Why exfoliate nails

Stratification of the nail - is always a rather unpleasantcatcher. It spoils the appearance of the nail and indicates some health problems. What exactly and how to deal with them - this is what the conversation will lead today.

The composition of the nail

In order to understand why the nail breaksand stratified, be aware of what it is. The composition can be a lot to understand about his "life." Thus, the first nail constructed from the native protein (keratin), also forming the hair and skin. Density, and it is also the fortress keratin cysteine ​​depends on the number of atoms that are in it. Cysteine ​​- is an amino acid which includes sulfur contained in each body, but its content is influenced by heredity. Thus, the more cysteine ​​in the body, the stronger nail all family members.

Also nail contains layers of fat and water,they give it shine and elasticity. With this in the nail contains calcium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Because it is very important in the treatment of nail monitor their diet, so it is sure to contain all of the trace elements.

Causes of Nail bundle

Of course, the causes of nail disease can be divideddivided into two main groups: first - this is a signal of some internal problems, diseases, and the second - external factors that affect the health of the nail plate. MirSovetov offers details to deal with each of the possible causes.

Let's start with the internal causes, exfoliate nails in such cases:

  1. Lack of protein. Since the nail is primarily composed of protein, then it is very bad diet not containing it. So vegetarians can be seen bad nails, hair and skin. By the way, the shortage of protein nail loses not only the health and natural beauty, but also significantly slows their growth.
  2. Lack fats. Many women prefer a diet immediately eliminate fats from your diet. And if you eat this way for a long time, the loss of health for nails, skin and hair is not long to wait;
  3. The lack of vitamins. Of course, the condition of the nail may affect vitamin deficiency. Moreover, it can be any of the elements such as vitamins A, B, C, D, E, potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc or silicon. If you see that on the internal causes affecting the health of your nails, and especially if the nails were added to the fibered still some signs of vitamin deficiency, it is best to consult a doctor.
  4. Violation of circulation. The bed of nails is very well supplied with blood, the blood of the nail and receives all building materials for growth. In cardiovascular diseases nail poorly supplied with oxygen and other elements, resulting in a loss of its bundle and appearance.
  5. The appearance of furrows on the nail, which is conducted bystratification - may be the cause of serious diseases. They may indicate the presence of chronic inflammatory diseases, and may be the first sign of rheumatism. They can also point to the poor condition of the internal organs: liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Zinc deficiency can also trigger the appearance of furrows on the nail and separation.
  7. Low immunity may also affectnail health. Do not forget that the immune system - a concept extensive, it may be the result of both stress and anemia. By the way, the last disease, the nail is very pale.
  8. Fungal infections. They can be attributed to both external and internal reasons nails bundle. Just do not forget that when the nail fungus changes its appearance: yellow, begins to crumble.

External factors that affect nail health:

  • household chemicals. Probably, it is necessary to put in the top of the list, because every day we are exposed to its impact. Killing us hated dirt, chemicals also affects our fingernail, but rather on his fat layers, destroying them. Moreover, this list can be attributed not only the "Fairy", which one drop removes all the fat, as advertised, but soft and shampoos, shower gels - all this has an impact on our state of the nail;
  • Cold has a detrimental impact on the nail due to the fact that slows down blood circulation and the nail plate loses oxygen;
  • excessive contact with water. Oddly enough, but the water affects the nails are not less aggressive than alkaline household chemicals. Water swellable nail plate loses its proper structure between the layers of keratin, and nails start to exfoliate;
  • incorrect application manicure metal nail files can damage the plate and cause lamination of the nail;
  • nail not sparing procedure and the health of your nails will not add.

What should I do first?

Of course, you need to understand exactly what youworried and if you understand that the reason is not external nature, it is best to consult a doctor and identify the causes of nail bundle. In the meantime, be sure to take the following steps:

  • be sure to watch your diet. It should include all the useful elements necessary to man;
  • do not give preference to mono-diet, excluding one or another element, be it protein, fat or carbohydrate;
  • doing house cleaning and using household chemicals, be sure to wear gloves, they will protect against the harmful effects of household chemicals alkaline environment;
  • the same applies to the simple contact with water. Of course, we are talking about when you have to literally "live" in the water. Try to limit contact and, if possible, use rubber gloves;
  • any uncomfortable weather, autumn, winter and summer, wear gloves. They protect not only the skin, but also nails;
  • Use the correct manicure tools, first of all, it concerns the nail file - it is best if it is coated with Teflon.

How to return to its former beauty nails?

If you are sure that the reason for your bundleNails are not covered in some kind of medical problem, you can help your nails recover with special baths and masochek, which offers a range of traditional medicine.

Mix two tablespoons of honey and oliveoils (in principle, you can use any vegetable), heat them in a water bath. Whisk the egg. When the mixture is heated up, add to the egg and mix well. Now lower back fingers and hold for about 15 minutes (make sure that the bath is not too hot). At the end rinse your hands with warm water. This tray should be done a couple of times a week.

Very well it nourishes and strengthens the nails with bathsea ​​salt. For its preparation in a small amount of warm water, dissolve one teaspoon of salt, there is also possible to add about three drops of iodine, it will strengthen the effect of the procedure. Take it is 10-15 minutes, and then use the cream for hands and nails. During treatment, it is best to abstain from nail polish and very good care of them.

We also recommend you mask from the gelatin. For its preparation to dissolve polstolovoy spoon in a glass of water and wait until the gelatin swell. Once this happens, lower the fingers and remove it. Leave gelatin minutes 15. After wash away the mask with warm water, it is best to use the cream for hands and nails.