This hairstyle?


Fashion is constantly changing and as each seasonreveals new trends in clothes and changing hairstyles. The desire to meet the fashion is understandable, so that interest in the hair as part of the style is absolutely justified.

Remembering history can be traced preferencesor those of other nations, which undoubtedly reflected in their hairstyles. Thus, women of ancient Greece wore long hair, painted in brown color. Thanks to great length, it was possible to create a variety of hair styles, from simple to complex designs. And in the Middle Ages not only women but also men actively hair dyed in various colors.

In today's world, too, are paying a lot of attention to hair. Still, just as neat work accentuate your beauty, bad haircut can spoil everything.


  • 1 Choose a hairstyle for shape of face
  • 2 What gives us the means for stacking?

krasim3Choose a hairstyle for shape of face

By choosing a hairstyle or haircut should be takenvery responsible. Select hair should be based on the structure, shape, and facial features. Indeed, successful hair can not only emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

We can assume that the owners of the oval facelucky, because this form is considered ideal. By and large, for such a person fit any hairstyles and haircuts, as it is difficult to break the correct proportions.

However, it should be borne in mind that you may beindividual characteristics. For example, large or protruding ears, short neck. In this case, better to brush the hair so that cover the ears or close hair shoulders.

Round face visually extend helpasymmetrical hairstyles. Excellent styling look with side parting, a large volume, in such a beautiful face looks bang. Avoid short length, preferring a square shoulder-length or longer.

For a square face should avoid directlines. So if the bang, then torn, and if long hair is wavy. Smooth square or pulling hair iron in this type of person is not suitable to avoid the emphasis on angularity.

If you have a triangular face, safely run the scythe. For this type of person is the best suited to simple hairstyles parting.

For face-rectangular characteristic high forehead and a narrower chin. The best hairstyle for this type will be medium length hair, covering his ears and wavy packing.

What gives us the styling?

When choosing a hairstyle, pay attention to the individual characteristics. So, well it distracts attention from the long nose lush bangs and at wide-set eyes slanting bangs do well.

Many girls have long hair and are actively interested in all sorts of hairstyles for them. If you have straight hair, you'll want to put them in the curls and vice versa.

It was to help in finding the perfect placement and there have been many different means milking styling.

So, to create a spectacular curls using foam. It is enough to apply it on your hair and use the curling iron curl them.

It uses a special straightening cream to create smooth curls. It will not only help to better cope with pressing of the task, but also protect the hair from damage.