Wedding make-up

On this solemn and long-awaited day of alleyes are turned on the beauty-bride, it is important to remember every detail: the dress, veil, hairstyle, jewelry and even makeup. That it is for many girls the main highlight.

For his main, and perhaps the mostsolemn day, every girl should prepare properly, and preferably in advance. When it was filed and the date of the ceremony is known, you can start training: to consider how to put hair, what jewelry to wear, as well as to pre-select the color scheme of makeup and buy everything you need.

Houses can be trained to independently make a beautiful makeup. After all, no one wants in the solemn day of grief.

Preparation of the skin

Skin preparation involves several steps:

  1. Cleansing.
  2. Moisturize.
  3. Application of tonal framework.
  4. Securing tone.

Before you begin applying makeup,you need to cleanse your face from dust and dirt. Clear can be using the tonic, but not containing alcohol. If you use alcohol tonic, the skin may be delayed dust particles.

Depending on your skin type, selected cleanser: tonic, lotion, or lotion.

She then moisturizer. It should be easy to avoid burdening. In addition to the cream is applied (eye) on the skin around the eyes. Leave for full absorption of five or ten minutes.

If you are the owner of dry skin - use a tool with a moisturizing effect.

Application of tonal framework - is a very importantstage in the creation of wedding makeup. It is necessary to ensure not only smooth out all the irregularities and shortcomings, but also the effect of skin dullness. This is done through a variety of tonal resources. To make up the bride, it is desirable to use a special tool: transparent foundation, water-based, which has such an action:

  • evens skin texture;
  • "Adjusted" under the skin tone;
  • It gives dullness.

In addition to these advantages, the cream is quite easy and does not overload the makeup.

Before you use a tool,problem areas should be thoroughly disguise. With this task cope special corrector - konsiller or tone powder. Corrector to work punctually, apply a thin layer of camouflage means to remove pimples, blemishes, under-eye circles, redness. If the skin has red areas, they need to cover up with a special tool with a green tint.

After the equalizer need to enable the skin to "take" means, and in five minutes it is possible to continue to make.

Apply concealer should be lighter, a little pat. You can not stretch and spread means. Details on how to apply foundation, visit healingandbodywork site.

Once the foundation is applied to the skin,it must be shaded so as to smooth out the visible boundary between different zones face. Thus, in the nose, around the lips and the eyes must be applied under minimal amount of cream. In addition, the tone should be applied to the neck and chest area, if the bride open.

Fix foundation with a specialpowder. It can be as clear and easy to have a natural shade. Powder should always be crumbly. It is applied with a special brush, first on the face, then neck and neck.

If your skin problem, healingandbodyworkIt recommends after tonal framework to take advantage of a compact powder. Keep the puff or sponge to clean. Excess can be removed dry cosmetic tissue.

A little advice: if your skin is oily, then before applying foundation, it is necessary to use a special tool to impart opacity.

eye Makeup

Before you buy cosmetics, you mustdecide on the color scheme and buy everything you need at your eye color, hair color, and taking into account skin tone. Since the bride's dress color white, any color scheme suitable for him.

Let's start eye makeup:

  1. Make a thin line of eyeliner special (black or dark brown) between the upper eyelid lash line or along.
  2. Shadows applied a special brush, if any,not available, it is desirable to use an applicator, and taking separate for each color. This eliminates the likelihood of inaccurate and "dirty" application.
  3. Gaining shadows on applicator, gently and little. Better then dial also dokrasit than shoot over a century.

About Eye Color

To emphasize the color of the eyes, you need to know that not every shade to fit everything eye shadow shades.

  1. If you are the owner of the blue eye,emphasize their possible line summing soft shades of blue, add a bit of contrasting color "peach" on the upper eyelid. This rule works if your skin tone is warm.
  2. Your eyes are greenish tint? Then increase their color can be made lower eyelid eyeliner shades with a green tint, or rather the eyelid shade pink, burgundy or purple shades.
  3. For brown eyes feather perform very soft lilac or pink shades of shadows. Or perform a dark brown color and shading to add a thin black liner.

Do you need to make an intensive, relying onevening. This rule is strictly observed, as the couple would have to be the center of attention and a lot of pictures. But we should not paint much, a person must be bright, but at the same time remain fresh and young.

Apply mascara and blush

Mascara is desirable to use a water-resistanteffect. This is necessary in case of strong winds or sudden tears of joy. Brides are allowed to use false lashes or bundles. By the way, the bundles looked more natural, since they are glued between their cilia along the edge of the growth of eyelashes. They look nice and provide additional thickness and volume. Their color as well as their home, mascara. Eyelashes can be curled and even to give them beautiful bend. Performing this procedure at home a special tool.

Blush is applied to the protruding part of the cheekbones special round brush. To give the face a natural glow, you need to put on the cheeks a little pink blush. Choose natural shades of pink.

To make fresh face, on the cheekbones, forehead and chin, put a thin layer of light pink shade with glitter.

It is undesirable to use for bridal makeup blush brown or brick, they are more suitable for business makeup.

About lipstick and eyebrows

By choosing a lipstick must be approached with the utmost responsibility and thoroughness. Its tone should be combined with tone blush.

Light-skinned brunettes can use the scarlet and fuchsia lipstick. For blondes - floral shades of rose and peach colors. Brown hair beauty make-up are reserved.

To lipstick well kept, it is necessary to apply it correctly:

  • when applied to the tone, apply a little on the lips, and then powder coat;
  • contour drawn in pencil the same color as the lipstick and lip fill completely. Corners of the color shade darker, and the middle - lighter. This method allows to visually enlarge the lips;
  • using a brush spread pencil and only then apply lipstick the same brush;
  • with the help of cosmetics, paper towels, easy to powder the lips and then cover a layer of lipstick.

Eyebrows also need care. If they are unregistered - spoil his carelessness anyone, even professional make-up. It's wise to make a correction. To emphasize their shadows can or pencil. Moreover, blondes need to paint a light brown eyebrow pencil, Light Brown - gray with brown, red-haired - brown and brunettes - black.

Good luck!