What Is Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy - a popular procedure thatIt cured ancient kings and helps maintain the health of our time. A unique complex of medical and cosmetic activities and is able to restore youth to make people forget about the most unpleasant diseases. In this article we will talk about how people learned to use the natural power of water, and why hydrotherapy so healthy.

Principles of hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy comprehensively affects the bodyhuman. Thus, during the thermal treatments provided by the impact, chemical reactions, as well as mechanical and hydrostatic factors. The human body, in turn, produces a response to a complex effect, which manifests itself in the stabilization of the skin cells, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, heat exchange regulation, as well as restoring the oxidative processes.

By stimulating the nerve endings, water provokesnerve impulse that goes to the brain, going back to the relevant authorities of this nerve. Thus, an improvement of circulation and supply of skin cells and the whole organism. These reflections define vascular response that comes from those areas of the skin that are exposed to hydrotherapy or thermal effects. So, if you cool the skin on the breast, lung, blood vessels narrowed. If you heat the lumbar region, the renal vessels expand.

Thermal effects can improvemetabolism improving trophic functions tissue, to normalize bowel motility and affect the performance of the genitourinary system. Heating the body has a sedative (calming) effect as a consequence of which decreases muscle tone, improves the elasticity of the connective tissue, stimulates phagocytosis (protective function of the immune system).

Most hydrotherapy involves mechanical stimulation of the body.

For mechanical stimuli include:

  • shower;
  • hydromassage;
  • whirlpool baths.

Dosage mechanical effect on skinIt occurs by means of different massage nozzles on hoses, and changing the length and direction of power flow. Thus, if the jet is directed at an angle to the body, it has a "casual", providing surface effect. If you send a stream perpendicular to the skin, the effect will be deeper and more tangible.

A huge role in the treatment of hydrotherapy playssequence and combination of various procedures. Hydrostatic effects by changing the pressure is an integral component of many treatment programs. The pressure is provided by immersion in the bath, pool or water views. Let it is very small, but for him it is not necessary to forget, especially if hydrotherapy is assigned to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. Hydrostatic pressure affects the operation of peripheral vessels and vessels in the abdomen. The pressure at which provokes rapid movement of blood to the organs in the upper part of the body - the heart, lungs, etc...

Chemical effects of hydrotherapyIt is caused by using different additives. Since the fresh water does not contain any chemical compound, it is added aromatic oil, plant extracts, turpentine or different drugs. Such procedures are known as balneotherapy, and their range of influence is quite broad due to the large choice of "additives". However, the mechanism of action in each case one - excitation functions of the sweat glands in human skin leads to sweating and eliminate toxins. After purification sweat gland begins to work in the opposite direction, sucking water with dissolved additives useful.

hydrotherapy techniques

Hydrotherapy involves an enormous number of procedures that have different effects on the body. Of all the complex manipulation can distinguish the basic techniques of hydrotherapy.

Shower - originally hydrotherapy, duringwhich the impact on the body of one or more directed streams of water. The physiological impact of the soul depends on the water the force of impact, its pressure and temperature fluctuations. Today, for the treatment and preventive procedures using the following types of showers:

  • rain showers;
  • dust shower (with the finest water jets);
  • needle;
  • circular (horizontal jets of water spurting from all sides);
  • rain upward;
  • fan-shaped;
  • Scottish (two powerful jets of warm and cold water).

Today there are many resorts openSpa, where they spend restorative manipulations with showers. There are even special corridors of showers with different souls, passing through which, the human body is exposed to the full impact. Thus, the rain shower massage the scalp, parietal and cervical region. Circular shower is aimed at lumbar spine, chest, abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Ascending shower usually goes last, massaging the coccyx, perineum and pelvic area.

Sharko shower is one of the most popularmethods. It was named by the name of its inventor Jean Charcot, who in 1868 tried to solve the problem of the treatment of multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries, as well as to explain the origins of psychogenic hysteria. Based on the range of Jean Charcot research, you can identify the main indications for the use of its water treatment - diseases of the musculoskeletal system and functional nervous disorders.

Sharko shower is not recommended for use under the following conditions:

  • cardiac ischemia;
  • hysteria;
  • weeping dermatitis;
  • calculous cholecystitis;
  • atherosclerosis in the brain;
  • pregnancy.

Shower-massage or Vichy water jets was namedhonor resort of Vichy, which first appeared. When the only method invented, the mechanism is slightly different from the modern - the patient seated on a chair or laid on the couch and sending to the affected area of ​​water jets to massage. Today, Vichy shower - a pleasant and convenient procedure, for which a special head shower with 10 nozzles and a function of controlling the pressure applied. Depending on the attachment, you will get the desired effect - a dusty shower of rain or the needle. The only thing that has not changed since the invention - a massage at the same time carried out two masseurs.

Underwater shower - the invention of a Russian doctor, IA Bender, the essence of which is the impact of warm water in the muscles. Bendery found that massage has a stronger effect if it is carried out in warm water as due to pressure relaxes the abdominal region, the water jet can not only massage the abdomen, and even internal organs.

Indications for use underwater shower:

  • disturbed metabolism;
  • diseases of joints;
  • tendon injury, muscle;
  • peripheral nervous system diseases;
  • for prophylaxis in professional sport.

Hydrotherapy is used to treat a variety of diseases, prevention and just for fun.

The main indications:

  • relieve fatigue and stress;
  • treatment of insomnia;
  • cosmetology;
  • preventing the development of some diseases;
  • treatment of circulatory diseases;
  • musculoskeletal diseases;
  • Treatment effects of myocarditis;
  • and vascular diseases of the arteries;
  • Central nervous system disorders, trauma;
  • restoration of metabolism.


  • tendency to instability of coronary and cerebral circulation;
  • poor circulation (stage I-B and above);
  • expressed atherosclerotic cardio with chronic coronary insufficiency Groups 2 and 3;
  • hypertonic disease stage III-B;
  • myocardial infarction (if less than a year);
  • severe angina.

As indications and contraindications in any case should be determined by the attending physician on an individual basis.