depilation wax

This procedure is considered to be popular amongyoung girls, and among older women because of its simplicity and low cost. After this procedure, the hair grows more slowly than the long-term effect and provides skin smoothness.

It turns out that in ancient times a woman isusing wax skin smoothness achieved. In the East, this procedure was one of the most popular. Women melted wax and warm or hot it was applied to the skin, and when he froze - shot with the hair wipes. Secrets of the "smooth" method survived to the present day. Only the years of hair removal wax technique perfected.

The main component of the wax proceduresremoval of unwanted hair is a wax. And the method is very simple - a special wax mixture is applied to the hairy area of ​​skin on top of the place is closed special paper or cloth and leave for a while. Then abruptly the paper breaks down, and with her hair. A special feature of this procedure is the ability to pull out the hair with its follicle. Thus, in this area of ​​the skin they will not grow long.

Pros and cons of wax depilation

Make hair removal using wax can be both at home and in the salon. healingandbodywork tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of this method.

procedures Pros:

  • affordable enough for many the cost of home waxing kit and salon treatment;
  • It does not take much time;
  • marked by persistent effect.

The experience of many years has shown that hair removalWax leads to long-term effects. If you constantly use depilatory wax, then after three weeks, you will notice the result. And if you continue to remove the hair in this manner, in a year or more, in addition to the fact that hair growth will slow down, it is possible to achieve a final cessation of hair growth.

Every woman wants to be reduced to the minimum of painful sensations all manipulations associated with the care of body and face. So, waxing has several disadvantages:

  • procedure is considered to be quite painful. It is undesirable to resort to this method of hair removal, if the person has a high pain threshold;
  • also removes wax and down - hair, thin,who just got out. Deleted "vellus hair" eventually degenerate and become rigid, darken. This problem can not be solved, it is only compounded;
  • hair that is pulled against the hair growth,can grow inside, under the skin. Such hair growth will cause constant irritation and discomfort. Also subcutaneous hair growth can lead to the development of the inflammatory process;
  • wax is impossible to remove the small hairs that just got out, and their growth is only a few millimeters;
  • after the procedure, if a person has sensitive skin, the hair are formed in place of red sore point.

They are "pleased" the owner of about five days and only after the expiry of the time, they disappear.

This procedure is contraindicated

You should know that not everyone can usedepilation wax. Despite the fact that in Russia, as well as in many European countries, this method is considered to be safe, you should know that there are diseases in which you can not use the wax because the risk of complications. Such diseases include:

  • diabetes. A person who has this disease, septic complications can occur, and the healing period can last much longer than in healthy people;
  • varicose veins;
  • skin diseases and benign appearing directly above the skin: warts, papillomas and moles;
  • Individual intolerance to the components of the depilatory cream.

healingandbodywork strongly recommends not to use hair removal wax on the face and armpits.

On the forms

There are several types of depilatory wax:

  1. Soft wax. Yet it is called warm, as wax before the procedure you need to heat it to become liquid and warm.
  2. Solid wax. The material before the procedure was heated and hot applied on the scalp.
  3. The wax is water soluble. This includes honey and sugar, as they are removed by means of plain water.

Let us consider each method. The soft wax is made from a mixture of resin obtained from pine, with the addition of softening ingredients: honey or bee wax. For skin that is particularly responsive to this procedure, a mixture of additives added to the soothing and relieving irritation.

This type is widely used in depilationbeauty parlor, and is available for home use. A feature of the procedure is the penetration of hot wax in the pores which open - it promotes hair removal easier. And when protective paper strip is removed, the person feels pain is not as sharp.

Among the shortcomings of soft wax depilationwax should be noted impossibility dissolution in water and to remove it from the skin, it is necessary to use special wipes impregnated with means for removal of wax. It is also desirable to apply the re-depilation, if after the first 24 hours had passed. If the hairs were found, which are not removed, you should resort to another, not wax method.

The solid wax is produced with the addition ofand petroleum resin obtained from pine. The mixture is different herbal supplements: lemon oil to the mixture or crack and does not stick to the skin.

The wax is heated for forty minutes beforetemperature of 37 degrees and applied hot to the skin. The high temperature of the mixture allows the skin more quickly to steam, the pores expand, and would extract the hair easier. This method is extremely suitable for salon treatments as necessary to monitor the temperature of the mixture. And this work, it is desirable to entrust the professional cosmetologist.

The disadvantage is considered fast zastyvaemost wax, it literally instantly "osteklenevaet" and the hair can be sputtered out.

The water-soluble wax is the most convenient forhousehold use. In its structure there is a honey or sugar. The mixture is slightly heated and applied to the hair stick. After the mixture hardens, it is removed.

This method of water-soluble wax has several advantages and disadvantages. Among the advantages noted the following:

  • You need not be put in special equipment;
  • the skin after hair removal is easy to clean from the mass balances;
  • hair begins to grow after five or six weeks.

Among the deficiencies noted:

  • painful procedures;
  • hair length must be no less than 6 mm;
  • remove hair only on the hands and feet;
  • not as effective as with the addition of wax resins.

How to make your own wax depilation

At home, you can remove hair with waxindependently. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to test the wax mixture in the presence of allergy. If the skin reacts normal - you can begin to hair removal.

  1. On a paper napkin lay everything you need.
  2. Place wipe any solution based on alcohol.
  3. Apply baby powder on the skin, has no odor.
  4. Apply the wax in the direction of fit hair.
  5. On top you need to make a special strip of cloth or paper strip.
  6. After the time specified in the instructions clear the strip sharply in the opposite direction of hair growth.
  7. After remaining wax to shoot a special tissue. Do not rub the place with soap and a washcloth.
  8. If the hairs remain in the skin, they need to be manually removed with tweezers.
  9. After the procedure, the skin should be wiped with a special disinfectant and then olive oil. You can not use fat cream!

If the wax hair removal procedure will be exactly complied with, the smooth skin can please you in a month.