Use of sesame oil

Sesame is known for its many seeds, they are oftenused in cooking for baking bread. But it is also very popular and oil seeds of this plant, which is among the three most useful vegetable oils in the world.

Useful properties of oil

Second name sesame - sesame oil from itsseed is considered a storehouse of nutrients. Among vitamins can distinguish a group B and E, they are located in the oil in a large amount in the product is slightly less than vitamins A and C, but much protein polyunsaturated acids, magnesium, zinc, fiber, phosphorus and iron. In addition, sesame oil contains sesamol and sezaminol - two substances that are rarely found in other products, they are as useful antioxidants. The oil can be stored decade, and its structure will not be modified.

Useful oil for the digestive system. But the stomach is very sensitive to its components, so fasting should not take it. If you feel after taking the oil mild nausea, healingandbodywork recommended drink plenty of water and continue to seize it with honey. After receiving the oil, you may feel that no appetite, it is also one of its properties, but at the same time, nutritionists do not recommend to include this product in your diet to those who want to lose weight, because the oil is very nutritious.

Oil use as preventive andcomplex treatment of diseases and symptoms as diabetes, exhaustion, diathesis, ulcers, gastritis, bleeding, kidney stones disease, asthma and many others, that list can be long, because the sesame has a positive effect on the entire body.

Treatment of sesame oil

If you take the sesame oil for food constantly, thenYou can not worry about what came the season of colds. The beneficial properties of this product in ancient times helped to cope with lung diseases and even to stop asthma attacks. If the cold too long, it will help this recipe: you need to pour in a cup of oil and put it in a water bath, as the oil will be warm, it is necessary to dip your fingers in it and good rub chest, and then wrap the patient warmly as possible. It helps the medicinal product for those who need to normalize the chair, besides helping the intake of oil and constipation, and diarrhea. In these cases, the oil must be taken three times a day on a tablespoon of food.

Even in the Middle Ages people used sesame seeds toimprove their sexual health. To the oil was a kind of aphrodisiac, it should be consumed daily during meals teaspoon, while mixing with flax seed and poppy seed. Women during pregnancy and menstruation abundant use it is not necessary, since it enhances uterine bleeding. Although some doctors insist on the use of the minimum dose of oil for pregnant women, as the child grows in these mothers with a strong skeleton, but a large dose would provoke a miscarriage. It is also not very positive effect on oil breast feeding mothers, causing mastopathy and breast inflammation.

Often massage therapists choose exactly sesameoil for their sessions, because it warms the skin and at the same time heals wounds, burns, bruises, besides a light nutty flavor uplifting.

Sesame oil for the skin

For beauty treatments is suitable onlyunroasted oil seeds, which was obtained by cold pressing, it is obtained a light and contains all of the vitamins, which in the seed. This product can be the basis for the preparation of home creams, masks and lotions. By the way, I have an excellent property of sesame oil - absorbing ultraviolet rays and because it is often used in sunscreen cosmetics.

To refresh the complexion, fit such a mask: in equal proportions to take ginger powder and powdered sugar (about a teaspoon) and a tablespoon of sesame oil. All components mix thoroughly and apply on your face, leave the mask on for 20 minutes, then rinse under running water. After the procedure, it is desirable to lubricate the skin nourishing cream. You can also make a useful mask that is suitable for any skin type: Mix 1 tsp.. cocoa powder with the same amount of pre-warmed to body temperature sesame oil mixture is applied to skin for 20 minutes and washed with cool water. You can make such a mask every day, it does not cause harm, but rather the opposite, tighten the skin and removes fine lines.

At night it is useful to do this procedure: mixed for 1 hour. L. Oil ampoules with vitamins A and E (4 pieces). The mixture is applied by massaging gently, carefully treating the skin around the eyes. Ingredients well penetrate the skin and smooth out fine wrinkles, which is popularly known as "crow's feet".

If you are not a big fan of homemade cosmetics, simply add a few drops of sesame oil in a cream, which use every day, and the result will not take long.

Sesame oil for hair

As the skin and hair are responsive tointeraction with oil. Therefore, the mask with the addition of this component is very well affect the condition of hair. Excessive use of them is not necessary, once every two weeks is enough.

  1. To strengthen the hair: We determine the amount of the ingredients themselves, based on the length and thickness of hair. In equal proportions need to take honey and sesame oil, add one egg yolk and mix well, apply on the hair along the entire length and wrap it with a towel, hold the mask for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. To achieve greater efficiency, can be mixed with other useful sesame vegetable oils.
  2. For dry hair will be useful for such a mask: Add 50 ml of sesame oil, 20 drops of lavender oil and rosemary oil 5 drops patchouli. Pour two ampoules of vitamin E. All ingredients are mixed, the hair divided into small strands, and each grease from root to tip, you can use a brush for the hair, can be cotton sponzhikom. Then put on the head of the packet, and wrap a towel on top. The mask does not wash off for two hours, then wash your hair as usual with shampoo.
  3. For oily hair do on this same maskprinciple, as for dry, only by taking 15 drops of lavender and bergamot oil, pine oil 5 drops were added and all of this in 50 ml of sesame oil. To mask was even more effective, it is necessary to warm up the oil in a water bath.

Contraindications to receiving

First, the oil is contraindicated, ywho elevated blood clotting and if there is even a hint of varicose veins, this product should be deleted. Do not abuse the butter along with aspirin and products that contain a lot of oxalic acid. And it cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, berries and some fruit. If you ignore this recommendation, it can form stones in the kidneys and bladder.

The dose of oil, which will benefit the body, notmust exceed a tablespoon a day. The maximum that you can afford - three spoons and then in rare cases. Starting reception follows with a few drops, to identify whether there is an individual intolerance of the product. Before treatment is best to consult with your doctor.