What you will be this Halloween?


Halloween - a wonderful holiday, during which you can try on the most unusual images.

Basically it is eerie, fantastic creatures,causing a feeling of fear, terror. This is one of the highlights of Halloween traditions. But you can open the door and an angel, a cat or a panther, who had come for sweets.

During the festival decided to arrangeoriginal party, they need to come with a specific make-up and appropriate attire. It is important that the make-up, hair and costume creating a holistic, an impressive image, which causes involuntary stupor. Even if a person familiar with makeup.

Before taking over the creation of the image, it is necessary to distinguish between the concept of make-up and make-up. To make enough normal makeup.

With its help you can give expressive lipsor eyes, but radically change the appearance beyond recognition, will not work. But you need to realize complex images - witches, angels, vampires, zombies. Simple application techniques shadow or lipstick is not enough. We need to put make-up, which would require special inks.


  • 1 Means for applying makeup
  • 2 Select Symbol
  • 3 Makeup Application
  • 4 Examples of applying make-up for the popular images
    • 4.1 Vampires
    • 4.2 Cats
    • 4.3 Witch
    • 4.4 Angels

Means for applying makeup

Buy for Halloween, you can paint in a water or oil-based. The first type of ink, it is also called akvagrimom easily washed off with water. It is less harmful to the skin, but not proof.

Make-up on the basis of fat used theateractors. It is a long time kept on the skin, but also washed away some fat (creams, for example). You can select the first and second embodiment of the makeup, depending on what time it is applied.

In addition to the colors you need to buy more and specialbrushes, cotton swabs, sponges. Brushes should be of varying widths and thicknesses for different portions grimirovki person's body. If the make-up for Halloween paint will be applied on the basis of fat, you need to have on hand, and even soft cream (children, for example). Of course, you need great lighting, which can be directed to the desired area. And the mirror should be prepared with sufficient area, where you can see the face with hair.

You can also prepare and various consumables, such as rhinestones, feathers, false eyelashes and other products, which make-up will be more colorful and authentic.

Images of the future need to think carefully, you can evenschematically draw it on paper, to make adjustments. This preconditioning helps to evaluate the possibility of the color cosmetics, which have in the arsenal, as well as outline the necessary purchases.

If the paper will have one image,imagination may appear and others. In the course of the comparison is determined by a single image. If before the holiday to prepare thoroughly, then will be no reason for the irritation and frustration.

To create a useful and makeuppresets for carnival celebrations. In such kits includes cosmetics for make-up and clothes, and accessories. There is also a special glue, brushes and sponges, which applied makeup. You can find the kit, which provides color lenses, false teeth.

Select Symbol

Who brought in the wonderful holiday, you need to decide for yourself. Perhaps it would be desirable to feel myself in the role of devil or an angel, change habitual behavior in the exact opposite.

It is only necessary to consider that even the most memorable, shocking makeup will not look without a costume and hairstyle.

To select the image you need, where you can feel relatively comfortable. Holiday lets do what seems impossible and inappropriate to the status of habitual life.

Applying make-up

On this day, every image created by a make-up, to be terrifying, it's a tradition. And the hair, and costume must also reinforce the impression.

  1. To create the necessary background light powder or foundation, in any manner. On the bright face paint and all other make-up will be more expressive and impressive.
  2. A person can have a strange color - green,bluish. To create this color used special makeup or regular foundation, to which are added colored eyeshadow. It is important that the base was stable and did not change throughout the evening.
  3. Blush in makeup is not always used. If they want the image, should be applied to them very carefully, because the surplus can spoil everything. It will look strange vampire or dead man with red cheeks. It is interesting that in this make-up you can use the means of decorative cosmetics and for other purposes, most importantly, to get a stylish and a master image.
  4. Very interesting to create eye makeup, becausein addition to the usual cosmetics variety of stickers, overlays, rhinestones, sequins can be used for it. Drawing the eyes of an angel or a demon can also be used very different cosmetics. For example, it is convenient to use eye shadow or eyeliner is not a special pencil and shadows.
  5. The most spectacular makeup eyes are an unusual color contact lenses with narrow or too broad pupils, perfectly white iris.

Many people use to create a terrible imagesuch pads as open wounds, bleeding joints, pieces of torn skin. These special effects - on a wish, but you can look unusual and memorable without such terrible details.

Mask must be not only the face but also the arms, neck, all exposed areas of the body, otherwise it is easy to break the effect, the integrity of the image. It is important to make the right and manicures.

Examples of applying make-up for the popular images


Vampires often seen at parties inHalloween image can create and girls and boys. For make-up will take three basic colors - white, red and black. You can include in the palette and other colors. The most important is the emphasis makeup mouth, it should be "bloody".

The effect creates deep red lipstickcolors. Bright is necessary to allocate the eye shadows and black, summing and upper and lower eyelids. The lids are also covered by shadows. It is recommended to tint black and eyelashes. Vampires are very beautiful, so every detail of the makeup must be perfect, clear - eyebrows, lip line, eye.


On Halloween makeup cat can be an adult and a child. In the first step should be to make the white makeup of a person, it will make the expressive makeup.

Draws a mustache and nose, drawing can beuse cosmetic products, as well as convenient to paste ready mustache. Use a pencil and shadows need to create a beautiful cat's eye makeup color depends on the color of eyes. Similarity strengthen contact lenses with typical cats narrow pupils.


Quite attractive is the image of the witch. For the witch is characterized by unhealthy complexion, so the foundation makeup should be green or yellow. Black pencil can draw wrinkles on the face, on which are branches.

This pattern should resemble cobwebs. Eyes need to darken, use eyeliner and shadow for the upper and lower eyelid. Heavy, dark eyebrows and should be. For the lips using a dark red lipstick. A person must be like inanimate, lifeless, and at the same time he must be right, handsome features.


The romantic image - White angel. For him, you can make the face white or left natural color of the skin, using a normal foundation.

Eyelids podkrashivayutsya purple pencil ontop you also need to apply white shadow. With silver eyeliner drawn swirls around the eyes. On the cheeks - very light, bright blush on the lips - a light pink gloss. At the end you can put on the face shining powder.