White spots on lips

Small white points on the lips - a phenomenon quitecommon. Many people do not give it a value, consider that this is not a serious dermatological problem. And in vain. Because these lesions may indicate a serious problem in the body.

Diseases of lips

White spots on the lips may indicatedifferent diseases. Most often, their appearance suggests Fordyce disease. Point look like granules, 2 mm in size. Is located in the mouth or in the bordering province. No health risks they carry, catch them, too, is impossible. The only thing they look not very nice, and it is better to consult a dermatologist, so he put the exact diagnosis and sent to a beauty salon, where this problem is solved by means of a laser in just a few treatments.

Also Fordyce disease white spots on the lipsIt is also called the small lipoma or talc. They arise when the inflamed sebaceous cell. They can appear anywhere in the body where sebaceous glands are found, including the face and lips. If you put a dermatologist just such a diagnosis, then recommends healingandbodywork how to get rid of these tumors as soon as possible. Because here we are not talking about aesthetic aspects. Lipomas are sometimes reborn from benign to malignant tumors. Very often lipomas occur in those moments when people sit on a strict diet and fast. In these days of hard fatty tissue begins to postpone every drop of oil in reserve and in the cells fails. If a lipoma is not treated, it can reach an enormous size, and put pressure on the surrounding tissues, cells atrofiruya.

Sometimes small white spots called pimples on the lips. They arise for several reasons:

  1. Indigestion. If pimples - it is one of the events such as constipation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, then you need to do the cleansing of your body. Good to eat salads with fresh vegetables, drink unsweetened green tea, give up bad foods and heavy meals, especially at night. If you comply with these rules, the skin will begin to be cleaned within a few days.
  2. Viral or colds. Such pimples touch and squeeze in any case impossible. They should be treated with medication, such as D-panthenol. Also, maintain a healthy lifestyle, reconsider your diet, remove allergens, salted, smoked, put on chapstick lip.
  3. Sometimes, white spots appear due to chloasma, andduring pregnancy and after the baby is born, they usually go away by themselves. If there is no pregnancy, then you need to pay attention to the condition of the liver, ovary and adrenal glands. And also tested for the presence of worms.

Causes of points

Doctors have not converged in a single opinion, becausewhich appear white on the lips of education. There are suggestions that the reason is not correct operation of sebaceous glands. The reasons of such work can be many. For example, white dots appear frequently in adolescents, who is a powerful hormonal surge. Or adults who also has some kind of imbalance in hormones.

The inner side lip is often white pointsappear in smokers. They did not even notice, and, as any discomfort they cause. Also, the disease befalls those who are not following the oral hygiene. The disease is insidious in that it is not to late to cure. Even if all the normal posture, the points can still appear again.

According to statistics, this disease affects 60percent of men and 40 - women. After thirty years, when the activity of the sebaceous glands slow down, the white dots are smaller and not as noticeable.

Treatment of white dots

Wait until the disease will take place all by itselfit is not necessary. Beauty, especially women, it is not exactly add. Many conceal the existence of these points good layer of lipstick, but always so too will not go. The more that modern cosmetology offers a good selection of methods to combat this disease. Until a few decades ago to cope with this problem by means of a scalpel. Especially if it was a lipoma. To remove them had to do anesthesia. Today, to help cosmetologists and patients comes laser therapy. You can use it to solve a problem, and there will be no scars or incisions, no stains. At the site of the rash will only have a small scratch that will disappear in a few days. Operations using a laser is very popular nowadays. In this way not only treat small spots, but the big old education, yet doctors do not recommend to delay the treatment, otherwise you just can not avoid the consequences of removal.

As a precaution, you can use oiljojoba, and if you are very afraid of different surgical procedures, even and safe method of using a laser, then you can help the tattooing of lips. He hides the capsule on the rim lip. Only need to do it exclusively for professional beauticians.

Folk remedies to combat spots

If you do not trust drugs from the pharmacy, you can try a few folk remedies:

  1. Tear with kalanchoe or mother and stepmother of paper and attach it to the lip of plaster. This poultice should be changed twice a day, and a week later stains should disappear.
  2. Melt the fat sheep and rub on fresh whitespots on lips for half an hour. After two procedures will be visible effect. Massage should be done on a daily basis as long as the disease does not take place completely.
  3. Chew wheat, wrap them with cheesecloth andattach to the sore spot, put the film and go with this armband permanently. Change it should be morning and evening, for 4 days. If you wen, then it should appear in the liquid, and a few days later he had himself disappear entirely.
  4. Useful neoplastic applying crushed garlic. It is enough to make a paste of 3 cloves and half a tea spoon of oil. Rub this drug should be on the lips every day for a month.
  5. It will help in the treatment of Fordyce spots and baked onion. Prepare it as follows: raw honey smeared onion and put in the oven for 20 minutes. Then, or use it completely, or squeeze the juice and smeared their lips. If the bulb is used in whole form, apply it for half an hour to his lips. The effect of the treatment will be shown on the fifth session.
  6. To cope with the disease will help oil propolis. You can buy a ready-made at the store, but you can infuse itself, it needs to potoloch propolis, fill it with oil. The glassware infuse for several days, decant, and can be applied to the lips. The procedure was carried out as often as possible, at least three times a day. The effect of the treatment will be noticeable within a week of the first session. Continue therapy is necessary to complete healing.
  7. Besides oil propolis can still use oil fir. It is applied to the lips and allowed to stand for 10 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water and applied to the lips nourishing cream.
  8. Put pill mummy and add to the melted honey and mix and apply the mixture on your lips. After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.

All of these tools are designed to make the spots less visible, but does not heal the root cause of the disease, which can identify only a doctor. So do not delay a visit to a polyclinic.