What is the glitter tattoo

Every day there are more and moreways to decorate female image, to make it more sophisticated, original and sexy. Glitter tattoo is one such tricks and can transform any look. What is the glitter tattoo and where they can be used, read our article.

Contrary to the professional opinion thattemporary tattoos do not happen, glitter tattoo is just a temporary tattoo. However, to assert that this is a tattoo, it would be wrong. Glitter tattoo - a drawing, applied to the body using a stencil and a special cosmetic glue, which subsequently fixed dye or glitter.

The adhesive composition is completely harmless to the skin andsuitable even for children. Glitter tattoo rests on the skin from a few days to a month depending on the location where the image is applied and the lifestyle of its owner.

Place a tattoo also plays a big role. Figure is not recommended in areas of rubbing clothes or direct contact with the tissue, for example, under the straps of the bra, waist and so on. D.


First, choose a location for the future drawing.

Optimal space for the glitter tattoo:

  1. Shoulder.
  2. Forearm.
  3. Spawn (if you do not wear pants).
  4. Shovel (if you wear light dresses or tops, opening the back).

Degrease the selected location using the tonicFace lotion or alcohol. You can also use nail polish remover without acetone content. If you gather to decorate the face, use a liquid without alcohol.

Draw a sketch for glitter tattoos can be usingstencil or manually. If your artistic abilities allow, you may well do without a stencil. Apply the adhesive with a thin brush.

If you prefer to use a cliche,you can do it yourself or use a bought-templates. To make a stencil, print favorite picture, glue on heavy paper or foil and cut using a mock knife. Today, even experienced craftsmen in the salons often use stencils. This ensures that the image will be clear and balanced, especially when you need to put a few recurring motifs. You can combine the techniques and apply image through a stencil, and then complete it by hand pattern.

Attach the stencil to the skin and apply a low-fata thin layer of glue. Wait a few seconds until the adhesive composition does not become transparent. If you want to make a multi-colored pattern, the adhesive should add a special color pigment, which can go in for a glitter tattoo kit or sold separately. When the glue is distributed evenly, remove the stencil and Doris is not printed lines, if any.

Apply glitter glue should be very carefullyand uniformly. Here the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise your tattoo quickly osypetsya or even fall off. Also, to complete the image, or you can use for a variety of crystals. The kit glitter tattoo usually sequins are one or more colors, but there are also sparkles that may glow in the dark (fluorescent) or ultraviolet light (neon). UV Glitter tattoo is very beautiful look at the discos with appropriate lighting.

When the glitter coated, after the final drying glue whisk excess thick brush. To consolidate the results MirSovetov recommends further dry the tattoo hairdryer.

Wedding tattoo

Glitter tattoo has recently become very popularin the wedding industry. They are able to complement the original image of the perfect bride. Magnificent dress in lace, delicate haze veils, flowers and beads in her hair and on her hands - a fabulous white pattern glitter tattoo ...

The adhesive composition is very durable and can withstand a meeting with water, then, active movement, etc. So seductive image of the bride will not go out even after a rough day of celebration of the grand event!

Brilliant wedding tattoos look great onthe skin of any type and sequins and drawing are selected individually for each bride. You can easily create a unique image for the most important events in your life.

If you choose a wedding dress with an openback, apply to the space between the blades a thin lace or floral glitter tattoo and supplement it with sparkling rhinestones. Delight all guests will be guaranteed and your lover can not take his eyes off this beauty.

Care glitter tattoo

As with any type of tattoo, glitter tattoo requiresspecial treatment. There is a list of simple rules that are recommended to follow if you want your tattoo lasted as long as possible.

Terms of care for glitter tattoos:

  • despite the fact that tattoos can withstand contact with water is not recommended while taking a shower to rub her washcloth;
  • it is not necessary to go to the bath or sauna, is emblazoned on your body glitter tattoo;
  • do not smear drawing oils or creams;
  • undesirable contact with soap or shower gel.

Glitter tattoos - is not only a way to quickly andan original way to transform your appearance, but also an excellent means of masking defects. For fun, you can cut off the scar pattern or roughness of the skin. And best of all, that the image can be changed at least every week or depending on the mood. Everything is limited only by your imagination!


Glitter tattoo appeared on the domestic marketBeauty recently, about 2005 year. The world, they have become known five years earlier, when the great dancer from Thailand for the next festival adorned their bodies with drawings of colorful sequins. It is not known exactly who invented this method of drawing, but the idea of ​​the public so much that it quickly picked up by the leading beauty salons and spread around the world. Today, glitter tattoos can be made in almost any interior, and you can buy a special set with glue and glitter, and to do this fun pastime at home.