Bleaching soda teeth

Strong weapon in the hands of man - is his smileand it is important that it was beautiful. In an effort to make their snow-white teeth, people give a lot of money as a professional whitening procedure - not a cheap pleasure. However, beauty is also possible to save enough to apply to traditional medicine, which recommends is quite affordable and effective way to whiten teeth.

Sodium bicarbonate for a stunning smile

If you are in search of a means to helpwhiten teeth cheaply and efficiently, use baking soda. This food is available in every home. With it you can quite effectively solve many problems, such as economic and health-related.

With other name - Sodium bicarbonate, soda is a white fine particles, which are produced in specialized production by isolating it from the soda lakes.

This component helps housewives in the kitchen to make cakes air, clean the greasy marks on the dishes and tiles and, as though it may sound strange, whiten teeth.

As is known, not only with age the skin losesits elasticity and there are chronic diseases, but also worsens the quality of dental enamel becomes thinner, natural shade darker. The reason for that is not only time, but also eating habits.

Dentists say, perfectly snow-white smiledoes not exist. Sometimes genetically formed so that people from birth has a dark shade of the teeth. Such teeth, according to experts, are the most strong and healthy, but are resistant to bleaching at home.

The causes darkening artificial dental enamel are:

  • frequent consumption of coffee and black tea;
  • smoking;
  • failure to comply with the rules of hygiene;
  • caries;
  • tooth injury resulting from the removal of the nerve;
  • taking potent drugs;
  • the child will be born with teeth darker shade if his mother took during pregnancy tetracycline;
  • consumption of water with a high fluorine content;
  • the presence of silver amalgam fillings.

Before doing teeth whitening atthe help of home remedies, you need to determine the cause of change in the shade. If the tooth color is gray, the reason inside, and when the enamel coating with yellowness, the cleaning soda may well bring a positive effect.

Contraindications to soda whiten teeth

Such a method is categorically not fit in when tooth enamel is very thin and sensitive. And:

  • when the front teeth are crowns that are on the background of the impact of sodium carbonate will become even more noticeable;
  • with the defeat of the molars and surface caries;
  • individual intolerance soda.

Pros and cons of home bleaching soda

If the method is the use of baking soda was not as effective, it would not have been so popular, because even once performed the procedure can give visible results.

The advantages of such bleaching can be mentioned:

  • rapid results;
  • low cost of the materials used;
  • bad breath away;
  • procedure is performed independently.

More than once a week soda for teeth is not recommended, otherwise it can provoke the destruction of enamel and tooth structure.

Disadvantages of soda for the purpose of whitening the teeth:

  • Sodium carbonate is not able to guarantee the long-term effect;
  • It thins the enamel;
  • gums are bleeding;
  • can manifest an allergic reaction and rash;
  • sodium carbonate irritates the oral mucosa;
  • against the background of thinning enamel teeth become more sensitive to hot and cold food.

Very frequent use soda can eventually cause the teeth begin to blacken.

Whitening home soda

The snow-white smile - it is, above all,index of human health, so it is natural for each of us is the desire to keep track of your teeth no less closely than the work of other internal organs.

In the procedure of clarification soda a lot of fans, in addition, some dentists recognize this method is completely safe in compliance with all of the rules.

For this purpose soda can be used as asmall crystals, or as a ready solution. For the procedure requires only a toothbrush, water and any sponge. It should also be noted that some adapted to add soda toothpaste and thus regularly cleaned soda teeth.

The composition of specialized products containing soda sparing also include components, such as eucalyptus powder.

The operating principle of soda is that solid crystals of abrasive gently remove dirt from the surface layer of enamel. At the same time teeth have the original cast.

Preparation for the procedure

As with any medical manipulations with hisorganism to soda whiten teeth need to prepare accordingly. About a month before it needs to strengthen the tooth enamel, making emphasis on the use of dairy products that contain fluoride, calcium and vitamin D. In parallel, it is recommended to use toothpaste with fluoride and take vitamins.

Recipes bleaching compositions based on soda:

  1. The most traditional way - is to use drymixture. Immediately after the morning cleaning teeth paste on the brush washed with water to pour a small amount of sodium carbonate and just brush your teeth for a few minutes. After wash out of the mouth with warm water. That's all. After the language on the enamel, you will feel its smoothness and whiteness notice. Repeat this procedure should be not more than 1 second per week.
  2. Soda with lemon can enhance the effectiveness ofhousehold bleach several times. To this is added a few drops of soda lime juice. The uncontrolled use of the acid with soda and lasting impact on the teeth is capable of very strongly spoil them.
  3. Excellent effect of teeth whitening givesaggressive compound of soda and hydrogen peroxide, but you need to know that this explosive mixture can negatively affect the state of the enamel and dental health.
  4. Strawberries in aid. This connection sour-sweet strawberries with baking soda is the most "pleasant" means getting rid of yellow teeth. At a pinch of baking soda is sufficient to take three berries. Thoroughly mix the components of the composition should be spread over all the surface of the teeth. For maximum effect, the whitening material should leave for 5 minutes, then rinse the mouth with warm water.

Peroxide, baking soda, lemon and strawberry - these ingredients are available in almost every kitchen, making homemade teeth whitening procedure is quite burdensome.

Judicious use of soda to avoidadverse effects. You should always remember that it is very important to observe the intervals between sessions of home bleaching, and if your tooth enamel by nature thin and sensitive, if not contraindicated the use of this method.

If you are determined to whiten your teeth isin this way, before the procedure MirSovetov recommends that you consult with your dentist. This is in order to avoid the appearance of stains on the teeth, which can appear after bleaching at home. These spots can occur if there are cracks in the teeth, the strip or deformation.