What is Carboxytherapy

Beauty, a day does not stand still: and then there are exciting imagination procedures that make us beautiful women, beautiful and younger. Carboxytherapy is called today after a sensational breakthrough in its time of Botox. New items, operating on the basis of carbon dioxide, already regarded as the most effective way to rejuvenate the skin.

Features techniques

For life and health hazard not carboxytherapyis. Despite the fact that the surgery the body is minimal, with fine wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks treatment works wonders! The essence of the method consists in subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide. The active substance destroys fat clusters where they are not needed, and activates the synthesis of collagen. Improvement using carboxytherapy will not take you much time to become even more beautiful, it will take just 15-60 minutes, the rehabilitation period is not needed. The result, as they say, will be there and will be for you a pleasant surprise.

Scope carboxytherapy very wide. The procedure allows:

  • improve skin tone and brighten the skin of eyelids;
  • get rid of bags under the eyes;
  • clean cobweb early wrinkles around the eyes;
  • make a "hard" look more open;
  • eliminate blepharoptosis;
  • smooth out some wrinkles;
  • remove fine lines on the lips;
  • slightly raise the eyebrows;
  • tighten and improve the condition of saggy skin;
  • to make the face more attractive by getting rid of chubby cheeks;
  • improve the condition of the skin of the neck;
  • give additional tone upper chest;
  • clean the skin of post-acne;
  • forget about the second chin.

The principle of operation of anti-aging treatments

With age, subcutaneous capillaries that nourishOxygen cells become thinner and become very brittle. Aggressive environmental influences on the skin deprives it of a sufficient amount of collagen, thereby reducing its regenerative properties and elasticity.

the age of 30 lack of oxygen in the skinIt is 25%, and 40 years, this figure rises to 50%. The total amount of oxygen entering the body through the respiratory process, with age is also reduced and the skin is "tired" face fight acne, spots and inflammation.

carboxytherapy method is based on the subcutaneousthe introduction of carbon dioxide: skin cells see it as a lack of oxygen, resulting in the red bone marrow is taken in emergency conditions to synthesize the red blood cells that transport oxygen molecules in the tissue. With this anti-aging treatments treated skin gets a full dose of oxygen and nutrients, blood circulation and cell regeneration processes in the tissues for a time restored.

Wrinkles, stretch marks and dark circles under the eyesbecome less noticeable due to the generous portions of collagen, which gives skin carboxytherapy procedure. Rejuvenation Course awakens and tones the deep layers of the skin: the eyelids, cheeks, neck and décolleté area look toned and fresh.

For splitting the second excessive adipose tissuechin gas is heated and takes a deep subcutaneous injection. Under the influence of carbon dioxide occurs destruction of fat cells, and update the nutrition of tissues.

The principle of the fight against cellulite is the same: carbon dioxide affect the deeper layers of the lymphatic system of the thighs and buttocks, and then quickly normalize circulation and drainage of tissues. On the background of collagen cleaved toxins, because of which there was an unattractive orange peel skin.

At what age is relevant carboxytherapy

Throughout the life of the human skin is constantlychanges. By the age of 30 on the face of the first signs of tired skin in the form of fine lines and specks of light pigment, in 40 years in the mirror "happy" many second chin, and 50 - bags under the eyes. From aging, alas, no one is immune.

In the past, any alternative procedureskin tightening of the face and eyelids were not, and the woman had to make a difficult choice: the appearance of the "second freshness" or surgery. Non-operational methods do not give visible results. Today, thanks to the introduction of new technologies in the beauty industry, any woman can be transformed painlessly, going 2-3 sessions carboxytherapy, or laser light techniques. Exposure of the skin of the cheeks, eyelids and neck minimal but effective: note that the color and texture of the skin has changed for the better can the naked eye.

30 years - the best age for a firstVisit a specialist in the field of carboxytherapy. Using the technique will allow 30-year-old woman to grow old in slow motion, in contrast to their contemporaries who do not trust the salon treatment rejuvenation. Ideal carboxytherapy and those who are scared to death of Botox injections and their side effects.

Every woman has a certain type of skinwith its own characteristics, and thus the mechanism of aging in the body of each of us working in individual mode. However, none of the fair sex it does not protect against fading - will sooner or later take its time. Practice has shown that the earlier a woman begins to use professional methods facelift, the later in her body will start the aging process. The stunning results of specialists guarantee if held every year carboxytherapy course consisting of 4-6 sessions with a break for 2-4 weeks.

Sensations during the procedure

On carboxytherapy session is possible in somedegree of relaxation, since the procedure is painless. After the introduction of the carbon dioxide you will feel pulsing light or weak pressure under the skin, but after 3-4 minutes and these feelings will disappear. Active ingredient (CO2), decomposes 20 times faster than oxygen molecules, so the area of ​​the injection, it instantly spread in the "mouth" of tissue. After 5 minutes after the injection is made, the skin turns red at this point and some otechet. Do not worry - this process stimulates immediate collagen synthesis.

Once completed, the puncture site can not besoak for 6 hours. It is also forbidden to use the sauna or swimming pool during this period (changes in temperature can damage the skin). In rare cases, when the needle enters the vessel, in this place there is a small bruise, but nothing dangerous about it.

Number of procedures

To her own reflection in the mirror againcause you feelings of admiration meet, need 4-6 sessions, the duration of each of which is half an hour. The interval between treatments should be at least 2 weeks, that is, the instant results can not count. MirSovetov hastens to remind you that the maintenance of beauty - is the systematic hard work without the right to weekends and holidays. How much patience and effort you spend on yourself, and get as much. Alternatives in this matter.

carboxytherapy procedures cycle is repeated every 6-8 months to consolidate the effect.

Do all fit carboxytherapy

This procedure is suitable for all skin types. However, it is permitted only after individual professional advice. After the session may appear the following side effects:

  1. Soreness at the time of injection, and an uncomfortable feeling under the skin for 2-5 minutes afterwards.
  2. Local swelling, which soon disappears. Making it does not need anything.
  3. For several minutes after injectionthe patient can feel the so-called subcutaneous crepitus or crackling. As a rule, this phenomenon occurs when carbon dioxide is injected into the skin very deeply.
  4. In rare cases, some time after the procedure noted herpes rash on the skin.

carboxytherapy method is actively used the last ten years. During this period, any exceptional adverse events were registered.

Contraindications to the procedure

From visiting a beauty salon will have to give if you are:

  • I'm sorry, you have a fever;
  • some time ago suffered a myocardial infarction;
  • are pregnant or breast-feeding;
  • suffer from epilepsy, renal or respiratory failure.

If none of these factors does not concern you, you can safely accept the procedure - a new look and plenty of admiring glances are guaranteed!