Ways to look good while traveling

1. Start to avoid additional stress.

Before heading out on a long journey, notforget to do what is necessary in advance to not start the trip with problems. For example, gather well before the trip. Be sure to do all the things such as closing your home, documents, accounts, sorting, etc. With the presence of these problems in mind, you will begin to spoil your trip.

2. Make sure you get enough sleep. This is necessary for good health.

3. Choose clothing that is comfortable and stylish at the same time. Check the weather in advance for a week in the place where you are going.

4. Take care of your skin during the trips. Travelling often means climate change. Buy a moisturizing cream or spray gun to your skin was not dry and pale. This is important for both boys and girls, so do not hesitate.

5. Eliminate the odors from a long journey. Smell, after hours spent in the car, eliminating the usual deodorant.

6. Choose the appropriate hairstyles. If you want to go hiking, and you have long hair, make a ponytail or braid.

7. If you are outdoors, avoid makeup. Genuine nature of the natural beauty.

8. The best way to sleep.

If you have nothing to do, try to get some sleep. If sleep does not work, then try to just to be able to lie down with eyes closed.

9. Water. If you rarely drink water - will have to force yourself. During the flight / trip to drink a glass of water per hour, so that the skin was supple and smooth.

10. Sunscreen. If you have to frequent flights, your skin may suffer from dehydration. Pumps greasy sunscreen with SPF 45 to moisturize and protect it.

11. Peeling. Thanks to new technologies you can make peeling alone. All you need is to buy a special device, peeling skin. But do not do it more often than 2 times a week.

12. Powder-bronzer. Before you leave the plane / train, apply it on your face, and your skin will look healthy and radiant.

13. Lip Gloss. Always take it with you. Pick ideal shade.