What is BB Cream

In Hollywood, there is an a joke that if a starShe claims that she no make-up, it means that there has not been without the use of BB cream. BB cream is completely different from the simple tone means that it is able to not only perfect camouflage skin imperfections, and actively deal with them.

Just think, only one small tubeable to replace the entire makeup case, because acquiring BB cream, you no longer need to buy primer, concealer, highlighter, moisturizer and sunscreen - now all you have in the bottle with a mysterious inscription BB cream. Truly and the reaper, and gnets, and the dude igrets!

What is BB Cream

The most popular BB cream enjoysAsian countries and a major producer of this wonderful tool acts Korea. Surely you think invented BB cream also Koreans, but does not, is BB cream was created by German cosmeticians and not for everyday use, and to restore the skin after plastic surgery.

The mysterious acronym BB stands forBlemish Balm Cream, you can still hear a name like Blemish Base Cream, though the essence remains the same - it is a cream that helps to disguise and hide all skin imperfections. In fact, originally it was used by patients of German clinics of plastic surgery, which restores the skin after deep peeling treatments or plastic face. Cream helps the tissues more quickly through the process of regeneration and is an excellent stimulant of natural healing processes of the skin, and of helping to hide flaws such as scars and other signs of surgery.

BB cream combines the moisturizing,regenerating, protective and anti-inflammatory function - just what you need for skin in need of an active retirement. In addition, the cream actively fights acne.

BB cream, for which he was so fond of

But in spite of such excellent characteristics,European consumers have learned about the existence of this cream is much later, and to sweep away from the shelves of its no hurry. I think that the reason is in a weak product promotion. But in Asian countries, on the other hand, BB cream was just mega-popularity. Initially, it was used to make up only a celebrity - TV presenters and actors. Then the advanced Asian Estheticians slightly modified the formula BB cream, and the number of ingredients in it that have the most beneficial effect on the skin is significantly increased, and even managed to give the Asian cosmetologists cream such properties that it is perfectly evens skin tone and removes unwanted skin pigmentation.

BB cream main advantage consists in the fact thatfor ease of application and the sensations on the skin, he does not distinguish from the foundation, but its opacity and masking ability much higher. Therefore, you will not feel the mask on the face, and make-up will look quite natural.

Asian BB cream good brand adapt toshade of your skin, and it means manufacturer produces the same, in some cases - in a pair of shades, so the probability is not your pitch selection is minimal.

Asian BB creams are perfect Europeanlight-skinned girls, I particularly like this because to choose the right color foundation I find it hard among Western brands lines.

The sun protection factor creams in Asia wherehigher than traditional SPF 15 European brands of tonal resources, but it absolutely does not affect the resistance and density of coating BB cream, and it is quite possible to combine with other cosmetics.

Not every Western tonal resources canfind caring components, while in the Asian BB cream they are present in significant quantities. For example, I was able to feel the caring effect of BB cream in just a couple of months of use.

Most of the BB cream is easy and convenientshaded fingers, so the application of special sponges optional, but a recent invention, beauty blender, which I have already told, will make a truly weightless and invisible makeup.

Do you fit BB Cream

Of course, if you have perfect skin, and you will neverdid not buy the thick foundation, then in such a facility is not necessary for you. That girl with perfect skin, buying BB cream, often complain that he is too busy and it can be seen on the skin. This is understandable, because the mask happy owners of a skin nothing.

But you just need a BB cream, if your skin needs:

  • not only the alignment tone, besides you still need to mask serious deficiencies in the form of redness, rashes or dilation of the capillaries;
  • you need a good concealer, but the main requirement is that you are bringing - is easy, and not the effect of the mask on the skin;
  • choosing a foundation of European brands, you prefer the lightest shade;
  • you take care of your skin, you see all the harm of ultraviolet radiation and a high level of protection from the sun it is crucial for you.

How to apply BB cream

Like any foundation in principle is notonly the tonal, and all the means for the skin, apply BB cream it is necessary to clean skin. Rub the cream into the skin is not necessary, just apply a little cream, smear it and let soak. Please treat the T-zone, because it is usually fatter and then proceed to the U-zone.

As soon as you will have the feeling of dryness of the skin,after the usual washing, it means that the cream is absorbed and now you can start to mask redness, pimples and other skin imperfections, t. e. to use BB cream as a proofreader.

How to wash BB Cream

I hasten to say that you need to wash BB CreamOnly special hydrophilic oil, and only them. Apply the oil on your face and massage it for a minute, that is how much time you need to BB cream to properly dissolve and then use your usual cleanser. Thus, you can avoid the clogging of pores and other problems, so do not skimp on the hydrophilic oil.

BB cream, my experience with

Previously, I thought that the ideal for meconcealer - this foundation by Max Factor «Lasting Perfomance», then after the first time I dealt BB cream on the skin, I immediately realized that the friends I have from BB creams will, but this is not the best option for me. I Mentholatum Acnes BB Cream, it masks, really good, but my skin is still mixed, rather than fat, so it dry areas, this cream is too visible and too it dries.

But in general I am satisfied: the complexion is smooth, the cream is kept for a long time. That's how it looks on hand as soon as it squeeze out of a tube, the so-called Swatch.

And it is on the hand after feathering.

So my quest for the perfect BB cream continues!