Visceral massage

Visceral massage - an ancient Russian methodtreatment and diagnosis of diseases, by pushing on the abdomen and tapping certain movements. For some, massage - it is getting rid of the disease, but for others - the extension of youth.

massage Feature

Since ancient times, our ancestors practicedvisceral massage. Its name means "internal". Earlier this massage was distributed only in Russia, but today it is very popular in the Philippines, China, America and Europe.

This massage affects the abdominal cavitystages. Location of all organs depends on the condition of the ligament, by which they are attached to bones. If there is the body's bone diseases, inflammatory processes occur or were operations, then ligaments could undergo changes, and then the internal organs may be displaced. In this case, the therapist may put authorities in their correct anatomical location using visceral massage.

During the session, the doctor, using only theirhands, is conducting a study patient's abdomen by pushing it, he said, where there is ligament damage. And then acts on them, put in place and organs normalizes the amplitude and the path of their movement. This therapy is used not only to cure the disease, but also for its diagnosis. While pushing the body, experienced physician can make a conclusion about the nature and depth of damage.

Through the procedure, there is a normalizationwork peristalsis, improves blood circulation and all the organs begin to function in the correct mode. Eliminates stagnant lymph and blood in the veins of the digestive system is restored without medication.

Massage has a beneficial effect on the intestine,eliminates congestion and spasms. After normalizing the digestive tract, it will be better and the skin, leaving inflammation, acne and cellulite becomes less. Therefore, it can be called visceral massage and beauty treatments.

Indications visceral massage

The most important indication for visceral massage is a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract:

  • poor digestion;
  • colitis;
  • constipation;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • ulcer.

In addition, massage is performed, if there is a problem in the kidneys, liver, bladder, respiratory tract, diseases of the heart, female organs, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, and osteoarthritis.

Due to the fact that the procedure acceleratesblood, visceral massage is indicated for migraine, respiratory diseases, metabolic disorders and cerebral circulation, skin diseases and even hernia.

For healthy people massage shown as prophylaxis, it helps to obesity, due to the fact that normal metabolism goes rejuvenation.

After strokes and heart attacks is also assigned visceral massage, because it can be used to correct psycho-emotional state of a person.

A separate indication for therapeuticmassage are problems with the spine. All the internal organs in the abdominal cavity associated with the muscle groups, and those in turn, are attached to the spine. Remarkably he helps with osteochondrosis. Even in cases where manipulation powerless helps visceral massage.

Contraindications to the procedure

Before you start treatment visceral massage MirSovetov recommends be examined by a physician. Because of this technique, there are contraindications. Here are the main ones:

  • oncological diseases;
  • syphilis;
  • Tuberculosis in the acute form;
  • gangrene and thrombosis;
  • temperature rise in the background of infectious diseases;
  • mental illness;
  • Reception of narcotic drugs;
  • bleeding.

Specialist performs a visceral massage only after a patient survey, diagnoses, identifies if there are no contraindications.

Technique visceral massage

According to therapists visceral techniques, alldisease in the body do not develop chaotically and sequentially. They can be represented as a "community engagement". Based on this, the therapist conducting the procedure: it selects the desired angle and pushes the diseased organ. At this point, the body is displaced in this direction. Enjoy specialists not only with their hands, but also pots, jars, wraps and even leeches. Cup massage - this is one of the varieties of visceral therapy. On the patient's body is placed a special pot, which stimulates the immune system. This is due to the fact that the pot increases blood circulation, various annoying receptors activates the metabolism. If banks are put in the intestinal area, improving his motor skills become less pain during menstruation, removes toxins.

Begin to massage the area of ​​the gall bladder, thenpass the liver, pancreas and colon. Next is the small intestine, reproductive organs are returned to the stomach and spleen. The impact on the body lasts for no more than three minutes.

When girudoterapii Delivered leeches also recommended to treat visceral belly massage. Then, the procedure efficiency is increased several times.

During massage, especially early in patientsmay murmur in the abdomen, which suggests that bile duct open. This is a good sign, it means leaving the swelling and pressure drops in the internal organs.

If you perform the massage correctly, this procedurepainless, and even pleasant. There is a special scheme under which doctors spend all manipulations, so any improvisation here out of place and dangerous to health. The first session is held in the power saving mode, the intensity of the compressions on the organs increases with each subsequent procedure, so complications are extremely rare. Experienced specialist always monitors the state of his patient and his body's reaction to all the traffic.

The result of visceral massage

Typically, after a few minutes the patientsfeel changes in their body, starts intestine, stomach. The more complaints were worse state of health of the patient, the faster he feels relieved. Harder with the disease, which has already passed in the chronic form, to treat them need several courses of therapy. There are several areas in which improvement occurs:

  1. The general condition of the body. Thanks massages out stagnation of blood and lymph, disappear spasms and intestinal parasites. After the massage course, a man not only gets rid of the disease, but also feels that his body came to the tone. He notes that he has improved hearing, vision deteriorated, has improved memory, increased efficiency, improved mood.
  2. Women Health. Most often, it is women who are turning to experts. After completing therapy are inflammation of genital organs, diseases of the pelvic organs, increases immunity. If combined with massage technique hirudotherapy, it is possible to cure serious diseases such as ovarian cysts, fibroids, uterine and bend its omission, postpartum displacement of bodies.
  3. Appearance. If you combine visceral massage with wrapping procedure, it is possible to almost completely eliminate stretch marks after giving birth, without surgery. The appearance of the skin is also improved due to the fact that works well intestine. But after a few sessions disappear acne and pimples, the complexion will become healthy and fresh.

The most important thing in order to achieve a good result- Is to find a competent and experienced professional. Because internal organs are identified for a cautious approach. Remember that your health is in the hands of a masseur.