Whitening Cream

The onset of summer, of course, pleases everyone, withoutexceptions. Both adults and kids, all look forward to, full of events, full of adventure, time of year when the sun so kindly drawn to us the rays. However, the sun does not only give strength, energy and so on, it can also create a lot of problems, especially if you - a girl, and the skin of your face is not very pleasant tendency, every spring, covered with freckles.

However, many men find very attractive freckles, but nevertheless, unwanted pigmentation, especially on the face, is able to deliver a lot of unpleasant moments.


  • 1 Freckles - solar gift or a real problem?
  • 2 How to choose a whitening cream
  • 3 What substances may be present in the bleaching cream for the face
  • 4 Rules applying bleaching agents, are quite simple:

Freckles - solar gift or a real problem?

However, in a panic wring his hands and fall intohysteria as only the first tentative rays began to look through because of spring Tucek, nevertheless, it is not necessary. There is a way, and a lot of girls and women, has long and successfully use this great tool as a bleaching cream, which is capable of, if by magic, to rid the delicate maiden skin from unwanted pigment spots.

Cosmetic industry, especially in therecent years, the market just flunked a wide variety of tools, creams, masks, tonics, lotions, which should be brightening, whitening effect that is because it is extremely difficult to choose the tool that would suit you perfectly. But strive for this it is necessary, do not correctly selected bleaching cream for the face, not only can not provide that action by which you expected, and even lead to a completely opposite effect.

Initially you need to understand what isthemselves, the very coveted tube, which cherished and displayed the word "whitening face cream", which should be included in its composition, and then be there in any case should not be. Only then you can proceed to the selection of such funds for themselves. To understand how the cream, you need to understand that in the spring and summer, under the influence of intense ray of sunshine in our skin is an active production of melanin, which turns the pale lady in tanned beach beauties, that is responsible for sunburn.

Naturally, the person with his delicate skin,It reacts to the sun in the first place, but because of the fact that the melanin-producing cells, literally "crazy", pigmentation is not uniform. And that's a great success, if elegant nose, and cheeks a little, covered with nice, neat spots, as can occur, and the ugly brown spots in the side of his face, and then deal with them, have unequivocally.

How to choose a whitening cream

It is extremely important to choose the "right"whitening cream that will help to achieve exactly the effect that is needed, and it will not cause trouble and will not bring harm. The point is, it is not easy, as the market of cosmetic products can be found just a huge amount, not only absolutely nowhere suitable fakes that do not help your problem nothing, but also frankly harmful substances. The use of these cosmetics are not just fraught with unpleasant consequences, but even dangerous to your body as a whole, and the face, in particular.

On that same pay attention, in the very first place that should be in the bleaching cream for the face, and that, in any case, there should not be placed:

Do not buy creams with hydroquinone

Closely examine the packaging and read the partof cream, which came to buy. If the package is an indication that there is a part of hydroquinone, better put it neatly on the shelf, and walk as far as possible - in your hands the poison and poison. This, of course, a joke, but there is in it, and truth, as before this substance has been used for the production of cream, and then the researchers found that among other things, it is also highly toxic. Unscrupulous manufacturers continue to create cosmetics based on this matter, but we better go around by her side.

It is better not to take a whitening cream with arbutin or kojic acid

These two components are also, quite recently,It has been quite popular among manufacturers of cosmetics, as the effect that they are included, seemed just fabulous. Over time, however, it became clear, in most cases, it became clear in the application that those components are themselves quite potent allergens. Of course, a fully healthy person, no allergen overseas (and especially their own, local), not terrible, but why take the chance, calling on the head (ie, a person), trouble.

Basically, the more "contraindicated" forwhitening cream is not available, but also need to closely monitor the shelf life, the rules and conditions of storage, the same tool that you purchase. Overdue whitening face cream can not only get rid of the problem, but even aggravate it, and maybe even throw a couple of newcomers, as they say, for a complete change.

What substances may be contained in the bleaching face cream

Against the background of all the negativity that we haveWe found out and come back to it, do not intend to, I want to understand, and what should be contained in the bleaching or lightening agents that can and must be purchased in beauty salons or specialty stores. The range of useful and active substances is quite wide, so try to mark though, would be the basis, the "backbone" that can be helpful.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid inhibits the generation of an excellent melanin cells, strengthens capillaries, nourishes cells vitality and reduces redness

Panthenol perfectly copes with the task of qualitatively spur the skin's natural regeneration at the cellular level

Vitamin A or beta-carotene has powerful propertiesantioxidant, which allows for a long time to preserve youth and freshness of the skin. The cream, which included, have these substances not only whitens, but also qualitatively and evens skin tone, gently caring for her and prevents premature aging

vitamin EIt is known as "code" name "skin vitamin"or "female" vitamin. This substance is also an extremely powerful fat-soluble antioxidant, and improves blood circulation and nutrition of your skin with oxygen, has a rejuvenating and smoothing effect

Do not forget about vegetablecomponents, which can, and often are included in the composition of the bleaching creams. Extracts and extracts from many plants are fully capable to help each girl or woman, in the fight against unwanted skin pigmentation. Generally, whitening cream, a "shall" contain just natural ingredients that have a mild effect and is much safer, even the best and high quality, "chemistry".


This is an amazing plant with a pungent and spicysmell, which many gladly like to eat just like that, as an additive, for example, to salads, is in fact also beneficial for the skin. Parsley is a real storehouse of many essential oils, what it says and smell, as well as has the ability to perfectly whiten the skin.


Chinese Boxwood as differently calledJojoba, in fact, nothing to do, is not China, and grows more and more in the United States. However, this does not prevent him from being extremely useful cosmetic product. Jojoba oil is great moisturizes the skin and helps it retain moisture for a long time.


Angelica extract from the best way linksfree radicals, which can significantly regulate skin aging and also has a clarifying effect. Additionally, angelica itself may reduce the intensity of melanin production by skin cells.


Aloe juice is very strong antiseptic, it calms, relaxes and relieves redness, itching and so on.

white mulberry

On the property to whiten the skin by this amazingfruit, well known even by our grandmothers than, quite successfully, and enjoy. Indeed, the white mulberry quality whitens the skin, does not cause allergies or irritation, has a mild exfoliating action, and so on.

When it seems that all the lessons learned and advice, andcomposition means that you have gathered to buy, read like an open book, and the corresponding bleaching cream is selected for the face, purchased and even in front of you on the table, beckoning beautiful and promising slogans, but we must still, once again to stop and think about it. Even with quite a quality product, you can hurt yourself, not knowing the basic rules.

Rules applying bleaching agents, are quite simple:

  • In no case, do not smear the face whiteningcream, before going out on the street! Whitening Cream has the ability to remove the top, a very thin layer of the epidermis, but it makes the skin more sensitive, especially to sunlight. Use cream is best for an hour or two before you go to sleep.
  • If you've decided that you need to use lightening cream, do not forget to simultaneously buy creams and sunscreen effect, it would be quite logical and necessary.
  • Try not to use such means constantly. The maximum period of use - 2-3 weeks, after which, necessarily, have to do quite a long break.

Of course, the use of any means toskin requires proper approach and careful study. But the best option is, of course, consultation with a beautician, who not only advise a good tool, but he will see that you do not hurt yourself. In general, nothing daunting about that, and with a strong desire, will be able to understand any girl or a woman, and the special problems should arise. The main thing is the girls, do not overdo it!