Who and why do we need essential oils?

Essential oils for the skin

The benefits of essential oils do not know at this time,probably only the laziest. Since ancient times, our ancestors knew about what the positive influence these substances on the entire human body, including the skin, but in the twentieth century, traditional methods of therapy, as well as cosmetology, were jammed somewhere aside .

Especially noticeable was the territory of ourhomeland, where he practiced exclusively traditional medicine, and everything else, whether it is even almost a panacea for all ills, belonged to charlatanism and illiteracy.


  • 1 Odor from time immemorial
  • 2 What the properties of essential oils for the skin
    • 2.1 Skin Regeneration
    • 2.2 The qualitative regulation of hormonal levels
    • 2.3 Biomassazhny effect
    • 2.4 A powerful antioxidant effect
    • 2.5 Serious psycho-emotional factor
  • 3 What are the essential oils are applied and used in, or otherwise, the case
  • 4 How to choose the right essential oil for the skin

Scents from the past

Nevertheless, it does not recognize as a positiveaffect the essential oils to the skin, in the twenty-first century, it was simply impossible. Science has leaped forward, leaving the stupid prejudices behind, leaving only what is in fact, it is under a some sort of foundation.

But, especially, essential oils to the skin- It is our own freshness, youth and beauty for many years to come, and turn away from this fact, simply does not work, it proved the most famous, world luminaries of science, medicine and cosmetology.

Cosmetic oils for the face: recipesAnecdotally, ancient Egyptians, whoWe had a really advanced civilization, and even managed to build a pyramid so well that they stand still, and still stand for much, if not more, for use in your everyday life essential oils.

Egyptian black-eyed beauty, usedessential oils for skin lightening and removing stains, to rejuvenate, to give the body a unique, spicy flavor, but also commonplace to fight off the smell of sweat, throughout the day, because the weather in Egypt is known to be just promotes profuse sweating.

What the properties of essential oils for the skin

What is known is our ancient ancestors, which is notWe can know, or we use? It turns out scientists have long confirmed that essential oils for the skin - this is a real find, because Estheticians so active and their use in the manufacture of a wide variety of cosmetics.

The beneficial effects of a wide variety of essentialoil well studied, and at this time, we pretty much know about these mysterious substances whose divine fragrance can result in an enthusiastic and joyful mood, and can even be a maddening.

skin regeneration

Essential oils - is in essence, the real focus of a wide variety of bioactive substances, which have on the skin, very beneficial effect.

Essential oils can heal and microtraumamicrocracks heal burns, both mechanical and solar or chemical. These substances qualitatively epidermis pushing for self-renewal, regeneration, and especially what they are valuable.

Quality regulation of hormonal levels

Argan oil for face: recipesNot many substances that are not a part of theour body, can boast such an excellent function as an adjustment of the very hormone balance, which is responsible for long-term preservation of youthful skin, and essential oils for the skin, in this case, just a real fount of freshness and beauty.

The fact that plant hormones, which are included incomposition of various essential oils, highly similar in structure to the human body hormones. Precisely because of this, and the maximum effect from their use.

Biomassazhny effect

Essential oils can also have a wonderful,sometimes just unreal, biomassazhny effect, which is extremely useful not only for the skin, but also for the entire human body as a whole.

The molecules of oil, penetrating deep into the desired partpoints of the body, can create tiny micropulses, which are activators of many processes, such as metabolism, improves the lymphatic and circulatory system and stimulates the production of hormones, promote skin oxygenation and so on.

Powerful antioxidant action

The older the human body, the more it expressed the oxidative processes, ie, the skin, as well as the other part of the body, takes part in it.

Aging is, in fact, a large oxidationa process that can seriously suspend and even, at times, somewhat reversed, the same substances, antioxidants, the benefits of which are now widely spoken.

Essential oils for the skin can actively influence thethe aging process, to ensure adequate nutrition skin with oxygen and "neutralize" its toxic properties, which can occur when an excess of oxygen, bind free radicals and so on.

Serious psycho-emotional factor

Linseed oil for the face: applicationAnyone who has ever opened a bottle of essentialoils, knows exactly what marvelous, rich and strong odors, they have. Of course, breathing the divine aroma that literally imbues the soul of ease and happiness, joy of life, and certainly has a curative effect, since the body at the same time, also experiences a certain comfort and happiness.

Of course, this can not but affect positively on the general state of the organism, because happy people always look better and younger, accident.

What essential oils to use, and use in, or otherwise, the case

The use of essential oils to the skin, of course,enormous, a fact proved by real scientists, but that's not all, because to get at least some of their application result, you need to know exactly what kind of oil, from which problems can protect, or what effect that could have.

Not knowing the basics, and randomly applying essential oils indiscriminately, it can even harm to itself, and it does to you and me, not suitable:

  1. Ylang-ylang is perfect for oily skin, moisturizes, has a nourishing effect.
  2. Lavender has some antiseptic and antibacterial effect, also eliminates shine, mattes the skin and restores the damaged cells.
  3. Geranium excellent choice for mature or aging skin, miraculously moisturizes dry and thin skin, has a general restorative effect.
  4. Tangerine, lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange -citrus essential oils are extremely useful for hypersensitive and combination skin, as it may have a complex action, that is to moisturize, nourish and remove the excessive fat at the same time.
  5. Mirra has a wonderful antiseptic effect and qualitatively to treat irritation, rashes, pimples, and even used to treat acne.
  6. Sandal advantage is recommended for aging, or, aging skin, has excellent antioxidant properties, as well as a very nice, oriental fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin.
  7. Tea tree is increasingly being used in cosmetics, as this essential oil has a general tonic effect and is perfect for any skin type perfectly.
  8. Jasmine will apply to excessively dry skin whenyou need extra hydration and nutrition, the substance may reduce inflammation quality has antifungal activity, as well as on the surface of the dermis creates a real protective plenochku, at the molecular level.

Of course, the list of essential oils listedhere, it is not full, and they are all positive steps, and there is no way to describe, because it is possible most to read the information that is available in abundance, both in the Internet and in a variety of print media, such as women's magazines, and so on.

Among other things, you should definitely read it,What is written in the leaflet, which must be sold together with the very bottle of essential oil, and you are going to buy for their own use.

How to choose the right essential oil for the skin

Naturally, the selection of the means "by itself", this case is not easy and not simple. It is necessary to make every effort not to make a rash step.

After wrongly chosen oil, one of its odor can turn any procedure in this Chinese torture:

  • Get essential oils exclusively in pharmacies and the stores that you know well and are confident in the quality of products.
  • Do not be afraid to demand certificates of conformity to the essential oils - is the key to the quality of the goods supplied to you.
    Carefully read the package insert, because essential oils can not corny suit you as a skin and aggravate any problem.
    Feel free to open and sniff the contentsvial. Moreover, it will save you from buying a fake, so also protect against trouble with the smell. Because of the smell, which you do not like, like, nothing good can not expect, so you can earn only a headache, nausea, and poor health. The smell of essential oils must you like.
  • Try to avoid adding naturalessential oils purchased creams, or other means for the care of the dermis. The fact that they penetrate deep into the epidermis. Dragging along the whole "bouquet" of chemicals from industrial and cosmetic products is unlikely, it will benefit.