The wonderful gel cream?

Girls of any age, nationality and colorLeather, of course, always want to look attractive, fresh and young. Significant role in this play is, of course, and the skin of the face, which should always be velvety, well-groomed and wholesome. Even if you are wearing the most trendy outfit on your feet have extremely great shoes, but in the hands, astronomically expensive handbag, the whole effect can ruin just shine on the nose, chin, or exfoliating. To the facial skin was always a source of pride for you and not spoiled the mood, you need to learn how to properly take care of it.


  • 1 for myself - only the best!
  • 2 What is not in a cream-gel
  • 3 What part of the cream-gel. The cream-gel better than simple creams for different skin types
  • 4 Features of the acquisition and the use of gel-cream
  • 5 Homemade cream-gel based on flax seeds

For myself - only the best!

Choose what to buy, for the care of theirface, so that it always seemed angelic, pretty difficult, especially for owners of problematic skin, such as hypersensitive or combined. It is necessary to accurately prioritize, and experiments, often can lead to a significant deterioration of the situation, because those who do not want to be trapped, it is necessary to give this time quite a lot of his attention sverhdragotsennogo.

The result is the same, that does not slow down appear to beplease you for many years. The best choice for problem skin type, will, if you purchase not just a cream and moisturizing cream-gel that is more likely to not have a negative impact on your skin, will gently and carefully take care of it, not irritating and not loading it "unnecessary" ingredients.

What is not in a cream-gel

The main difference from the simple cream cream-gel is that it does not contain some of the elements in its composition:

  • Vegetable oils
  • animal fats
  • Emulsifiers
  • Mineral oils etc.

In a conventional cream, all of which have longaccustomed, it contains large amounts of a wide variety of oils and fats, on the basis of which it and produce. If your skin tolerates these components, then there is no problem. However, the fatty component, the concentration of which in some creams reaches eighty percent can create fat mikroplenochku. For some skin types this can be not only useful but also harmful, because it is one of the most fertile environment for bacterial growth, cause redness, inflammation, itching, and even the appearance of unwanted pimples.

Furthermore, the presence of emulsifiers in creams andmineral oils, which, incidentally, is a derivative of this, is not very useful, substances such as oil, it becomes quite clear that they come far from everyone. Thanks to the constant work of scientists in the field of cosmetology from a difficult situation, when no cream is not suitable for your skin, there is a very simple way, to buy moisturizing cream-gel that has practically no contraindications, in view of its "light" composition and water foundations.

What is included in the cream-gel. The cream-gel better than simple creams for different skin types

The cream-gel may include a variety of components:

  • Water
  • gum-arabic
  • Gelatin
  • Starch
  • Glycerol
  • trehalose
  • Pectin
  • agar
  • Plant extracts and more

With this composition, typically cream-gels havemore airy, light texture and consistency, they are readily absorbed by the epidermis without leaving any surface of the skin greasy as fats and oils, it does not contain. Thus, it turns out that a moisturizing cream gel is perfect for all skin types brand:

  • For normal skin

Cream-Gel provides gentle care of her every day, and keep it for a long time in the same form in which it was.

  • For oily skin

Lack of fat-containing components and light texture makes it easy to get rid of an unpleasant oily sheen.

  • For hypersensitive skin

The components of the cream-gel non-irritating, soothe irritation and inflammation.

  • For combination skin

Cream-gel can carefully remove the shine in the problem area, and at the same time, more and moisturize dry scaly or just zone.

Features of the acquisition and the use of gel-cream

  1. Before buying a cream-gel, consult your beautician, if possible, only he can give practical advice on buying perfect for you product.
  2. Do not buy a cream-gel "untrusted" sites, go shopping at chain stores, their reputation and will guarantee that the cream-gel you purchased will be of good quality.
  3. If possible, use a probeCream-gel. Branded cosmetics stores often distribute samplers are completely free of charge, it will save your budget from inappropriate waste of money, because good products simply can not be cheap.
  4. Cream-gel should have a uniform, translucent texture, without lumps and clots.
  5. Pay attention to the label and read the part, what in the cream-gel more than likely, will be specified at the beginning of the ingredients list. Naturally, if it is water.

Unlike traditional creams created onbased oils and emulsions, gel-cream, and as already mentioned, a more than three-fourths consists of water and, therefore, the air has a consistency allowing better suited as a day moisturizer. Cream-gel can perfectly cope with this difficult task, as the significant reduction in swelling of the face, gently tightens the skin and gently take care of her.

Recommend the use of is cream-gel(Healing) at such difficult cases as seborrhoea or acne. This product has a cooling and bactericidal effect, reduces inflammation and irritation. In addition, gel-cream will be the best choice as a base for make-up, its texture allows the skin to breathe, does not clog and does not clog pores, but at the same time, efficiently moisturizes and tones the skin, if used properly.

Apply gel-cream in the morning, right after cleansingskin. Do not forget to wash it is possible and necessary. If your skin reacts negatively to washing with soap and water, and it happens quite often, you can use special cosmetic tonic or milk, which are qualitatively removed from the skin, such as the remnants of a night cream that you use. Apply the cream-gel on the skin is still slightly damp, it will allow it to better absorb, that is, and its effect will be more active.

In conclusion, I want to add another recipehome cooking cream-gel for those girls and women who do not really trust the cosmetics industry, and prefer to take care of themselves, with the help of folk remedies and recipes.

Homemade cream-gel based on flax seeds

Take twenty grams of flax seed and carefullygrind them in a coffee grinder, so as to obtain a sufficiently homogeneous mass. What happened, pour a glass of warm distilled water, it can be purchased at the pharmacy, or do it yourself, but it takes time and effort. Cover the container with a lid and leave the resulting mixture, about a day. Then strain it and add a few drops of essential oil of chamomile and orange.

Transfer the cream-gel that you have received,a glass container such as a jar or bottle and use as required, and it is suitable for evening and morning care of the problem, combination or oily skin. Keep this cream-gel can be no more than one week (optimally - five days) in the refrigerator, so stock up for the future, not worth it.