Use zabrus

Everyone knows about the benefits of honey, manyIt is known about the miraculous effects of beeswax, but few remember zabrus properties. Earlier this useful product insects known almost all of life, but with time on zabrus as the many treasures of nature, undeservedly forgotten.


Zabrus - a substance that bees sealedbrim full of honeycomb. The peculiar "cap" consist of such beneficial components such as propolis, pollen and milk, it is not surprising that zabrus has powerful healing properties. Because of the similarity with the caps it is often called "signet." Honey, released from such "seals" the most delicious, fragrant and valuable because of its biological activity is several times higher than normal.

Why in our time of zabrus completely forgotten,there are only guessing. Most likely, people are getting further away from nature, moving from cozy huts into concrete houses and substituting healthy foods grown on earth, synthetic substitutes factory conveyors. healingandbodywork offers to join the list of those lucky ones who still remember, appreciate and accept the gifts of nature, in return for health and beauty!

In the famous Novgorod birch barkare records that Swedes regularly let go of a few pounds (16.3 kg) zabrus. Benefits and its value at the time were as obvious as today, the value of money, gold, precious stones, etc.

Zabrus in medicine

Bee has a powerful zabrusantiseptic, anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. At the same time it has a low allergenicity, so it can give even small children. Prolonged use zabrus not addictive in pathogenic bacteria in contrast to all chemicals.

In modern medicine used to zabrustreatment of many diseases, including arthritis, and osteoarthritis otseomelitov. He actively helps relieve irritation in the oral cavity, paranasal sinuses cure, clear the airway and stabilize the gastrointestinal tract.

The famous doctor D. Darvis claimed that regular chewing zabrus contributes to a strong immune system, sustainable not only to seasonal viral infections, but also to more serious diseases. Month course of daily chewing "seals" enough to secure a year's supply of good immunity! That is why it is so important to give to young children and the sick in the recovery period.

Zabrus helps to quickly cure coldsillness, not allowing them to become chronic or complication. Unlike many of drugs intended to get rid of the common cold, or pain in the mountain, zabrus not addictive, mucosal dryness, discomfort, etc.

Dermatologic zabrus outrageously simple -only a portion of the measure, put in your mouth and chew for 10-15 minutes without swallowing. After a certain time in the mouth should remain the wax. If you accidentally swallow the sweet honey with a little wax, nothing terrible will happen. Conversely, when necessary, it functions as a strong absorber, collecting all the "garbage" in the intestine and thereby enhancing its peristalsis.

Traditional medicine uses zabrus so long,it is impossible to say today, who first came up with chewing "honey seals." Perhaps some simple beekeeper, having spent the entire day in the apiary during honey collection, very hungry. The house was far from a lunch he forgot to take, and decided to "stay one's stomach" fresh cut tops cells. I chewed, chewed and noticed that left not only hunger, but also rhinitis, increased strength, and even better mood!

Application zabrus

To accelerate the recovery from diseasedigestive organs, it is necessary to chew zabrus at least once a day. It causes strong salivation and secretion enhancing gastric motor function. As part zabrus many biologically active compounds, which reduce the metabolism, improve blood circulation and enhance human performance.

Zabrus indispensable with bleeding gums, hypersensitivity, or any diseases of the oral cavity, including stomatitis, throat mucosal irritation, etc.

For prevention can chew "the seal" everyday one tablespoon. If you intend to use it as a remedy from a particular disease, the dose should be increased to 3-4 times a day. It is important not to hurry, and chew, spending is not less than 10 minutes. If you got a harsh or dryish zabrus, add a little honey in it.

It can give the kids every day. It will be just fine, if you accustom their offspring instead of gum, chips or confectionery dessert zabrus chew. The dose can be increased during periods of acute infectious disease transmitted by airborne droplets. In autumn and spring let children chew "signet" in the morning before school (kindergarten) and at lunch. In the evening, it is better not to spoil the kids a sweet treat, or to calm fidgets then it will be very difficult.

Get used to chew zabrus every day and verysoon you will forget about the problems with the gums, sensitive teeth enamel and periodontal disease. Do not think that the sweet medosoderzhaschie foods affect teeth as harmful as sugar. Zabrus unique benefit in that it consists of elementary monosaccharides fructose and glucose, which can come directly into the bloodstream without passing pretreatment gastric juices. That is, it is quite natural natural ingredients that do not violate the internal harmony of the body. In the mouth, peripheral vessels are very close to the surface of the gums, and through them there is an initial intake of mineral elements zabrus. Thus gum enriched with necessary microelements and become strong and healthy. Zabrus and honey do not irritate the gums and do not destroy the enamel, so even if you chew it three times a day, tooth decay does not threaten you.

During pregnancy, take a zabrusnecessary. If possible, be reserved to them, not being afraid to seem greedy - will not be lost! Chew "seals" all 9 months and after childbirth, to quickly regain strength, health, and give your baby all the necessary vitamins through breast milk. Zabrus content in pollen, wax, honey, pollen, propolis, and other useful bee products can improve and strengthen the immune system of pregnant women for the whole period of gestation of the child. The dosage is 2-3 teaspoons a day.

Zabrus diet recommended by many monolingualnutritionists. It saturates the body with useful substances, normalizes metabolism, gives strength to the exercise and perfectly satisfies hunger. With such a sweet helper you can lose weight quickly and without pain!


Zabrus - one of the few medicinal products havethat there are no contraindications. Low allergenicity lets give it even young children, pregnant women and sick people. The only exception is an individual intolerance of bee products.