What you need to put in a set to build cilia?


Women always tend to be beautiful, and no shocks, change or global cataclysms can not prevent her in this.

A few decades ago, everyone was surethat appearance, which gives us nature, remains with us until the end of his life, and it is impossible to alter. Currently, you can change everything - the shape, facial features, hair, make long nails - elegant and eyelashes - thick.

Dreamlike and mysterious gaze has always attractedattention, and today it is possible to build up long and luxurious lashes, which will be a highlight in the decoration image. And it can be done not only in the beauty salon, but also at home, if there are materials for eyelash extensions.

Thanks to this advanced technology extended eyelashes almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing, and they will not deliver the possessor any inconvenience or discomfort.


  • 1 A professional set of materials for eyelash extensions
  • 2 Properly adjust the shape of the eye by means of the thickness of eyelashes and bends
  • 3 Natural materials for the building and 3D-Lashes

A professional set of materials for eyelash extensions

This set should be at each master and each girl, which is engaged in the provision of such services or doing modeling for themselves.

It should include all the necessary materials for eyelash extensions:

  • puff face;
  • Tweezers: straight and curved;
  • to comb cilia;
  • a large pear, designed for purging eyelashes;
  • a special brush;
  • scissors;
  • degreaser for hairs (used to separate lashes and beams);
  • Stone for glue;
  • tape capacity 2.5 cm wide;
  • debonder cream - need removing old eyelash extensions;
  • cosmetic glue black;
  • single eyelash, or a beam of light (in jars).

Currently contemporary beautyuse silk buildup. It is this process, when a natural hairs glued artificial. Lower hairs build very complex and it requires experience that is acquired over time.

As a result, the lashes will look verynaturally, and keep more than two months. In the salons of beauty treatments price includes the cost of all materials used for eyelash extensions. It should be noted that the material is a cheap-quality, rapid and therefore minimum cost buildup is likely will not last long.

Properly adjust the shape of the eye by means of the thickness of eyelashes and bends

Artificial hairs used forcapacity, may be of different thickness. For everyday image of the eyelashes are used in 0.10 mm thick - it will be light and elastic hairs close in structure to natural. The material of such thickness is used to create the eyelashes brown hair and blonde beauties.

Effect beaded hairs can be achieved ifto use the material for eyelash thickness of 0.15 mm. It is suitable for women who do not want to use the carcasses every day to create a glamorous image. If your lashes thick, but I want to make an unusual theatrical effect, then it is necessary to use artificial hairs 0.20 mm thick - it is more rigid, less flexible and resilient material.

Glossy shine different hair thickness0.25 mm. They are very rigid, thick and elastic. Not very comfortable to wear because they can shoot up and cause discomfort during wringing. Such materials for a special eyelash extensions are used for a short period of time, if you want to participate in a photo shoot, or go to a fashionable party.

Adjust the shape of the eye can be supplemented with special eyelashes bends:

  1. J - a faint pinstripe - it is the most direct of the bends;
  2. B - easy to curl, it is a beautiful and a more open effect differs naturalness;
  3. C - the average curl - it is one of the most popular bends, masters used to give the look of expression;
  4. D - the most powerful bending, it can only be used when creating a bright evening or theater of images.

Bending must be selected individually foreach woman, depending on the shape of the eye and the effect desired. If you can successfully apply the whole vast range of materials for the building, then you can create a unique image that will please the fair sex whenever her eyes in the mirror.

Natural materials for the building and 3D-Lashes

Natural materials for the processThey are silk, mink and sable. These hairs are smooth and shiny, they have the most intimate human lashes structure, they do not differ in texture from the present - light and soft. The only drawback of these materials - it is their high cost.

Today, every woman can useeyelash on the 3D-Lashes technology using hypoallergenic synthetic fibers, which have become more affordable. The aesthetic characteristics in these materials are not inferior to the same indicators of natural hairs, and even surpass them in terms of functionality. These artificial eyelashes make look easy and gentle.

The whole procedure takes less time than 50minutes - it is very convenient if you need to urgently go to the official meeting or evening rendezvous. With these lashes can safely swim, sunbathe and engage in active sports, they will stand any load.