Applying petroleum jelly

Are you familiar with Vaseline and his action? Do you know about the existence of vaseline oil? No? healingandbodywork will introduce you to its action. This drug has a number of positive properties and has a low cost.

According to health workers in each familyin the medicine cabinet with medication must be present, and liquid paraffin. It has no particular taste and color, so it decided to add in the cream, mask and taken orally for constipation.

Get a medicinal product by recyclingpetroleum fractions. Purification of the oily liquid is obtained which does not contain harmful impurities. Second name Vaseline oil - liquid paraffin.

As a result of years of research, both in thelaboratory and in actual practice, complete security oil was confirmed. It does not contain toxins and carcinogens, does not accumulate in the body, it is not absorbed into the intestine and the blood, and is displayed in a natural way, without changing the line up.

Besides, oil can be mixed with anyoils, both essential and vegetable. The only oil that "does not accept" vaseline - a castor oil, which is already quite dense consistency and requires dilution only mineral water.

On the action and benefits

If you ingest a bit of vaseline oil,you can get rid of constipation. The drug acts on the intestinal wall soft, enveloping them. Thus, there is a softening and flowing mass stagnant output them outside.

Since the drug is completely harmless, it can even assign a newborn.

The cosmetic oil is added to creams and othercosmetic products. In medicine, in addition to the treatment of constipation, oil is added to liniments. In addition, the drug helps alleviate the patient's condition at a poisoning fat-soluble toxins (benzene, kerosene and gasoline).

The use of liquid paraffin:

  • to soften rough skin;
  • to remove "scabs" at the head of newborns;
  • When a child suffers potnichkoy;
  • if you want to clear the nose of the newborn from the dry crusts;
  • at stagnation of breast milk in lactating women;
  • to lubricate the tip of the introduction of the enema.

Apply topically must be very thin oillayer. To remove stagnation in the breast milk and improve the flow, make the gauze compresses. The gauze is folded in several layers, impregnated with a heat and oil are placed on the chest. Compress do at night.

When constipation scheme of administration of the drug is as follows:

  1. Buy at the pharmacy vial of liquid paraffin.
  2. Take your medicine you need in the morning, on an empty stomach.
  3. For a time you need to drink one, maximum two large spoons of oil.
  4. The effect occurs within five to six hours.

Try not to accustom the body to the drug and do not take it for more than five days.

In addition to this scheme, may be taken for buttertwo o'clock before meals or two hours after. Kids up to years old should be given no more than half a teaspoon of oil. Babe of one to three years or more - a maximum of two teaspoons. MirSovetov does not recommend taking oil extended period. It is advisable to understand the problem and find out why there are frequent constipation.


Vaseline oil is used in these fields:

  1. In medicine. For outdoor and indoor use. For the preparation of ointments.
  2. In cosmetology. The drug is added to various cosmetic products for body and hair care.
  3. In the food and chemical industries. Add in plastic, plastic bags. Used for processing of vegetables and fruits before long-term storage or transportation.

When the oil is used for medical purposeshealingandbodywork recommends buying the drug clean, free of impurities. To determine the quality of the preparation, must be located directly in the pharmacy to take a bubble and watch it "in the light". If the liquid is clear and does not contain inclusions - purchase safely.

The cosmetic oil is used enoughwide. Its main purpose - to improve the flow properties, so the oil can "dilute" the mascara, add sunblock, a means to massage, or used alone for removing makeup. By the way, apply undiluted oil should try as little as possible, especially on the face, since it creates a protective film which does not allow the skin to breathe freely.

About forbidden

In these cases, the liquid paraffin is undesirable to apply:

  • gastric ulcer;
  • during infections in the abdominal cavity;
  • during pregnancy (stimulates the muscles of the intestine, thus can trigger uterine tone);
  • with intestinal obstruction and bleeding;
  • body at an elevated temperature;
  • if you are hypersensitive.

In addition, mineral oil can lead to unintended consequences:

  1. Reduced intestinal tone.
  2. Reducing the digestion of food.
  3. The development of vitamin deficiencies.
  4. Irritation of the skin and mucous membranes.
  5. Provoke clogging of pores in infants.

You also need to know what hemorrhoids prohibited the use of oil inside. In addition, in cases of poisoning with drugs containing phosphorous, it is strictly prohibited ingestion of liquid paraffin.

Everyone should know

Many women pass each other their beauty secrets.

The secret of the first. According to them, paraffin oil can cure a problem skin and improve the condition of hair. But, as it turns out, after the use of oil, the hair become dull and the skin becomes dry. This suggests that the oil creates a protective film on the surface, through which oxygen is not supplied. It turns out that mineral oil can be used only in exceptional cases, such as when a hard frost, when other cosmetics can not cope with his task.

The secret of the second. The oil can be used inside, to lose weight. As mentioned earlier, the drug effect is harmless and has a laxative effect. But to think that the oil is able to fight obesity - it's wrong. If the drug is taken long term, this may lead to a reduction of the intestinal wall tone and cause diarrhea.

The secret of the third. Butter is widely used for the massage. In fact, despite the fact that the drug has a light texture, is colorless and odorless, liquid paraffin undesirably applied to improve sliding during massage. Conversely, the oil can cause dryness and even allergy. For such procedures better to buy special tools for massage - a cream or oil.


If you add the oil in a hair mask, you canget a good result. For very dry hair it is necessary to take equal parts olive oil and Vaseline. Mix, add salicylic acid and a drop of castor oil. Rub the mask into the hair roots, and after half an hour wash with shampoo.

The second mask recipe will help get rid of evendandruff. Mix castor oil and vaseline, add one gram of resorcinol (powder, which is sold in the pharmacy), mix and apply the mask on the hair roots. After some time, rinse shampoo.