What is a flash tattoo

Make a real tattoo dare not fareveryone. But sometimes she wants to impress your friends an original pattern on the body and attract attention. If you do not want to spoil the delicate young skin permanent tattoos, there are several other ways. One such option - a temporary tattoo tattoo flash.

For the first time this unusual and surprising methodtemporary tattoo was invented 2 years ago. He belongs to the brand Dior. It is this fashion house became the founder of temporary tattoos are safe for human health. World brand tried not to lose face, and that flash tattoos have become the hallmark of this company. The highlight of the temporary tattoo became an unusual appearance of the figure - a tattoo on the body looks like a real jewel colors "silver" or "gold".

A popular version of the flash pattern - a metal chain on the neck or a stylish bracelet with the original pattern on the wrist. Hue figure - a "gold" or "silver".

Immediately after the release of the first batch of flash tattoo,metal patterns that mimic the jewelry have become popular among celebrities and guests of the music festivals. Even if you do not enter a number, healingandbodywork recommends not despair - among the diversity of drawings, you can pick and choose the desired pattern under any outfit.

How to choose a flash tattoo

Walking around the city, you see a girl withbeautiful tattoos, and you immediately want to put myself the same. Buy a vivid novelty of this year season, imitating decorations can be from online stores, beauty salons and solariums. healingandbodywork draws your attention to some of the nuances that you should consider when choosing a "decoration":

  1. If you like a particular bracelet and you want to make a tattoo on the one hand, it is enough to buy one set (set).
  2. If you want to make a temporary tattoo in the form of bracelets on both hands, then you need to buy 2 sets, as one set has a silver bracelet 1 and 1 for gold. Buy 2 identical sets.
  3. When buying from online stores can be foundflash tattoo a different price category. The cost of a set of temporary body jewelry will depend on its quality. For example, you can buy one set for $ 25 plus postage, or opt for a set of "jewelry" for a body with a low cost, but with good reviews.
  4. Note that once you get a long-awaited set of flash tattoos, you'll want to do more, so it is better to buy a few drawings.
  5. Tattoos are sold sets. In one set (this sheet) can be applied to multiple images. Standard set - a set of 4 sheets. On sale you can find a set with flash tattoo with 2 or 5 sheets. On the need to pay attention.

What are the advantages of temporary tattoos

Outwardly, almost metallic tattoono different from the usual, except that a more natural shade, because it is located on the surface of the skin. The main difference between flash pattern that you can wear it for a while - this figure, even if it is and you really like - not forever. A few days later, everything depends on the care pattern, tattoo flash can be removed and applied again. If you constantly rub the spot with a pattern, it will soon begin to fade, and therefore the "stay" while the tattoo on the skin will be reduced.

Pros flash tattoo:

  1. The main thing - with the help of a temporary pattern on the body, you will learn if you want to make a real tattoo, or better to go with the times and constantly changing patterns.
  2. Temporary tattoos - it's a great way to lookdifferently. You can go to a party and "put on" more stylish bracelets, necklaces and rings. And it is possible to make a universal metallic tattoo in the form of a silver pen. Drawing will be beneficial to emphasize the beauty of the tanned body on the beach, cafes and night clubs.
  3. With a temporary tattoo flash you'll neversuffer from monotony. your jewelry (watches, chains and bracelets favorite) You can "change" patterns depending on the clothes and mood and is beneficial to stress.
  4. Flash drawing - a great opportunitywait until the body is not fully formed. If you make a permanent tattoo is very early, it is in the period of active growth may be deformed teenager - blurred or stretched.
  5. Price metallized temporary tattoos slightly lower cost permanent tattoos, but considering how much plus flash tattoos and fans - it becomes a secondary issue.
  6. Compared with temporary henna tattoos,who are afraid of water, with a flash tattoo you can swim in a pool or pond. And if you compare a temporary tattoo applied chemical dyes, which can be washed away only by special means, unsafe for skin plating pattern washed off the usual children's soap.
  7. Tattoo is not toxic and does not cause allergies.
  8. Hold 5 to 7 days.
  9. application procedure is absolutely painless.

How to apply a metallic tattoo

If you want to make a flash tattoo in an unusual place (for example, on the shoulder, back, or shoulder blade), it is advisable to go to a nearby beauty salon.

Apply a desired pattern can be in the home, have a girlfriend, sister or mom to help you in this matter.

Imitation bracelets, rings or chains on the hands and feet can be done independently.

How to apply tattoo flash:

  • take a shower, dry your body with a towel and apply the cream. The skin should not remain traces of cream, milk or lotion;
  • Wait until the skin is completely dry and 15 minutes after taking a shower, you are ready to spray temporary figure;
  • carefully cut with scissors desired pattern;
  • remove the protective film from the sheet;
  • Position the "face" of drawing down;
  • Put on top of facial tissues and wet towel (terry is better not to use it). Firmly press;
  • Wait 30-40 seconds;
  • carefully remove the paper towel.

What else do you need to know

It is important not only to observe the rules of the substrateflash tattoo, but also take into account some of the nuances. So, immediately after the patterning, after 40 seconds, you can not stretch and rub the skin vigorously. It is better to leave this place alone for another 30 minutes - during which time the tattoo is locked securely and will shine on your body about 5-7 days.

Before you apply a temporary pattern on the body,you need to remove hair. In hairy skin tattoo can "lie" is ugly, and hands / feet with lots of hair and a tattoo on their own will look unattractive.

Do not worry if immediately after applicationmetallized tattoo image will not be as bright as on the sheet and photos. Be patient, after an hour pattern will appear and will delight you with its shimmer.

Duration of wearing metallic tattoo will depend on care. At this place is better not to apply cosmetics.

Best of all would look flash tattoo on tanned kozhe.Esli you to sunbathe with a tattoo on the body that will be an interesting pattern that is also advantageous look.

It is undesirable to apply metallic tattoos on the delicate skin around the eyes.

Remove the faded tattoo is possible by means of childsoaps, lotions or olive oil. Moisten a cotton swab in warm water and lather his baby soap - apply a tattoo flash and hold for 30 seconds. You can then apply a little baby fat cream or butter and a little wait. It remains to carefully remove the remnants of cotton tattoo disk. After the skin is a little rest - you can apply your favorite temporary tattoo again.