Use sea salt

Sea salt is a relatively recently appeared onthe shelves of our supermarkets, as previously it was only available in specialized stores and at very high prices. And now it is pretty impressive for the price is different from the usual, common salt, although now more accessible to the ordinary buyer.

However, once the question arises - what is the seatable salt is better? Why is it worth paying for money? It is about the health and healing properties of sea salt, as well as about the side effects of it will be discussed in this article.

The main useful properties

The main obvious difference between sea salt on the table- Is its mild taste, which brings a touch of spicy dishes. Also, ideally it is obtained by natural evaporation when seawater evaporates under the action of sunlight. For human consumption is just pure salt and other useful minerals that are contained in sea water since time immemorial:

  • Iodine (responsible for natural hormonal balance);
  • sodium and potassium (accelerate metabolism);
  • iron (oxygen transport through the blood vessels);
  • manganese (strengthening the immune system);
  • calcium (accelerates wound healing, strengthens bones);
  • Bromine (strengthens the nervous system);
  • silicon (responsible for elasticity, firmness and youth);
  • magnesium (active antiallergen).

In turn, iodised salt -It is the result of an artificial enrichment with iodine, whereas in sea salt, iodine and other elements appeared quite naturally as a result of natural transformations millennia.

By the way, the most useful properties hassea ​​salt gray because it contains the largest number of trace elements, as well as extract very useful dyunalielly algae. So do not rush to buy the white salt in the most beautiful packaging, manufacturers give it a value only for promotional purposes. However, sea salt is white, has the most pleasant taste and good for serving salads and other ready-made meals.

Sea Salt Treatment

Sea salt - a unique natural cleaner. Even today, when exposed to an incredible sea pollution, they are cleared much faster freshwater, is not it? This is precisely because of the salt that they contained.

In times of war, when there was an acute shortage ofmedicines, soldiers bandaged wound dressings with a weak solution of sea salt, which is disinfected and removes toxins. Also like salt dressings can treat boils, abscesses and other pustular diseases.

Also, sea salt is included in the diet bywho are in dire need of enhancing the immune system and blood pressure setting. Moreover, as a bonus significantly improves bowel and course of the thyroid gland.

sea ​​salt solution is also great helpwith strong rhinitis, sinusitis and even sinusitis. And our grandmothers were treated with common salt with iodine sore throat. In our time, pure sea salt helps much faster thanks to the natural iodine, which is contained in its composition. Such procedures completely destroy all viruses and harmful microbes. Such means are often much more effective and, of course, cheaper than the advertised pharmaceutical syrups.

When severe headache, chilled andpour salt in the bag are superimposed on top of the head region, help in about 15 minutes. Similarly, help and a piece of tissue soaked in cold salt solution, superimposed on the forehead and temples. Headache is reduced by a narrowing of blood vessels and blood flow in a general cooling of the head.

When tonsillitis and bronchitis sea salt should beConversely, heated and mixed with pepper to sleep in socks (a similar procedure under milder colds usually doing a mustard). The warm salt in the bag overlaps the sinuses in the sinus, sinusitis or acute rhinitis.

With arthrosis of small joints of great help warm sea salt mixed with hot river sand, which is immersed in an arm or leg, and so on to keep cool.

Osteochondrosis can be cured with the help ofsea ​​salt. To do this, mix 1 kg of salt, 2 tbsp. l. mustard, 1/4 cup of hot water and a quantity of bran for uniform consistency. The mixture is applied to the area damaged osteochondrosis, covered with oilcloth, then a blanket, and keep up to cool down.

Also, rinse with saline, in the absence of other pain medications, help with a toothache, caries, flux.

The use of sea salt in cosmetology

In addition to the wonderful taste and healing properties of sea salt - an excellent tool in the fight against cellulite or excessively oily skin.

Continuous intake of anti-cellulite bathsthe addition of aromatic sea salt regenerates the skin, gives the skin smoothness and elasticity, as well as invigorates and motivates to action. It's enough to just buy a special cosmetic salt and do not deny yourself the pleasure to take a bath at least once a week. Even a simple but regular rubdown saline give tangible results within a month.

Inflammation of the skin prone to acne and comedones, should be easy to wash daily with saline, and then apply a small amount of olive oil.

Also recommends the quick healingandbodyworkand very effective scrub for the face and body: sea salt mixed with 15-20% cream and is applied to the pre-steaming the skin (ideally after the sauna, but it is possible and after taking a bath or shower), and washed off after about 3-5 minutes. Salt disinfects, removes dead epidermis and pustules, and creams nourish the cleansed skin and make it incredibly velvety. After this scrub you do not even need to apply lotion or body lotion.

sea ​​salt Harm

Regarding harm or sea salt use, such asregular folk, and scholars are divided into two opposing camps. Some believe sea salt is incredibly useful and recommend its regular use, while others believe that any kind of salt should be completely abandoned, considering it "white death".

The fact is that any kind of salt, includingMarine, contains sodium chloride, a compound which in certain doses does great harm to health of a stroke or heart failure. However, such cases are registered solely as a result of misuse of the product.

In turn, encourages its MirSovetovReaders will recall long adage "everything in moderation", and does not exceed the maximum of daily salt intake standards set by scientists: 1 tsp.. in a day.

Undoubtedly, sea salt - an inexhaustible source of youth and health, but it is always worth remembering that once we determine the number of its wise use.