Why not nail polish lasts a long time?

Each of us is familiar with the situation, when you have spent so much effort on a perfectly painted nails and drying them, and then a couple of hours manicure spoiled. Why?
• To varnish kept longer on the nails,should be applied to their base lacquer and then, after the main paint, protective lacquer. Protective varnish need to paint your nails every day - then it will stay a lot longer.
• Too thick layer of nail polish is badIt dries up and peels off easily. Cover with one layer of nail varnish and let dry completely. Only then apply a second layer. There are many paints that do not require re-application. In this case, try to apply one coat of varnish only as long as necessary for the desired color.

Why not nail polish lasts a long time?

• The third layer of varnish - the perfect way to quickly ruin your manicure.
• Pumps nail three different movements of the brush from the middle up and down and one smear on each side.
• varnish hardens in a few minutes, but it is completely dry for 12 hours. If you make up your nails, you should not do any work around the house and wash the dishes.
• If you paint your nails in the evening for a couple of hours before theSleep, then, when you go to bed, put on nail polish oil to nails on your prints were not blankets or sheets. The same can be done with a pedicure, so that the nails do not remain traces of tights or stockings.
• Before you paint your nails, make sure that they are clean, without oil residues and nail dust. It is best to clean manicure nails using special means or liquid to remove the varnish.

• If your nails are thin and soft, the paint will peel off even more likely. The reason is very simple. The nail is bent, and no varnish.
• The varnish keeps better on smooth nails. Try lightly smooth the surface of your nails a special polishing tool. Tochi not more often than once a month, because of the nails from becoming thinner and softer.

• To polish last longer, keep it in a dark andcool place. Before use Do not shake the bottle of varnish as the varnish is mixed with air. Instead, roll the bottle between your hands. After applying the varnish, clean the neck of the bottle with a napkin and liquid nail polish remover. Only then it is safe to close the bottle and the nail will last right up to 2 years.