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What kind of powder selected

Powder can not only remove the shine from skin. First of all, it eliminates all color transitions

What kind of powder selected

What can the powder?

• In favor of the application of the powder has at leastthree reasons: it eliminates from the face shine and gives the skin a silky matte finish. It captures the underlying layer of primer, so that make-up longer retains its form and - what many do not know - with the help of powder can be adjusted in the failed color transitions blush and shadow.

• Matting: makeup applying for elegance required uniform, matte complexion. Bold shine brightly at her painted lips or heavily painted eyes gives the face a slovenly appearance. Correct the situation can only powder.

• Fixing: usually powdered face after priming. Gently pushing her powder puff, powder and primer is converted into a kind of second skin that not only looks better, but also has a higher resistance than a primer.

Loose powder puff instead can apply a thick soft brush, enjoyed by professionals

• Mixing: blush that were too bright or visible boundary transition, need to powder - blush color becomes softer, smoother transitions. It is important to not rub, and lightly press down and clapping puff. The same can be said about the eye makeup: if paint were too bright or into each other gently enough, we must apply with a brush on top of makeup powder.

• Powder on top of primers greatly facilitatesapplication of blush and shadow. Brush glides better, the paint is evenly distributed. And even without make-up at all one powder gives skin perfection. Having not made up, the skin still looks well-groomed.

• A pleasant side effect: powder absorbs not only sebum, and sweat. Refreshes and cools the face.

Loose or compact: what to prefer powder?

• Whenever possible - at leastat home in front of a mirror - it is better to apply loose powder from a large box. Compact powder from the powder box - it's more suitable for bags and used to run to correct face. Justification: The loose powder is easily whisked from the skin, and more amenable to uniform distribution. Compact same powder can be applied only minimal portions, and uniformity is very difficult to provide. Therefore, professionals use only a loose powder.

What it is in the powder?

• In the old days was the basis for the powderfinely ground rice or cereal flour. From those times, and it is a prejudice that the powder is harmful to the skin. Because flour, glue the sweat, really clog pores, and there were pimples and blackheads.

Today you will not happen. Powder 90% is from natural talc, which absorbs sweat and grease and well kept on the face.

Even in powder are added thinned kaolin (whiteclay), calcium carbonate (chalk), magnesium powder, pigments, silk, disinfecting substances and even partially elements filtering ultraviolet. Compact powder sealed binders and fats. It is best suited for quick adjustments and make-up should always be at hand.

What kind of powder selected: tinting or transparent ?.

• The easiest way to take clear, that is,colorless powder. It is suitable for any skin and any primer. If applied tinted powder, its color should be possible accurately match the color of the primer. Powder which is applied over day cream should be light, like leather. Be careful with the dark powder. It emphasizes the wrinkles, if any, and the primer becomes easily spotted if it is with particular zeal is not distributed evenly across the face.

There are problems and powdered with gold or silvershine. It can create the effect of gloss - especially in the T-zone - although powder was originally intended just to eliminate this gloss. Therefore, Glitter powder is applied only to those places that actually carry the underscore (cheekbones, collarbone, shoulders). During the day it is best to opt out of this powder.

Powder - and painful skin?

• Even if your skin easily becomes inflamed and pronefor pimples, apply powder still possible. But just in case it is necessary to use it does not puff, and disposable cotton swab. For skin with problems there are special powder with anti-inflammatory supplements.

Important: brush and sponge to keep clean

• Puff eventually becomes not only dirty and unsanitary, but sticks together and can no longer pick up any powder in sufficient coli
honors, nor to give it. The same thing happens with the brush. So at least once a week and a sponge brush to gently wash with shampoo. Puff, which after a few washings become stiff, you need to be discarded and replaced with new, they are sold separately from the powder. Good brush for powder made from natural hair ponies, squirrels or wheel and they are very expensive, so be washed very carefully. Washed with shampoo, wet brush obstukivayut on a towel and dry so that air access to the hair was from all sides.

How to apply powder?

• Take a sponge (or brush) powder out of the box.

• Keep your face puff immediately, but first shake off her hand on the back side, with extra osypletsya, and will remain as long as necessary to puff.

• puff touch the face centimeter by centimeter, while the powder is well distributed over the skin. It is important to not rub, but merely pressed against a sponge!

• According to the so-called T-zone - nose, chin andthe middle of the forehead - it is necessary to go a few times, because in these places especially a lot of fat and sweat glands. First of all it is necessary to carefully handle powder deepening around the wings of the nose.

• Pink, purple, greenish or yellow-orange powder is only for special effects make-up artists apply. Dilettante's better to stay away from these colors.

• Boxes with loose powder often providedstrainer, which regulates the dose of powder. The powder compact between the sponge and the compact powder is cellophane strip, which does not need to throw away, because it protects the powder from clogging. If this happened, the upper fat layer is necessary to cut the blade.