The use of peach oil

Delicious, juicy, summer fruit and lurestaste it. Peach loves both adults and children. But its value is cut out not only in the flesh, but in the bone from which the extract is useful for the human body peach butter.

The composition of peach butter

By cold-pressed extracted from the bones of the fetusoil, then it is refined, and the buyer has received refined product. The crude oil is rarely seen on sale and you can find it on a light yellow color and specific taste and smell. Refined oil has a pale color and mild flavor. Due to the fact that in the peach oil rich in vitamin B, it is great to whiten the skin, and vitamin A prevents the cells are destroyed, vitamin P makes stronger capillaries, vitamins C and E to help cope with stress. On the anti-aging properties of the fruit is the presence of phosphorus, calcium, iron.

Rich oil and polyunsaturated fattyacids: oleic, linoleic, palmitic, palmitoleic and stearic. Through this healing composition, peach oil well moisturizes the skin, removes inflammation, soothes, restores and clarifies it. Due to the fact that the oil is well absorbed, drugs penetrate quickly. Good use it for massage, it makes the skin supple and beautiful.

The advantage of oil peach:

  1. Ideal for mature skin and sensitive and prone to inflammation, it becomes elastic and clean.
  2. Those people who are allergic to nuts, oils, such as almond oil can safely try a peach.
  3. You can use all the people with all skin types. Is not it true that oily skin its application provokes acne. Rather, this oil heals all manifestations of skin inflammation.

Peach oil for health

Despite the fact that the pharmacy shelves are full ofall kinds of drugs, peach butter firmly took its place in the treatment of diseases. So, if a person has a cold, it must first be processed nose brine, and then drop into both nostrils for three oil droplets. The procedure is repeated several times a day until it is full recovery. And it will come much faster than if you just use the medications because peach oil great moisturizes nasal mucosa, so small capillaries do not dry up and not torn. Since the tool is completely safe, they are pregnant women suffering from rhinitis.

If your throat is tired of choking cough, thenThere are two options: the first is necessary to drip oil into the nose, and it will flow down the throat and cover it completely. Oils need to drip five drops in each nostril. The second way - to moisten oil peach gauze swab and gently anoint Pershai throat. These two methods are especially good for chronic pharyngitis, when the patient is tired of annoying dry cough.

When the first signs of conjunctivitis,you need to drop into the eyes of a drop of peach oil, and then wash well decoction of chamomile, which added a few drops of this oil. And in the course of the treatment, the pus that is released from the eye, it is necessary to wipe the oil gauze.

Oil from the seeds of peach is useful to dig earwith otitis. Because the tool is a powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it quickly stops the painful process in the middle ear. Before you treat the ear, it is necessary to warm up the oil in the steam bath, or cold oil will cause severe pain sore body, then to drip two drops in each ear and attach to your ear warm.

Helps oil and burns, it is not onlyIt reduces pain but also accelerates the process of regeneration, and after treatment the skin is less scarring, and even at all does not remain, despite some degree of skin lesions. Due to the fact that the oil does not dry out the skin all the time in moist and fed with vitamins that stimulates the growth of a new epidermis.

During beriberi, as it happens in the early spring,when few fresh fruits and vegetables, you can of peach oil to replenish their reserves of nutrients. To do this, add a few drops of oil in salads.

Peach oil for babies

Today, more and more mothers choose to care forsensitive skin peach oil newborns. It is natural and not harmful to the fragile body. It is useful to lubricate the small rash, which is popularly called "potnichkoy" and then leave the skin naked. And those kids whose skin peels off, is also useful to use this tool, so the child will feel comfortable and itching pass.

Also, the oil should be handled baby's skineach time he emptied during a diaper change. Prior to treatment, the oil should be boiled to kill all the germs, but just before application to the skin should be warmed. You can also lubricate the oil and all the wrinkles on the neck, on the legs, the skin is not rubbed or irritated.

In principle, this oil may be carried out allnormal procedures for the child in the morning. If you need to clean the nozzle before it is drop by drop in each nostril. Since the crust will soften in the nose and come out without any problems. You can also lubricate their tonsils for colds. In short, oil from the fruit, for mom sort of "magic wand".

Oil peach in cosmetics

Peach oil is found in many shampoos,creams and ointments. It can rejuvenate the skin, especially on the face. If the oil is used regularly, it will improve the complexion and the narrowed pores. To exert a therapeutic effect, the oil needs to be applied on fingers and make a point facial massage. But an hour before you go to bed, you need to clean a brush for mascara, soaked in oil, and anoint the eyelashes. Oil slightly absorbed, and too much before going to bed to remove. After several such procedures will be a noticeable effect, eyelashes will grow faster, be strong and shiny. Good help oil and cracked lips, you need to moisten the cotton wool and hold on the damaged areas.

Very good for the skin make a mask:

  1. For normal to dry skin: take half of the fruit, remove the core, grind, add a table spoon of oil and as much moisturizer. All mix well and treat your skin right away. After 20 minutes, the mask can be washed with cold water, then cream is not necessary to smear.
  2. For sensitive skin: take on dining spoon cottage cheese and butter, mix and apply on face, wait 20 minutes and rinse with cool water.
  3. Scrub Mask: take two peaches, remove the peel, rub on a grater, add a table spoon of bran and the same amount of heated oil. Mix and apply on damp skin, it is easy to massage a minute, then leave for fifteen minutes and wash off with water.
  4. Lotion for aging skin: take about two cups of rose petals, pour them into a bowl with peach butter so that they were completely in the liquid. Heat the petals in a water bath, until they become discolored, then pour the lotion into a glass bowl, close and leave overnight. In the morning, strain through a sieve and you can use lotion every day.

As such contraindications have no oil of peach,but, as with every product, and in this case the oil idiosyncrasy also healingandbodywork recommended before using to test for sensitivity to this Buttered small area of ​​skin and over time to see if anything has changed. If not, then you can safely use these gifts of nature.