What if they stagger teeth

Loosening of milk teeth - it is quitenatural process, which should not be afraid. But often this phenomenon concerns the front or molars, which indicates the number of diseases and unpleasant consequences. For information on how to detect and deal with the problem, we discuss in this article.

The process is called motility teeth reel withpathological character. Unfortunately, this issue is increasingly faced by professionals of modern dental clinics. Doctors can diagnose loosening two types: physiological and pathological. And before prescribe treatment, should carefully evaluate the degree of damage, as well as identify the root cause of the disease. Thus, the dentist will help slow down the process of mobility of the teeth and preserve the natural beauty of a smile. MirCovetov tell readers about the causes of disease and methods of treatment.

The reasons for loosening of the molars

Among the main factors that trigger abnormal tooth mobility, including the following:

  1. Diseases of the oral cavity. It may be as common problems, such as gingivitis or periodontitis. To identify them is not so difficult: initially appears sharp bad breath, bleeding gums and then, and after that, and the pain, swelling, loosening of teeth.
  2. Physical damage to the jaw that occurs, usually due to mechanical injury, shock or severe fall.
  3. Endocrine chronic nature of the disease: heart disease, diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis and so on. In such a case a responsible approach to the treatment of the main diseases to eliminate tooth mobility.
  4. The presence of bad habits - smoking and continued alcohol abuse. Such unthrifty attitude towards their health is fraught with loosening, and after tooth loss.
  5. Poor oral hygiene - lack of regular health care teeth provokes the growth of plaque that threatens mobility and loss.
  6. Hereditary predisposition - a rare cause, but quite real. If the parents observed abnormal mobility of teeth, the child is likely to inherit the problem.
  7. Intense stress on the jaw apparatus. This phenomenon is caused by a strong grinding teeth at bedtime. It is fraught with weakening and loosening.
  8. Old age and pregnancy. The mobility of the teeth is caused by disorders of calcium metabolism, which also provokes the crumbling and tooth decay. And if the age issue is unlikely to eliminate, during the formation of the fruit, you can save the situation intake of vitamins and minerals.

If you are diagnosed atany of the above manifestations, it demonstrates the need for urgent referral to a specialist. Keep in mind that the elimination of the root causes - the most effective method of treatment, which saves man from tooth loss.

Healthy gums - a beautiful smile

As a rule, the most common causeloosening of the teeth is gum disease. And it's not just negligence of care, but also in the body state as a whole. Diseases of the oral cavity can be triggered by deficiency of important elements or problems seemingly not associated with the teeth. Among the main are:

  • vitamin C deficiency;
  • diseases of internal organs;
  • osteoporosis;
  • shortage of blood supply to the gums;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • thyroid disease;
  • negligent oral hygiene;
  • malocclusion;
  • arthritis;
  • violation of mineral metabolism;
  • lowered immunity;
  • diabetes.

Loose tooth: expert help

Typically, only a specialist towhich should be handled when the signs of gum disease, oral lesions and vacillation teeth - a dentist. Identify the problem yourself is hardly possible, as the more appropriate treatment. So put your trust in the doctor's hands, because only he will hold a qualified inspection.

The next stage - determination of the root cause,which resulted tooth mobility, and the appointment of medical procedures. If the tooth is unsteady, and the patient feels severe pain symptoms - it is a sign of inflammation of the gums process. If periodontitis or gingivitis doctor prescribes a course of treatment with antibiotics, as well as immunomodulators, anti-inflammatory drugs for the topical and vitamins.

In the case of destruction of gum disorders processesendocrine nature or severe chronic diseases, an expert on the direct examination of a physician or endocrinologist, previously eliminating all possible causes for dental parts.

If the reel is due to the teethbounce, the dentist can carry out splinting - imposing on the damaged area of ​​special locking tires that prevent tooth loss and contribute to its strengthening within the gums. However, the grave consequences of injuries, the movable tooth is removed.

Treatment of tooth mobility at home

If you do not want to see a doctor, not having experiencedbefore that all available means to strengthen the teeth, then come to the aid homemade recipes. The most popular method is to rinse the mouth with tincture of sweet flag root. To do this you will need:

  • 500 grams of vodka;
  • 30 g of crushed calamus root;
  • propolis solution.

Pour mashed powder vodka and let the mixtureinfuse for 14 days in a dark place. Then, carefully strain the content and you are ready to rinse the mouth. However, before each time add in a glass with 2 drops of tincture of propolis.

It may also help the juice of yarrow, whichIt has good reinforcing properties. For the treatment, take 10 grams of fresh juice and rub the gums with a cotton swab moistened. To be effective, the result of the action of spending at least 3 times a day.

Garlic will also reliably strengthen teeth: rub a slice of plants affected gum area for 14 days. It is desirable to repeat the process several times a day.

A solution of sea salt - no less effectiveassistant in the fight against staggering teeth. To do this, type in a glass of boiled water, add the 1 ch. L. salt and rinse spend several times a day.


Undoubtedly, it is better to avoid the occurrence of such unpleasant problems like tooth mobility, rather than to treat. Save a beautiful smile will help you some simple steps:

  • Regular oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice a day and after each meal you need to rinse your mouth with clean water;
  • use for cleaning teeth with toothpaste firming action, which usually contain a part of the herbal extracts of plants and relieve inflammation of the gums;
  • constantly use dental floss, which thoroughly clean the teeth from food debris and plaque in hard to reach places;
  • give up bad habits, but also make it a rule to a balanced diet rich in calcium - it will strengthen the teeth and immune state as a whole;
  • in the early stages of gingivitis or periodontitis spend professional cleaning of the teeth from the stone and sediment enough.