Useful properties of rosemary

Homeland rosemary is Mediterranean, buttoday it grows all over Europe. In folk medicine and cosmetology use rosemary oil, extract of rosemary, alcohol tincture, rosemary wine. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the plant during its flowering in early summer. To obtain 1 kg of oil should be processed 50 kg of flowering plants.
Rosemary - an evergreen shrub with toughneedle leathery leaves look like leaves of coniferous trees, and pale blue flowers. The plant may grow up to two meters in height. It belongs to the family of Labiatae. This family also includes the myrtle, lavender, mint, patchouli, sage, basil. All these plants have flavors that are present due to the release of plants essential oils complex composition. It is thanks to oil Labiatae so widely used in medicine and cosmetology.
Rosemary essential oil contains alkaloids,rosmarinic acid, resins, tannins, camphor, borneol, caryophyllene, bornylacetate. For the first time rosemary oil was obtained in the XIV century Spanish alchemist Ramon Llull. And now the seventh century, it is claimed, a study of its useful properties continues at the present time. Rosemary essential oil is extracted from the plant during its flowering in early summer by hydrodistillation. To obtain 1 kg of oil should be processed 50 kg of flowering plants.
Homeland rosemary is Mediterranean, buttoday it grows all over Europe. The name means "dew of the sea" from two Latin words "ros 'and' marinus", it is said that the best way it feels at the sea. At the Crimean coast, for example, rosemary bushes shaped into hedges, these "fences" are drawn around the famous mansions and Crimean resorts.
In folk medicine and cosmetology use rosemary oil, extract of rosemary, alcohol tincture, rosemary wine.

The use of folk medicine

Useful properties of rosemary
In inflammatory diseases of the pharynx and larynxRosemary infusion is used for rinsing. For this 2 h. L. dried leaves boiled water, give the brew for half an hour in a water bath, and then filtered. When the disease of the upper respiratory tract such infusion can be used inside of 50 ml several times a day.
The infusion of rosemary will also help fasterto recover after a long illness. As a tonic and tonic infusion is prepared in the following proportions: 1 tsp.. leaves pour 500 ml of boiled water, in a water bath, filtered and used to eating 1-2 Art. l.
Rosemary improves digestion as enhances the secretion of gastric juice, so the infusion of rosemary is useful in reduced appetite.
Between bouts of rheumatic fever is very good at helping rubbing sore points with a mixture of rosemary oil and alcohol in 1:50.
Also infusions useful properties hasrosemary wine. To prepare it, you need a handful of fresh rosemary Pour 700 ml of wine, night stand, and then drain. This wine helps in the recovery period as a fortifying agent, it increases vitality, and also has a tonic effect. Drink it should be on 1-2 tbsp. spoon half an hour after eating. You have to be careful with rosemary wine to people with high blood pressure, since this drink has the property to improve it.
Rosemary helps with nervous disorders. For the treatment of neuroses help herbal baths, where the main component is rosemary. In addition to rosemary herbal need to add pine buds, valerian root, chamomile, and lavender, all insist on a water bath, and add in the bath, which must be taken daily at bedtime for 2 weeks.
A decoction of rosemary very good help forremoval of edema in the legs. To do this, a handful of herbs steeped in a liter of water, give it brew, strain, moistened with this infusion of towel and wrap their legs below the knees. This broth enhances blood circulation and swelling go away.


Despite the useful properties of rosemarysome people need to use it only after consulting with your doctor. People with high blood pressure should be applied infusion gently. And with heart disease and does contraindicated. Rosemary in any form is also contraindicated in pregnant women.
Caution should be used it for people prone to allergic reactions, as an essential oil complex composition contained in the plant, it may be an allergen for some people.

Rosemary in cosmetology

Useful properties of rosemary
For hair. Rosemary stimulates and strengthens hair follicles, so it is used alone or as an ingredient in masks for hair growth. For one of these masks should be fresh rosemary leaves to put in almond oil and leave for 2 weeks, then drain. The resulting mask in the form of heat must be applied to the roots of the hair for 15 minutes. For a stable result it should be done once a week for two months.
Rosemary infusion is very good atdandruff. For this cup of rosemary leaves (dried or fresh), pour boiling water and infuse it in a water bath or in a thermos 6 hours. This infusion is in the form of heat is applied to the hair roots, and wrap to warm towel for half an hour. Such masks 2 times a week for a month to help get rid of dandruff. However, we must be careful with rosemary infusion blonde hair when used regularly can be a little dark.
For skin. Rosemary lotion favorable effect on aging skin. It can be prepared independently. To do this, you need to take 3 parts chamomile, mint 2 parts, 1 part rosemary, all this pour a liter of dry white wine and insist 2 weeks. Then strain and add to the prepared infusion of 2-3 drops of rosemary oil. Wipe the skin with lotion so you need every night, after shaking before use. be sure to use a nourishing cream after applying lotion.
An excellent tool for the care of aging skina rosemary scented water. It can be purchased ready-made, and can be prepared independently. For this purpose, the steam cooker 1 liter of water is poured and placed on the rack 10 rosemary flower. When the water boils, you need to disable the steamer and wait until the water has cooled down. With this process, a portion of the essential oil dissolved in water. Aromatic water due to dissolved in its biologically active substances regulate lipid metabolism in the epidermis, making the skin supple, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and prevents their appearance. Wipe the skin with such water is enough 2 times a day.

Rosemary in cooking

In cooking, rosemary is used for a long time. He gives the meat and fish dishes a unique taste and aroma. Decorated with fresh rosemary roasted bird. Rosemary is also used to add flavor to a variety of baked goods. Dry rosemary can be added to soups, salads, to mushrooms, cabbage and used in marinades and sauces.

Rosemary on a windowsill

Useful properties of rosemary
It does not always have the opportunity to find fresh sprigsrosemary, so we can try to grow it as a houseplant on a windowsill. It will please the eye with their beauty especially during the flowering period. Spreading the plant can be given any shape as it grows. Pruning is best done in early spring.
Propagated rosemary seeds and cuttings. The simplest option - it is to bring home a seaside plant stalk and root it. The soil is better to take a normal sheet with a mixture of sand with a little lime. Stores of soil and fertilizer is better not to use all the same plant will be used as a drug.
Stand the pot should definitely on the windowsill withthe south side, as this plant loves light and heat. The plant does not like frequent watering, care must be taken not to pereuvlazhnyat soil, otherwise the roots will rot and weaken a plant. In the summer of rosemary it feels great on the street - in the garden or on the balcony. For ideal conditions in winter flower it requires a fairly cool temperature around 13 degrees, but this condition is not feasible for the majority of homes and apartments. Heat affects the spring flowering plants in the winter, it will not bloom so profusely. In summer and winter rosemary does not need to spray as fine brings dry air.