream with leeches

Like it or not, and the benefits of medicinal leeches, weyou are aware from early childhood. Recall, the notorious Duremara which Shasta through the swamp to the net, and overheard a conversation Pinocchio and turtles tortilla.

In the domestic film, he even sings the famous song, which says, and from any diseases treated these amazing little worms, which often people are afraid so.


  • 1 What is girudokrem or cream with leeches
  • 2 Various creams with leeches, for different purposes
  • 3 How to make the right choice and whether to buy a cream with leeches
  • 4 Do not expose yourself to danger, read the label and analyze!

What girudokrem or cream with leeches

Children's face cream: can use an adult?Since ancient times, healers, and sometimes evencharlatans, using leeches to treat a variety of diseases. There is even a scientific name of this process, see non-traditional therapy, which sounds like girudoterapiya or bdelloterapiya. Giruda, translated from the eternal, as the world of Latin, is a leech.

The fact that the biting through the skin, medicalleech lets the wound a special enzyme, hirudin, which is contained in its saliva, the blood less folded. This enzyme, by and large, is attending the useful component, which is now added to various cosmetic products.

Cream with leeches appeared quite recently,because some of the girls and women refer to it with a fairly large proportion of fear, the more that they themselves "Little girl trying" who so loved Duremar, look, is not the best way, and their food is not pleasant thing to mind.

Nevertheless, as the very hirudotherapy,cosmetics, medical leech extract rich, is a means of very effective, because more and more women and girls pay attention to it, all the more so with the "terrible" procedure hirudotherapy, is connected cosmetics very, very superficial.

Various creams with leeches, for different purposes

It enzymes, substances from the saliva of leechesbecome the basis to create a cream with leeches, which has a massive healing effect on the body, the integrated actions for which he so valued and respected women and girls, who at least once resorted to its use.

Once he realized how good and usefulIt is a cosmetic product, many simply do not want to use any more than the other, but do not forget about security, because wrong or overly active application of the cream can also result in not quite the result that you expected.

Initially, you need to decide what kind of cream is needed for you personally, and what creams with an extraordinary "filler" in general are:

  1. Face Cream has a fairly significant rejuvenating effect, tightens the contour, moisturizes and so on.
  2. Body Cream softens the skin, produces andanti-aging effect. The dermis after applying this cream softens, improves circulation. Besides. Cream piyavochkami able to fight with the widespread as cellulite, not in its initial stage, and even in the later stages, when the bulk of the cosmetics is a completely impotent, and present complex treatment is required.
  3. Hand cream significantly softens rough areas, increases metabolism, prevents premature aging.
  4. Foot Cream, perhaps, is the mostcommon cosmetic product, which is used and saliva extract of leeches Medical. The fact that it was an enzyme hirudin can positively affect diseases such as varicose veins, has quite a strong therapeutic effect, and in addition, reduces fatigue, relaxes, it gives the deep layers of the epidermis necessary tone, has a bracing effect.


How to make the right choice and whether to buy a cream with leeches

How to choose a cream for normal skin?If you pay close attention tocosmetic market, you'll find that creams containing extract of leeches, not too little, ka might seem, as long as we have not touched on the subject.

In fact, cosmetic stores havea wide range variety of means, including creams. One needs only to ask the consultant, and you get a lot of comprehensive information, as they say, for every taste and color.

The modern cosmetic industryoffers the fair sex a huge of variety of creams, which you can check out the action on his beloved, the more that experience with a majority of women, shows excellent results.

Creams with leeches almost never cause any allergic reactions, perhaps with the exception of personal, that is hypersensitive to the components.

Among other things, it would be nice if in the selection, as well as the purchase, you have used a few quite simple tips that recommend Estheticians:

  1. If you are going to buy a cream with leeches do not forget to consult a beautician or a dermatologist who can determine exactly what suits you, or other means.
  2. If you are going to buy a cream for healingpurposes, such as varicose veins and so on, visit your profile expert, just should not be delayed, because at any contraindications, cosmetics can have the opposite effect of expectations, that is hurt.
  3. Leeches are listed as endangered, because forcosmetic purposes they are grown specifically, industrially, and in our country, there is a similar "farm leech", and even more than abroad. For example, the French leeches grown in vivo and their funds are obtained so expensive that can afford them, not all. But domestic funds, albeit at a much "right", but much more, literally at times, cheaper.
  4. Refer to shop in pharmacy, or foran extreme case, a specialist, or at least having an excellent reputation, a beauty shop. The extract of leeches, a component of the complex and not easy to get it, but on a tube or a jar, you can write anything you want, so it is better not to risk his own body, getting the coveted bottle in a dark underpass.
  5. Always, always, and in all circumstances,even if you are terribly late, to make the necessary compatibility test. That is, just smear a little cream on the inside of the wrist or elbow bend, and wait a few minutes. If unpleasant sensations, and together with them, rash, redness, itching, and the like, not originated, the cream can be taken. At the slightest hint of a backlash, it is better to refuse from the cream and go to the doctor.
  6. Try not to use a cream with leechestogether with the other, especially with bioactive cosmetics, it may well give a negative result. It is best to choose for themselves the full range of a certain line, then you can definitely be sure that the components of creams and other cosmetics, will not interfere, causing your allergy and so on.
  7. Always follow the instructions, it is also very important. Improper use of a cream with leeches can in the best case, nothing to give, and maybe have a chat, the opposite result.

And still…

Do not expose yourself to danger, read the label and analyze!

Get tools that except extractleeches or extracts from its saliva contains a maximum of natural, that is, natural ingredients, such as foot cream often contains horse chestnut, chamomile, nettle, ficus, burdock, vitamin complexes, and so on.

The more natural, the less shelf life - it's the law, look for tools that can not be stored for years, especially since you do not want to do that.

Also note how theit is written that the cream contains an extract of leeches. Manufacturers of high-quality cosmetics, by definition, people are literate and educated, because they just do not write on your product, it is made from dried, crushed leeches! This means - obviously fake, and it is better not to buy, because, as we have already found all the "usefulness" of medical leeches - in her saliva, and even in embryos.

It is necessary to acquire, for example, means embryonatedleeches, or on the basis thereof, as it is in the eggs of leeches found in a large number of extremely useful protein albumin, which is used not only in cosmetics, but even in medicine. Never act blindly, believing someone else's stories, or ubiquitous advertising, secure yourself and always be young, beautiful, and most importantly - healthy.