Do you want to learn how to adjust the eyebrows independently?


Women who are constantly turning to waxing eyebrows in the beauty salons are likely to say that eyebrow shaping at home is impossible and even dangerous.

Meanwhile, adjust the shape of eyebrowsindependently as possible, at the same time and will need less financial expenses and no, and you can choose the most brow shape that suits your face.

A few words about the importance of eyebrows for humans:

  • eyebrows - this is an excellent protection against rain, moisture, as a drop of rain can not enter directly into the eyes, rolling down to the temples or on the bridge of the nose
  • eyebrows are a kind of "peak", protecting your eyes from the bright sun
  • eyebrows - this is one of the tools for facial expressions, we unconsciously move his eyebrows, expressing strong emotions
  • eyebrows are aesthetic burden, and we can not imagine how would have changed our faces without eyebrows ...


  • 1 So what is must have eyebrows?
  • 2 Pick up the shape of the eyebrows
  • 3 Steps eyebrow correction in home
    • 3.1 Preparation
    • 3.2 Correction
      • 3.2.1 Removing hairs with tweezers
      • 3.2.2 Removing the hair strand (the eastern method)
    • 3.3 Securing

So what should be the eyebrows?

In this regard, we can recall the well-knownfilm - The eyebrow should be thin, thread-like, raised in surprise .... Of course, a single standard of beauty eyebrows is not, and has never happened before, but there are persistent stereotypes.

The ideal shape eyebrows for oval face is chosen,and this approach is the most reliable. Eyebrows make a person's face expressive, bright, so they adorn piercings, tattoos or sequins, but, above all, correct the shape of eyebrows themselves.

There are happy people who are by natureeyebrows perfectly suited to the type of person, but this unit. Everyone else has to promptly visit a beauty salon or make correction of eyebrows at home. Fulfilling all the rules of the procedure, to make beautiful eyebrows is not as hard as you think to laymen.

We select the shape of eyebrows

To emphasize the attractive features, shapeeyebrows should be visually adjust the shape of the face. In fact, to understand enough to see a beautiful artistic film in the correspondence between the type of face and shape of the eyebrows.

Accurately bend eyebrows and previously expressionless face becomes brighter, prettier.

  1. Face triangular with a pointed chin, a slightly elongated up: the most optimal considered slightly rounded eyebrows.
  2. A person close to the "square": optimal shape eyebrows - rounded with a small break in the middle of the eyebrows about the so-called "houses".
  3. A round face: the optimum shape of the eyebrows slightly rounded with a soft break at the outer edge of the eyebrow (at the temples). The break is made at a distance of 1/3 from the outer edge of the eyebrow.
  4. Face oval or elongated in the first case, the eyebrows with a smooth curvature and thinning eyebrows to the outer edge (the temples); In the second case, the eyebrows are made straight, smoothly rounded.

It's very simple - choose the shape of eyebrows,and eyebrow correction in the home will be available to you at any time. No need to wait in line, do not feel discomfort, if an inexperienced technician, etc., etc.. At home, the procedures have many benefits, so consider more steps eyebrow modeling.

Stages eyebrow correction in home


It is necessary to determine the shape of the eyebrows and around the bend point to note for future eyebrows.

Start counting from the nose wings(Nostrils). Pencil putting a foundation to nostril, we bend it so that pencil rod passed through the inner corner of the eyes, eyebrows and touched - 1 point.

Next, we define the eyebrows bend - spend an invisible line through the pupil to brow - it will be a point 2.

Point 3 is determined by drawing a line through the outer corner of the eye incision.

Point 4 - a visual straight line, through which the line of eyebrows is corrected.


Directly eyebrow correction - a rather painful procedure, discomfort which can be reduced by using a fat cream.

We do not remove the cream soak a tamponputting a pillow ice for a few minutes (in a towel put ice), and then draw a line next eyebrows. Then proceed to waxing hair left by-line pattern.

There are several methods of depilation, including only home-applied two.

Hair removal with tweezers

Eyebrow comb, working hand with tweezers,second hand stretch the skin. The hairs pulled out one by one, and that there was no injury to the skin strong hairs have to pull up sharply, do not pull, and pull on the hair growth! For the process should be very good lighting to make the hairs to pull out exactly where needed.

Hair removal is always done on the insideeyebrows side. It is not necessary to adjust the entire eyebrow at once, take breaks in the procedure. Places where excess hair has been removed, can be corrected in pencil, ink, after the regrowth of the hair to hold an additional correction.

In no case do not use a razor for hair removal - after cutting the hairs grow coarse, poorly amenable to depilation.

Removing the hair strand (the eastern method)

Pretty exotic method of hair removal, but some women are actively using his name.

Cotton thread is bound in a wide ring that hold in both hands (both formerly played "thread waste"). Stretched thread, one side is wrapped several times around his hand.

Removal of hair goes from the nose to the temples, and in this way you can remove the hairs on the outside of the eyebrows.

To be removed hairs captured in the area close to the twisted yarn part, and then a sharp movement scroll thread in the direction of the nose.


Clean the skin with an alcohol solution (lotion, tonic), apply a soothing cream (chamomile, glycerin).

After that, adjust the color of the eyebrows in small strokes, secure transparent gel.