What is ozone therapy

ozonolechenie first began to be used even inthe last century. And now, when the medicine does not stand still, the healing properties of this material began to be used more actively. Thanks to the use of ozone, such therapy has a powerful effect, and, according to most doctors, will soon replace the technique of most drugs.

Many of us are familiar with the intravenous treatmentozone, but it turns out that the methods of application of the substance with a view to a speedy recovery, there are several. MirCovetov tell you more about ozone therapy, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of treatment.

two kinds of ozone therapy are used in modern medicine:

  1. Local.
  2. General.

Local, it is also referred to as "system"used for general improvement of the human condition. Total used in specific cases: when you want to have a therapeutic effect on any particular organ.


  • the use of enemas with a liquid enriched with ozone;
  • drop by when through a vein in the human blood to the substance;
  • through massage with ozone-containing components;
  • administration of the drug subcutaneously.

Ozone in Medicine is considered a powerful antiseptic. That is why ozone therapy is considered the most effective. Even when antibiotics can not cope with the disease, the treatment gives positive results. Thus, not only ozone is harmful to bacteria, it will also kill viruses, fungi and other protozoa which are resistant to both antibiotics and antiviral.

Ozone treatment can be carried out by methods:

  • intravenously;
  • introduction under the skin;
  • intramuscularly.

In addition to the introduction of common methods of ozone, there are two more that are used strictly on prescription and under the supervision of:

  • rectally;
  • vaginally.

On methods and how the treatment

As mentioned earlier, the ozone treatments varied. They depend on what a person has the disease, how it occurs, and what tasks put physicians.

  1. Autogematoterapiya. Often, the term is often heard at parents whose children often get sick. It is as follows: the patient's blood is taken from a vein, it is added to a special acid composition and the ozone injected back, but only through the muscle.
  2. Intravenous. Special solution for intravenous administration (saline) coupled with ozone and injected into a vein drop by.
  3. Subcutaneous injection. Composition consisting of a mixture of oxygen and ozone is introduced directly into the location of the pain, the affected area or large joints. If nizkozonirovanny composition, it can be administered at certain points - acupuncture.
  4. Rectal. Ozone is injected into the direct Kishu only with bowel disease. Such irrigation are beneficial to the flora, possess anti-inflammatory action.
  5. Use inside and gargle. It is used in angina and other diseases of the nose and throat, as well as in diseases of the genitourinary system, the stomach and intestines.
  6. "Boots of ozone." It is used in diseases such as diabetes, venous disease, and atherosclerosis.

About testimony

List all the indications for which it is possible to use a method of treatment with ozone, it is impossible. healingandbodywork talk about the main directions:

  1. Ozone Treatment in Surgery. Treated extensive wounds, long non-healing, necrosis, burns, as well as inflammatory diseases of the abdominal cavity, obstruction of veins and blood vessels in the legs, ulcers of the stomach and esophagus.
  2. In cardiology - for treatment of heart disease and atherosclerosis.
  3. In gastroenterology: liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, gastritis and gastric ulcer.
  4. In endocrinology: the complex treatment of diabetes.
  5. Infectious, viral and venzabolevany.
  6. Respiratory diseases and for the treatment of asthma.
  7. In ophthalmology for the treatment of eye injuries and other eye diseases.
  8. In gynecology: for anemia during pregnancy, in toxicosis and delayed fetal development, as well as inflammation of the pelvic organs.
  9. In urology: in inflammation of the kidneys and bladder.
  10. In dermatology and cosmetology for skin diseases, inflammatory processes: dermatitis, herpes, acne. In order to get rid of cellulite and hair loss.
  11. In neurology: in diseases of the nervous system, the inflammatory processes.
  12. In dentistry: When gingivitis, pulpitis, stomatitis.
  13. In the context of intensive care.

It is worth noting that during the "month", the treatment is not suspended. In addition, ozone is assigned to both adults and children, and this treatment method has no side effects.

About contraindications

Despite the fact that the treatment method is quite harmless in the ozone therapy are also contra-indications:

  • ozone treatment is prohibited during the acute phase of myocardial infarction;
  • an allergic reaction to ozone containing preparations;
  • with weak blood clotting;
  • bleeding of internal organs;
  • the period of intoxication and intoxication;
  • during seizures;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • during the acute phase of pancreatitis, hypotension, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia and thrombocytopenia.

Also, you should know that before you start treatment with ozone, it is necessary to pass inspection and pass the necessary tests.

Do not forget about the side effects. It:

  1. During pregnancy - frequent urination.
  2. The occurrence of renal colic.
  3. During pregnancy - feeling "hot stomach", as well as an increase in body temperature, which is not a danger to the fetus.

Read more about the intravenous method and its effectiveness

First, it must be said that, how valuable is this method. Ozone therapy has a number of positive properties, namely:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • It has antibacterial properties;
  • healing;
  • anaesthetises;
  • kills bacteria and viruses;
  • It clears toxins;
  • It strengthens the immune system.

Relieve of stress, in addition to the basicgoals aimed at treatment of a particular disease, ozone treatment can help get rid of allergies, relieve fatigue and relieve sexual problems.

In addition, the person who held a course of treatment with ozone, will feel more cheerful, his mood will rise and improve efficiency.

Do not worry about portability procedure - it is equally well tolerated as pregnant women and children.

Especially it should be noted that ozone therapysuccessfully cope with the alcoholism treatment. It's no secret that people who consume large quantities of alcohol, impaired liver function. This is due to the fact that it can not cope with the cleaning function and the body fall alcohols. As a result, internal organs are oxidized, which leads to intoxication. Intravenous ozonation method, the drug clears the body of toxins and improves its performance as a whole.

The human body starts to work "like clockwork."

How is

During the procedure, a drug is administered throughOzonator - special dropper, and you must enter the solution not later than twenty minutes after cooking. Therefore, the procedure should be performed only in a hospital environment, where there is a device for the preparation of ozone.

Number of single administration controls the doctor, but the amount of drug should not exceed 400 milliliters. Duration of procedure - 15 minutes.

After the drug was administered, it is necessary to remain in a state of rest and soak for ten or fifteen minutes.

Not recommended after heavy procedurebreakfast (lunch / dinner) and on an empty stomach. By the way, smoking is also impossible. Large no restrictions (in particular, driving and sports) no.

Ozone for face and body

Ozone therapy - is one effective method towhich can be given a skin tone, as facial and body. And the effect persists not short, and lasts a long time, because the body is purified and its cells are saturated with oxygen, which means - is a natural rejuvenation of the body.

Ozone Treatment of persons is as follows: by injection under the skin injected a certain amount of preparation that enhances blood flow, resulting in fine wrinkles are smoothed out, go "bags", swelling, skin gets a healthy color.

Thus, with the help of injections can get rid of bumps on thighs and ass and smooth stretch. The method works only if a comprehensive approach to the problem: injections + massages.