What is Floating

Beauty - the guarantee of health. This axiom does not take to challenge any modern man. Therefore, the aid comes relaxing treatment - Floating. This unique session in which the patient is immersed in a state similar to weightlessness.

The problems in his personal life, stress and anxiety onwork very often knock us out of the rut. To completely get rid of the oppressive feeling of fatigue, just enough to pay one o'clock time relaxing extraordinary session. The ease and peace of mind, gained during the procedure, to help you see the world anew, to restore the emotional background and remove the physical discomfort from muscle overexertion. Currently Floating - this is one of the best spa treatments that can bring back the mood of even the most desperate skeptics and workaholic. MipSovetov reveal all the subtleties of this delicate procedure.

So what Floating?

In English, «floating» means "swimmingon a surface". That's the name of the procedure is the best conveys its essence. The basis of this method is based on the idea based on deep relaxation. In other words, Floating provides total relaxation of the body, much deeper than a whole night of sound sleep. In this case you simply float on the water surface. And in order to understand what is the difference of floating from the usual stay in the bathroom, look at the history of the emergence process.

The founder is considered to be of floatingneurophysiologist John Lilly. The first experiments began in 1952, when the scientist decided to try out a new human immersion technology in weightlessness, to help the body and mind completely relieve tension. The method was as follows: a man plunged into a pool of water, putting on a special breathing mask. Lilly then made the observation, how to change the mental and physical condition of the experimental after exclusion of all irritating environmental factors - the sounds of Earth's gravity, visual images. He was able to refute claims by some scientists that it was irritating factors are an inherent part of human life and that without them, the individual will go mad or die.

The doctor continued his for yearsresearch, inventing new devices and containers intended for of floating. And after twenty years of experimentation it was invented capsule to float therapy. She was filled with a warm concentrated brine. This further Lilly has made the necessary changes:

  • water heater that supports the desired temperature (35 ° C);
  • Ventilation provides air flow;
  • Filter for reuse Epsom salts.

As a result of his experiments, John Lilly proved the possibility of the complete relaxation of the body, reducing the level of stress, release creativity and energy of the body.

The essence of floating technology

Consider yourself of floating session in more detail. The huge bath (2.7 mx 1.7 m) filled with a saturated solution of Epsom salts to the body is not sinking, and was held as a float on the surface, creating a "Dead Sea effect". Water temperature is strictly maintained within 35 ° C, a temperature close to the human. This creates conditions where the body does not feel wet. In flotarii enforced silence and the absence of strong light. at the beginning of the session to complete relaxation is included relaxing, pleasant, slow music, which helps to reduce anxiety and feelings, allowing you to "dissolve into space." Duration of treatment approximately one hour. While many of those who have already tried the procedure assured that the time flies by very quickly.

By freeing your mind from havingto handle the flow of information from the outside, you are immersed in a unique peaceful state, hovering in weightlessness. All this makes it possible to achieve such a deep peace, which in everyday life is almost impossible.

Sensations at Floating

With regular and systematic visitsof floating session there is quite a profound change in the psychological and physical condition of the body. The ease in the body and good mood lasts a few days after the procedure. At the time of floating improves blood circulation, the blood circulates faster, and reaches all the tissues, providing them with oxygen. Normalized heart rate, heart rhythm and blood pressure. Visibly reduces the load on the spine and joints, which is important during pregnancy. In turn, this has a positive effect on the physical and emotional condition of the expectant mother.

The combination of weightlessness of space, blissfulcomfort and peace of mind stimulating the launch of absolutely natural internal processes inherent in the human body. As well as having an impact on several levels - emotionally, physically, intellectually. This allows you to go through a unique experience.

Varieties float chambers

If you do decide to go for a sessionof floating, you need to decide what kind of float chamber is better to choose. This is necessary in order to avoid discomfort during the procedure. Species and flotariev many modifications, they are in demand and their choice is very large.

There are all kinds of float chamber,float system and even float pools. Their operating principle is based on immersion in water, but there are two crucial differences: flotarii may wet and dry.

Wet float chamber arranged in such a wayto ensure complete relaxation of the body, as it were located in the state of weightlessness in the water. This is achieved thanks to the high content of salt in the Dead Sea. Only contraindication wet process may be intolerant of brine.

However, the most popular at the momentuse dry float chamber, which is a large tub with water and a special waterproof mattress gently hugs the body. Dry Floating chamber made easy and affordable spa treatments for many patients, thus eliminating a number of contraindications associated with direct contact with water and salt.

Indications and contraindications to the procedure

Among the indications for use of floating session, you can select these features:

  • rehabilitation after injury or intense physical exercise;
  • restoration of mental health;
  • stimulation of the brain;
  • reduction of pain in the muscles;
  • achievement of rejuvenation effect;
  • treatment of chronic fatigue.

For Floating should be approached with fullresponsibility and seriousness, because there are some complications. Before the session, you must adhere to the following rules: people suffering from skin diseases, chronic otitis media, upper respiratory tract, nervous or mental disorders such physiotherapy treatment is contraindicated.

It is worth recalling that floating - it is primarilyturn help your mental health and mood. This magic, incomparable procedure gives the person a sense of harmony, it helps get rid of stress, sort out their thoughts and feelings in a new way to overestimate their lives, cope with complex problems and optimistic about the future.