Want gorgeous lashes and eyebrows?


Beautiful natural female eyebrows are undoubtedly the dignity of every woman, just as long fluffy eyelashes.

And even if you think that the care of them is not necessary, it's time to change his mind and make an effort to give a beautiful shape eyebrows and eyelashes strengthening.


  • 1 attach brow shape
  • 2 Paint the lashes properly
  • 3 Strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes

We attach form eyebrows

If you look closely at the beautiful girlor a woman, you can see that it has a beautiful shape eyebrows without excess paint and extravagant forms. It is well known that the shape of the eyebrows also depends on the facial expression, for example too raised eyebrows create an effect of surprise and make straight and wide face sullen and angry.

Many women pluck eyebrows, but did notachieve the desired result. So, before you change the shape of eyebrows, you need to think carefully about their future way of taking into account the structure of the face, and fashion trends.

Getting to work on the eyebrows, podyschu networkgiving advice on the correct form. You can search for photos of the girls with a similar appearance in order to learn about what form suits you. Also use the balance of the rule. Thus, hardly broad e and straight eyebrows suited to thin lips, as well as a rounded face eyebrows are not sharp bend.

Our eyebrows consist of three parts: the head, the tail and the middle. The following forms are distinguished, depending on the tail:

  1. The arcuate - considered to be the ideal form. It can only be slightly corrected, plucked individual hairs.
  2. Rising - tail ends above the head.
  3. Ground - breaking its small arc hardly rises above the imaginary horizontal line running through the nose, head and tail are almost at the same level.
  4. Falling - her tail is too long and goes down below the head.

In most cases, in order to bring the eyebrowsorder, it is necessary to carry out their correction. All this is done independently and is not difficult. Use tweezers with rounded edges to prevent injury.

If you have problems or you are not sure,that do it right, you can contact the salon. And if, even after shaping messy hair fall, it makes sense to get a brush for combing and special gel.

When the correction of eyebrows do not forget thattweezers and the skin should be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and use a moisturizer to soften. At the end of the procedure, disinfect and apply a soothing cream on the brow, then comb the brush and enjoy the result.

Paint the lashes properly

To date, put the focus on the eyesYou can use a simple mascara. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any color and structure - liquid or solid. A variety of brushes for applying mascara pleasing variety of shapes and can help to curl the eyelashes or extend them, to give volume.

When choosing a mascara every girl is guided by their tastes, but please refrain from the questionable quality of products, as well as the expiry date.

Before applying mascara, powder the eyelashes slightly is recommended, and if they are straight, then using a special tool, slightly curl them. Curling is done immediately after applying mascara.

Start color should be in the top row andinside, but do not be too carried away and do not try to paint the eyelashes to the ground. After the procedure, a special comb comb and all - beautiful eyelashes are ready!

Imposing makeup, do not forget that it must be removed for the night, and to strengthen them.

Strengthening of eyebrows and eyelashes

The main role in strengthening the hair and eating themplays a regular massage. Do you need to brush it with olive, peach or castor oil, as well as vitamins A, D, F and E, which are sold in a pharmacy.

On the lashes is useful to apply a brush burdock,castor oil, were eligible but do not let them in your eyes! Gently massage the brush first, then fingers, if possible, leave the mixture overnight. All of these actions will not deliver a lot of trouble, but the result will be pleasantly surprised.

Looking after your appearance, it is necessary to pay attention to every detail and care for the eyebrows and eyelashes are no exception.