What is collagen, and who needs it?

Collagen Face

Everyone in the world, and it does notimportantly, a man or woman wants to be sure as long as possible not to lose their youth, firmness and flexibility, attractive appearance, and so on. We yearn to discover a real elixir of youth, scientists produce a constant research, but that humanity knows so far, it is still quite a bit to invent a real panacea for aging.

Although, in fact, we do not know sosmall, for example, scientists have found that a particular structural protein of the body, called collagen, is just responsible for ensuring that our skin remains permanently elastic, young, supple and smooth.


  • 1 Who needs collagen facial
  • 2 What are the collagens used in cosmetics most often
    • 2.1 Vegetable collagen
    • 2.2 The animal collagen
    • 2.3 Marine Collagen
  • 3 Is it possible to get the skin to produce collagen with a bang?

Who needs collagen facial

Cream of the stains on the faceIndeed, collagen has completely alltissues of the human body, whether skin, bone, tissue or organs. It creates a kind of skeleton on which are built quite all tissues, and it supports the skin.

Because collagen face - like steel springs, in the thickness of the mattress. They qualitatively support surface smooth and elastic state.

But when the "mainspring" of collagen lose their ability toto fulfill their "work", "mattress" of our skin gradually crushed, and on the surface of our face having such hateful and no pleasing, wrinkles. The dermis becomes flabby and unattractive and self-confidence melts, with good humor and a positive attitude.

Over time, the human body, the mostvarious reasons, it produces collagen is less and less, and why there are any problems. To a certain age, collagen production may cease altogether, because it is extremely important to try to make up for the lack of collagen, which feels our dermis.

Collagen facial - just as the air is necessary for those who wish for a long time to preserve youth and freshness of the skin, prevent sagging, sagging, wrinkles and so on.

What are the collagens used in cosmetics most often

The good thing, modern cosmetic sciencestepped far enough in advance, so many companies and global brands offer a huge amount of a variety of cosmetic products, which are composed of the same, so necessary and desirable, collagen.

Basically, in cosmetic preparations, collagen is used in several forms, which can be divided into subcategories.

Vegetable collagen

This is the highest quality, but also affordableCollagen facial beauticians who learned to make from wheat proteins. That plant collagen facial is the most useful, it works great and is absorbed easily without problems and shows excellent results.

However, as yet, means with wheat proteins and vegetable collagen are quite expensive, so buy a cream with such substances, afford not every girl or woman.

Animal collagen

This option is much more common, andmoreover, it is quite cheap to manufacture, thanks to which it is filled with animal collagens and many cosmetics manufacturers who filled the shelves stores all sorts of cosmetics.

However, there is one "but". The fact that such an extract collagen from the skin of pets, such as cows. Such collagen is hardly absorbed into the dermis of our face, as practically not compatible with it, and can not replace the lack of quality of natural collagen.

However, the funds released, and they cost mere pennies, because are quite popular, although in practice such a collagen facial is completely useless.

Marine collagen

Mask facial scrub of sea saltRecently, cosmetologists seriously paytheir attention to the sea and seafood including algae and fish, as well as salts and minerals, which have proved extremely useful for the human body.

Among other things, they also learned, to produce natural collagen for a person who is perfectly absorbed human dermis, straight from the sea, rich in minerals, fish.

Such collagen enough quality, heIt works well for the benefit of the smoothness and elasticity of the skin, but can cause allergic reactions, because you should always take into account this fact, if you decide to use any agent containing marine collagen, for the first time.

It can cause skin to produce collagen with a bang?

Naturally, everyone wants to use of any tools, as well as the body itself without the long and painful procedures at the cosmetician.

Own forces returned to the level of production of collagen, which is observed in childhood and early adolescence.

Of course, such amazing results,get prepared almost, but something which action can make use of certain substances, which can significantly stimulate the production of natural, that is, the natural collagen in our skin:

  1. Amino acids promote the production of collagen. In fact, he himself is a member of the amino acids, of which there are more than two dozen species. It is rich in terms of substance the body can be more faster and spur the production of collagen of the epidermis.
  2. Since B vitamins are also extremely effectivemeans. In addition to being in itself, it is just a tremendously powerful antioxidant, that is, can inhibit aging, linking free radicals, so also are involved in the synthesis of collagen by the body. However, we must be extremely careful, because a lack of vitamin C in the body, just as detrimental as its overabundance.
  3. Always worth ten times to play it safe when it comes to beauty and health.
  4. Required for quality production of collagenand also copper. However, there is full of pitfalls, because copper can be extremely toxic, especially in its inorganic form. Because in cosmetology try to apply only form an organic copper, and is also related to proteins (peptides), which can be harmful to the whole organism. Full copper consumption in any way should not exceed more than two milligrams, even in the safest form, pay attention to their own health.
  5. There are also substances with a marvelous, trickycalled metalloproteinase inhibitors, easily understood, except that professional chemists. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know about their existence, as these substances are able to suppress the destruction of collagen in the dermis. That is, they do not contribute to its elaboration, but just the opposite, they just reinforce it, make the process of destruction is much slower. By age, the collagen is synthesized with a much slower rate, and destroyed all the more so here metalloproteinase inhibitors can seriously suspend the process.
  6. Under the influence of various hormones, as well asgrowth factors in the human body can be activated are the same or different processes, including, and development and inhibition thereof, natural collagen. Collagen facial Spurred hormones will be produced much more efficiently, but there is also very important not to make mistakes and do not overdo it.

And in general, about any ofthe above-mentioned funds, materials and so on, we can only say one thing: do not forget that applying anything on my own experience, that is, using any material, you can cause irreparable damage to health, especially if you are doing it without permission and without under the supervision of your dermatologist or beautician.

First of all - consult with a beautician and havethen everything else, including the procedures and so on, and not the other way - it's the law. Remember, that may depend on not only your beauty and youth, but sometimes health and even life.