Walking for Weight Loss

One of the most popular medical advicepatients - more traffic and active lifestyle. And this is true, than the more mobile we conduct our everyday lives, the greater the chance to save not only excellent health, but also appearance. It is no secret that it was walking most effectively promotes weight loss.

Walking for Weight Loss

A notable and significant overweight - is not onlyvisual problem, but also internal, because of the huge load on the body over the years, there are diseases of the joints and the heart. If you run or turn the bike pedal you absolutely do not like, then start to walk, and not the way you do it on a daily basis, and in order to reduce their body weight.

Nutritionists say that walking - this is one of the most versatile and effective ways to lose weight, which also contributes to the training of the heart muscle and improve circulation.

According to specialists in the field of sports, forHalf an hour in the rhythm of steps a woman with a weight of 70 kg may lose up to 100 calories. However, this is not enough for weight loss and for this purpose you need to burn at least 500 calories a day.

This does not mean that you walk for an hourYou lose fat per 200 kcal. Everything is much more complicated, because the process of losing weight is made up of a sequence: the first thing out of the water the body, then the glycogen contained in muscles and the liver, and only after it is consumed fat. It follows from this that started to "go away" reserves of fat, you need to consume glucose. If the intensity of your movements is not enough for the loss of sugar, and the weight loss of speech can not be.

From the above it can be concluded: duration slimming distance should be such that it was possible to ensure the maximum flow of glucose in the body, followed by involvement in the metabolism of fat reserves.

Fast and long walk in the air much more effective short slow steps, as active walking allows you to spend intense glucose.

According to fitness instructors, in order tostart the process of burning excess fat, your workout should be at least 30 minutes. The more you make an effort and go, the more will accelerate the metabolism.

Walking or jogging

On this subject, you can argue endlessly asthe choice between hiking and jogging workouts are not quite simple. Undoubtedly, when running in consumption is much more calories because the body is under heavy load. However undeniable the benefits of walking, among them:

  • walking for weight loss do not overwork the body, providing it with optimum load;
  • This weight loss method is versatile and is suitable even for people with a minimum of physical education;
  • run much more complicated, it requires a lot of endurance.

Compared to jogging walks have a number of additional advantages

  1. The easiest way to determine for themselves the optimum load, monitor the heart rhythm and blood pressure.
  2. Exercise at any age, even in the presence of contraindications, because walking does not strenuous exercise on the body.
  3. During the walk, you can listen to music, read a book or, for example, to teach a foreign language. Running to concentrate much harder.
  4. As a method for weight loss Walking is suitable for people with problems of blood vessels and heart. Very thick, such training will be given easily.
  5. Moving in this way on a daily basis, you will not causeharm to their health, but on the contrary, strengthen it. Fear of negative consequences is not necessary, because such active walks allow to train the muscles to strengthen the spine, improve health and mood.

Rules walking for weight loss

Fundamental rules:

  1. Fast pace. By increasing the speed can be increased as consumption of calories to 20%. Brisk walking also strengthens the heart. Attention is to be made the pace at which it is difficult to say. If you pass 3 km in half an hour, then the weight will begin to fall without fail. Good posture can improve the quality of training. We need to relax and bend your elbows at 90 degrees. Hands should also move vigorously going uphill, keep them at chest level, down - dip and hands. Steps to increase is not necessary, they should be small and fast. Advance correctly on the heel and push off the toe.
  2. Longer walk. If you believe that walking for weight loss - it is only 30 minutes sessions 3 times a week, it is a mistake. In order to increase the flow rate in half, and attend daily need for an hour. Those who find it difficult to overcome a time of 60 minutes path may divide the time into intervals of 15 minutes. Shoes should be chosen with amortization, which prevent injury during long walks.
  3. Changing speed. This is a periodic change of active movements in the more energetic. Changing the tempo may occur after some time you set, or, for example, it is possible to count on each bench.
  4. Walking up the hill. This way you can increase calorie consumption up to 50%. In your usual route should be at least one elevation, such as a staircase or hill. With additional efforts to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and legs.

    At the same time we should not forget about posture. In order to not further burden the lower back, step length cut and the upper part of the body slightly bent forward.

  5. If for any reason you do not accept walking, you can simplify the schedule of its regular walking for weight loss. For this:
    • often go uphill (stairs);
    • going to work or to study, watch the buttocks muscles. They need to be stretched and elastic;
    • go ahead back. This will strengthen the back muscles. At the same time you need to keep your back straight.

In order to achieve maximum results in the form of lost kilos, all of the above is better to alternate ways to walk.

Approximate plan for weight loss workouts

Starting from scratch their foot exercises needed from the outset. It is 30 minutes a day during which to be calm to alternate walking and active. The duration of the first stage - 2 weeks.

The active phase of the exercise includes walking ontime with additional exercises: rotation arms, torso circular motion, turning and lifting the knees. The duration of the active phase - from 2 weeks to 6 approaches once a week.

And third, the most effective step walk for weight loss consists of two phases:

  • The first is active walking for an hour;
  • in the second phase the alternating step and jogging.

Frequency of classes - 5 times a week.

With this lesson plan you can heal your body without heavy loads. Besides, effectively get rid of a few extra kilos.

Tips for beginners:

  • to lose weight, MirSovetov recommends walking stride from the hip;
  • burn belly fat can help walk with weighting;
  • with the fat on the waist effectively fights with Nordic walking sticks;
  • brisk walking can reduce calf muscle.

Afraid of race walking is not necessary, because itabsolutely safe for health. The body gets used to load and slowly but surely you will be able to get rid of excess weight, and with it you forget about as heart diseases, diseases of the blood vessels and joints.