What are veneers

In the age of modern technology medicine canperform miracles, and each of them will be named. So, the secret of the Hollywood smile are special pads on the teeth. They are called veneers and allow a short period of time and get a beautiful white smile.

Veneer - a small plate thickness (just half a millimeter), which covers the front part of the tooth. It is designed to improve the appearance of one or more front teeth.

Technology application of veneers is not considered a newinvention. The first prototypes of the overhead plates appeared in the twentieth century in the United States. They developed a dentist Charles Pincus to a short period of time to "solve" the problem of yellow and crooked teeth of Hollywood stars. Thus, thanks to the actress received veneers perfectly aligned teeth and a white smile. Such pads attached to the front teeth by means of adhesive powder which veneers were kept for several days.

Modern technology application of veneers has almost nothing to do with the lining of the last century, except that only one name left.

Correcting tooth defects

With the help of veneers (often calledmikroprotezy) can hide small defects of anterior teeth: yellowness, chipped, uneven, and the gap between the teeth. Outwardly resembles a thin pad petal-like ophthalmic lens.

There are some types of overlays:

  1. Therapeutic. They are made directly on the human tooth. Panel consists of a composite material, similar restoratives. Install in the case of significant tooth damage (peeling more than sixty percent). In just a few steps dentist will restore the missing part of the tooth, and then fix it on the veneer. In some cases it may be necessary turning of the upper layer of the tooth enamel to set mikroprotez.
  2. Orthopedic ( "Hollywood veneers"). These pads are made in terms of prosthetic workshop from a cast of the patient the restored teeth. The material can be ceramic, medical alloy. Ready fixed pitch on the tooth surface with a special adhesive. There is another kind of veneers - Lumineers. This modern pad, they are made from high-strength materials. They are expensive, but are much thinner and do not require pre-turning of the tooth enamel. Make Lumineers by topographical snapshot of patient's teeth - abroad, in special laboratories.

For more information about veneers

Readers healingandbodywork desirable to learn more about the features of the application of kinds of veneers.

Therapeutic veneers:

  • dentist after dental examination recommendinstall veneers. Sometimes one wishes to improve the color of the patient's healthy teeth is not enough, because such veneers are used for restoring decayed teeth;
  • composite material from which madeveneers, presented in a narrow range of colors. In some cases, well-chosen color will not work. This will warn the patient beforehand. However, based on the practice in most cases, problems with color matching does not occur;
  • should not pay attention to the low-cost model. Such plates structurally fragile porous and rapidly change color depending on the beverage and food consumed;
  • even the expensive composite veneers will have a lower cost compared to the cost of ceramic crown.

What you need to know about orthopedic mikroprotezah:

  • lining intended to improve the aesthetic appearance of the dentition. In composition, such veneers are similar to natural tooth enamel, so they reflect light and do not stand out from the general dentition;
  • if a person is involved in extreme formssport has a habit to shoot corks from bottles of teeth, "click" nuts, the dental work will be in vain. In this case it is better to put strong teeth;
  • if a person is suffering from such a disease asBruxism (grinding teeth at night), you can install the veneers. Consultation orthopedist, who will make a special protective mouthpiece (it is put on the night);
  • plates require the installation of classicgrinding of the tooth enamel. The doctor will remove the top layer of enamel, and then half a millimeter a man always have to defend your teeth. Only the use of Lumineers do not require grinding of enamel;
  • plates can be made of durable materials, but the light will not pass them. Some people may notice this unnatural;
  • porcelain veneers are for five to eight years, and Lumineers - fifteen or twenty;
  • you must thoroughly clean the mouth twice a day, only the veneers will be the due date;
  • if the patient wishes, the conditionsdental office can be removed cover, and additional treatment is required. The special composition, which holds the veneer (dental adhesive bond) contains a lot of fluoride. According to dentists - it is useful for enamel.

Advantages and disadvantages of porcelain veneers

When compared with other types of lining restoration of teeth, the dentists say the following advantages:

  1. On porcelain mikroprotezah not formstains due to the fact that the impermeable materials used in the manufacture of linings. Even if you drink coffee and eat food coloring, the color will not change;
  2. Provides a natural look. When the enamel gets light, it is reflected immediately, and partly penetrates the enamel layer. Ten years ago, when the aesthetic restoration of teeth, experts have used opaque materials, which could not provide the similarity with natural Dhu

bong and only improved his appearance. Veneers are made of porcelain are absolutely transparent and with their help it is possible to achieve such an effect.


  1. Often they are broken and can not be reversed. It is necessary to change the damaged lining to the new.
  2. If mikroprotez fell off and remained intact, itcan be put back into place. How do I know the integrity of the lining: carefully read the veneer - if it is a symmetrical shape and slightly rounded, it is possible to visit the dentist, who will return it to the place. You should also examine the tooth and may it remain a piece of lining - it will mean that the veneer can not be back to fix.

When you can not install veneers

Contraindications for the installation of overlays:

  • weakened and diseased teeth;
  • weak or insufficient enamel;
  • when not all erupted teeth;
  • in direct occlusion;
  • with bruxism.

In addition, mikroprotezy of porcelain can not be put on the teeth damaged by tooth decay and gum disease. Dentists recommend to first solve the problem, and then install the pad.

When a large part of the tooth destroyed by caries, itis broken or there is a large seal, it is impossible to establish mikroprotezy. Restore damaged teeth can be another way - for example, put a crown.

When habit greatly compress the teeth and grind them, dentists are advised not to install veneers, because they can easily go wrong.

How to increase the lifespan

Veneers can not withstand heavy loads. Therefore, if the patient wants to have a snow-white "Hollywood" smile, you must always give up the habit of biting his nails, split nuts teeth and remove the plug from the bottle. Any power loads can lead to a shift pad.

In addition, MirSovetov recommends to refrain from excessive use of coffee or other staining foods. Orthopedic plates are afraid of products with a high content of acid.

How to care

For dental care is always needed, regardless ofthat they are natural or restored. Particular care is necessary to clean the teeth with veneers, because the boundary between the material and the enamel may be subject to bacterial growth. Very often with inadequate oral hygiene in patients with veneers appears caries. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must thoroughly clean teeth twice a day and use the irrigator (mini-machine, irrigating water jet teeth under pressure).

If you decide to install the veneers, thechoose modern materials. In this case, you make long-term investment in your health and secure the teeth from grinding. And then your smile will be nice and smooth for many years.

Good luck!