The use of oxygen cocktails

Poor environmental situation, especially inmetropolitan areas, leading to the fact that the human body begins to suffer hypoxia, in other words, it lacks oxygen. Scientists have long invented methods are not natural replenishment of oxygen in the body, and this oxygen tanks, cylinders, as well as cocktails.

Oxygen cocktail

The main consumer of oxygen - the mainan energy source is the human brain, it absorbs only a third of the volume entering the body. If you cut off the supply of oxygen for at least two minutes, brain cells begin irreversible consequences including death. Lack of oxygen slows down metabolism and result in that the waste products not completely burned may formation of cancerous cells. To quickly make up for the lack of this element in the body is enough to drink a glass of oxygen cocktails.

The taste of this drink is pretty good. It looks like juice, tea, or just mineral water, which resulted in the state of the air foam. It was she, and consists of oxygen, which is getting into the body, quickly absorbed by the walls of the stomach and spreads throughout the body. Thus, improving the work of all organs of the human body. Oxygen fills the place where used to be toxins and wastes, bringing the latest from the body.

Oxygen cocktail that is prepared toherbal infusions, improve immunity, will recharge the body, especially in autumn and winter, when many suffer from depressive states, lack of energy. If you prepare a drink based on the juice, you can get more complex, and vitamin, which is important during the spring beriberi. In any case, the use of oxygen cocktail is, it improves the gastrointestinal tract, heart muscle, liver and nervous system. MirSovetov recommends to use a cocktail for those who live in large cities, dusty, and those who for most of his life spent in a closed room.

The dose, which doctors recommendadults per day is three glasses, and children will be enough and two glasses of cocktails. A few days after the start of the course, the result will be visible. In the first place will be cleaner and fresher skin, then will power and energy, normal sleep, improve memory. In adolescence, when consuming this drink reduces the appearance of acne, and sometimes even the disease goes away. And due to the fact that the cocktail, in principle, consists of "air" and in it a very small percentage of raw materials, he nizkokalorien, but well quenches hunger and stimulates the burning of fat, so drink very often take the people who are struggling with overweight, especially as discharge.

Indications for use

Typically, oxygen cocktail accept either as prophylaxis or for the treatment of certain diseases, but in combination with other treatments. Doctors usually prescribe it in such conditions:

  1. If a pregnant woman an ultrasound found suspicion of fetal hypoxia.
  2. If there are signs of hypoxia in patients with cardiovascular disease, bronchial problems and lungs and digestive tract.
  3. If there is a malfunction of the immune system.
  4. If the patient suffers from sleep disorders, insomnia.
  5. If there is chronic fatigue.
  6. When excess weight.
  7. When cancer.
  8. As a precaution for children and adolescents.
  9. If the patient lives in unfavorable environmental conditions.

Contraindications and adverse effects

By itself, the oxygen cocktail can causeharm to the body. To digest it completely, and only the 10th part. So do not be afraid of an overdose. But the cocktail consists not only of oxygen, other components of the beverage can cause allergies and other adverse reactions. To avoid bloating, drink a cocktail, it is desirable from a spoon and in small portions, and not, as is customary, through a straw. It is also worth paying attention to sanitary conditions at the site, which serves drinks.

There is a certain category of people who take oxygen cocktails is not recommended.

  1. Acute attacks of asthma, allergic to components of the composition.
  2. Respiratory failure.
  3. GI ulcer, adhesive disease.
  4. The poisoning of the body.
  5. Urinary stone and gallstone disease.
  6. Hyperthymia.

In any case, even if you think you are absolutely healthy before treatment cocktail consult with your doctor.

Types of oxygen cocktails

A few years ago, oxygen cocktailsIt looked like a faceless, tasteless mass, which is offered in the wellness center. Today this cocktail was transformed into a favorite delicacy, both adults and children. According to the composition and properties, cocktails are divided into:

  1. Classic - usually made from juicethe addition of egg albumen or liquorice, which in this case act as a blowing agent. But recently sold special mixes for oxygen cocktails.
  2. The increased bioavailability. They are prepared on the juices or herbal infusions. Foaming agents are the special mixtures. Despite the resemblance to the classic cocktail, this option is saturated with vitamins and microelements.
  3. Oxygen-dairy - they are based on a normal cow's milk. They are an alternative to a milkshake.

Basically cocktails prepared in dispensaries andnursing homes, where they enter the complex treatment of various diseases. But with the advent of mobile sources of oxygen to prepare a cocktail can be almost anywhere, even on vacation.

Oxygen cocktail at home

In order to prepare a cocktail at home, you will need:

  1. Oxygen pillow.
  2. Plastic pipe.
  3. Baby bottle nipple.
  4. Rubber pear with a pipe.
  5. Ceramic dispenser.

Connect all the details described in thesequence. Then lower the dispenser on the bottom of a glass container and a pin, attach the rubber tube. The container, pour half a liter of water, you can add any juice or syrup to taste. You can replace the water herbal infusion. Now you need a good beat with a mixer one egg white and add it to the liquid.

Make sure that you have the nebulizer is at the bottomcontainer and slowly, slowly open the valve at the oxygen mask. As a result, you should start on the water to form the foam. When the airbag starts to lose shape, oxygen can be pumped up a rubber bulb. The foam, which turned out as a result of manipulation need to shift into a glass, you should get about 150 grams of a mixture of oxygen.

Once you collect the right amountoxygen beverage container with water and the protein can lay in the refrigerator and use it the next time the same. Spray Rinse, press several times on the bulb. Then, it is necessary to shift into water and kept there until the next use.

That's the whole secret of making a cocktail of oxygen at home. Best of all the details correctly connected and you can feast on a useful drink.