The use of rose oil

The queen of flowers - rose and rightly bearsthe proud title of queen of fragrance. Tart, sweet and gentle at the same time the smell of roses from ancient times been associated with luxury, femininity and sophistication. Its unique properties were discovered in the X century, when this flower Avicenna was obtained the world's first essential oil. And thanks to its qualities of rose oil has become indispensable in cosmetology.

The essential oil is extracted from the fresh petals ofvarieties of the flower as the Damascus rose, Stolistnaya or Gallic rose. Methods for producing completely different from steam distillation to use solvent extraction. But the result is always the same - the essential oil is saturated with unsurpassed flavor and countless beneficial properties. Of all the secrets of the use of rose oil will tell you MirSovetov.

Fount of natural elements

The ether extract rose to 86% consists of more thanthree hundreds of different chemical components. The remaining volume up all sorts of compounds that play a role in creating distinctive and unique aroma of rose and its medicinal properties. And the most intense and are useful in the application of Moroccan and Damascus rose.

The chemical composition of these flowers in varyingthe proportion of contained elements such as citronellol, geraniol, nerol, stearopten, feniletinol, farnesol, plus admixture of other compounds. With these components, Moroccan rose to a greater extent has aphrodisiac properties. A damask rose has a composition which provides it with a good soothing and antibacterial qualities.

Scope of rose oil

Rose oil as an antidepressant.

Inhalation or the use of aromatic lampsrose oil intensively acts on the emotional state, helping to overcome the sense of psychic anxiety, anxiety and depression. Besides essential oil helps improve self-esteem, thereby breathing such procedures indicated in patients suffering from acute depressive state.

Oil rose as an antispasmodic.

Rose oil is an effectiveantispasmodic. It helps to eliminate such problems with muscle tissue, like cramps, muscle spasms, convulsions manifestations. Rose oil removes a nagging pain in the respiratory organs, muscles in general and intestinal tract. And it is a reliable savior of nausea, weakness and migraine.

Detoxifying qualities of rose oil.

Oil rose color has a strongproperties of detoxification agents, helping to eliminate toxins from the body and cleanse the blood. With this simple and natural method of cleansing a person can pre-empt the development of various skin diseases, such as rash, pus boils, allergic rashes, ulcers and other problems.

Antimicrobial oil quality.

Pink extract also possesses propertiesnatural antibacterial agent. It can be used to cure and prevent the symptoms of diarrhea, food poisoning, intoxication, and many other diseases. In addition, this oil is great for first aid for inflammation of the eyes, the ears, the treatment of abrasions and wounds.

Reinforcing properties.

Oil pink - first mate incosmetology. Its astringent properties help to strengthen hair follicles, toning and smoothing the skin and stimulating the overall muscle tone. Its use helps to strengthen the tone of blood vessels, the gastrointestinal tract, thereby preempt age exterior appearance changes.

Bile oil quality.

Rose extract helps to strengthen the flow of bile and to normalize the level of hydrochloric acid, acidity, which saves a person from heartburn and acidosis problems.

Rose oil as a healing drug.

Healing properties of this essential oil arepronounced the effect of the action. Regular application of the cream made on the basis of this essential oil, promotes intensive healing and smoothing scars of smallpox, acne, acne, boils, and so on. Besides, rose oil helps in smoothing stretch marks after childbirth and surgical scars.

Oil rose with female diseases.

Pink extract has a positive effect ontroubleshoot problems with women's health, such as PMS, bleeding, irregular menstrual cycle and uterine tumors. Rose water heals and cleans the womb, supports the functionality of organs at the required level and is able to delay the period of menopause.

Useful recipes for health and beauty

Rose extract has a very wide range ofapplication and steered their unique properties for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. However, less efficient use of essential oils in cosmetics, which helps to make his appearance fresh, light and natural beauty. Consider how most useful, you can use rose oil.

  1. Compress on the eyes.

    Relieve fatigue and swelling of eyes will help rosewater. It is possible to prepare yourself.

    To do this:

    • put in an iron bowl pot, which previously put 100 g of fresh rose petals;
    • in a bowl pour the water, so that it covers 5 mm pitch;
    • collect the water in a saucepan and put on fire;
    • bring to a boil, reduce the gas;
    • simmer over low heat until the petals will not lose its color;
    • remove the bowl, squeeze the petals;
    • decant water from the bowls and used for its intended purpose.

    This is followed by drip on a cotton swab rose water, put on for ever, and for 10 minutes to lie with the compress.

  2. Mask for the face.

    Make the skin taut and elastic help mask.

    For its preparation should be prepared:

    • 2 h. L. ground almonds;
    • ½ h. L. liquid honey;
    • 1 h. L. rose water.

    Then mix all the ingredients into a bowl until smooth and apply a dense layer on the face. Keep the cream for 15 minutes, then wash off the mask should warm water.

  3. Moisturizing Lotion.

    Intensively refresh and help moisturize the skin lotion of rose extract.

    To cook it you will need:

    • 50 ml of tincture of marigold;
    • 4 drops of sandalwood oil;
    • 50 ml of rose water.

    Then, all the components must be poured into acontainer, cork tightly with a lid and shake well. Apply the mixture on a cotton swab and apply to clean, dry skin. It is important to shake the lotion before each use.

  4. Bath from roses.

    Feel all the properties of a powerful aphrodisiac that delicate flower can be by taking the pink bath.

    For this it is necessary to prepare:

    • 2 drops of oil with lemon;
    • 5 drops of essential oil of rose;
    • 200 ml natural cream.

    All ingredients must be mixed, dial a warm bath and add them to the water. Taking a bath is possible without time limits.

  5. For women's health.

    Oil pink color is a great tonic, which copes with PMS symptoms and normalizes the menstrual cycle. Also it can be used for painful sensations after birth.

    Remove the recurrent pain and the severity will help massage lotion with rose.

    For its preparation is required:

    • 5 drops of lavender oil;
    • 5 drops of rose oil;
    • 20 ml grape seed oil.

    All components are mixed and applied to a place requiring a massage.

    Slake irritability with PMS helps massage with other lotion.

    To prepare it, you will need:

    • 10 drops of sage oil;
    • 10 drops of geranium oil;
    • 3 drops rose oil;
    • 25 ml of massage oil.

    All components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed lotion on the entire body received. </ Ol>