Application of neroli oil

When the phrase "neroli oil" probablyEach envisions unprecedented eccentric piece of fruit or some intricate plant from which it is made. In fact, everything is much easier, and so it is called essential oil not because of the same name of his ancestor.

Neroli is obtained from the flowers of the orange treefamily Rutaceae. And today is one of the most expensive and precious oils in the world. Today MirSovetov get acquainted with them their readers.

Yet, where there was such an interestingname?! According to the legend, the essential oil of neroli was named after an Italian countess - Princess Anne-Marie Neroli. Girl izlyubila this essential oil and add it to almost all cosmetic products. She especially loved taking scented baths and throttled squeeze of orange blossoms. Due to its fragrance, Princess became famous all over the world, and every man, not even seeing a young beauty, wished to possess it. Later, about the secret facility girl learned all over the world, and the Romans advanced further in the use of oil of neroli - they began to use it as a medicine. And no wonder, because this tool is extraordinarily rich composition, and has many useful properties.

The composition and production of neroli oil

Neroli is famous not only thanks to the rich composition but also rare trace elements that are present in it. Among them, deserve a place of honor:

  • camphene;
  • nerol;
  • ocimene;
  • pinene;
  • geraniol;
  • farnesol;
  • linalool;
  • jasmone;
  • nerolidol.

Also worth noting in oil available nitrogen compounds, terpenes, natural alcohols and esters number.

Essential oil of neroli (bitter orange)are prepared by steam distillation of the flowers gorkoplodnogo orange tree. For the most part it is produced in two regions of the world - South America, and Europe. The main producing countries: France, Italy, Portugal and Morocco. The treatment process is rather complicated and time-consuming. So to get only 800 grams of oil is necessary to process a ton of petals. Perhaps that is why the price of the product can sometimes reach dizzying numbers. To date, there are three types of orange flower oil, depending on the quality and variety of the plant.

  1. Neroli-bigareyd - the most valuable and expensive. It is produced from the petals special bitter Seville orange.
  2. Portuguese neroli. Make flowers of sweet orange.
  3. Neroli usual. It is made from petals inflorescences tangerine and lemon.

Useful properties of neroli oil

Neroli has a fairly wide rangeeffects on the body. First of all, it is worth noting bracing and antiviral properties, which it is famous. Essential oil extremely effective in the treatment of influenza and herpes. It is also often used in cardiovascular diseases, it is well known that prevents functional and neurotic disorders of heart rhythm, has anti-sclerotic effect. Neroli helps with arrhythmia and neuroses. Thanks to its flavor, it is an excellent remedy for insomnia, dulls neurotic aggravation. Also, the oil helps relieve headaches, neuralgia and dizziness. It causes the body in a relaxed state, thereby eliminating the depression. This essential oil is well deserved recognition for antispasmodic and anticonvulsant effect it has on the body. It is noticed that the oil soothes intestines, helps eliminate diarrhea and colitis. It is worth noting another interesting advantage of neroli oil - it is considered a sexual stimulant, helps fight frigidity and impotence. And in general, neroli is extremely useful for the female body, as emitted by the pair help to cope with the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, normalize the endocrine system, and in general, eliminate any violations of the menstrual cycle. For external use oil has antiseptic and bactericidal action. In ancient times, they even smeared the wounds to avoid infection and infection. In addition, the oil softens the skin, making it soft, smooth and silky. A unique floral fragrance is able to turn the head of anyone.

As used neroli oil

Each essential oil has its ownindividual properties. No exception and neroli oil. In general, it will activate all the internal functions of the body and helps to maintain good health. First of all, these effects can be achieved with the help of aromatherapy, because it is fragrant vapors stimulate the internal organs, infusing in them health. It is worth noting that the inhalation of fumes in almost twenty times more useful than an external application of essential oils. Also worth mentioning about aromatherapy has several ways of application of neroli oil.

Inhalation. This method operates as follows: an essential oil, falling on certain mucosa point airway response provoking impulses that reach the brain activity and stimulate virtually all systems in the body. That is a kind of stimulus that does not receive a negative response and positive. At the same time, a pair of neroli essential oil and apply on the respiratory system. They prevent inflammation and "stagnant" processes. In aromatherapy it recommended to use no more than three drops of oil on the exposure time - 15 minutes.

Spa. Baths with addition of neroli oil are famous for the fact that the full impact on the whole body, enveloping esters skin. Because of this, oil components enter the lymphatic system, and from there spread to all the internal organs. By the way, the bath can be very different:. Hot or cold, with the addition of cream, milk, honey, salt, etc. Just add ten drops of oil and in the water for about five minutes to get enough useful microelements. It is worth mentioning that after taking a bath is not necessary to rinse the body, neroli oil is quite gentle and unlikely to harm your body. Moreover, your body will get rich floral fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day.

Packs. This method affects dot. Oil compress is applied directly to the area where presumably is an unhealthy body. So, by lymph flow, essential components fall directly into the diseased area and activate the processes in it. Among the positive effects of this therapy:

  • antispasmodic;
  • an anti-inflammatory;
  • anesthetic;
  • decongestant, and others.

Packs with neroli oil are as cold,and hot. Suffice it to mix five to seven drops of oil with one hundred milliliters of water. Further, in this solution moistened piece of cotton fabric and attached to the desired zone. Depending on the tolerance of the main component body to hold wrap 30 minutes to two hours.

There is still quite a lot ofmethods of application of oil of neroli, popular massages and rubbing according to ether, but the above have won the largest number of fans. That is why healingandbodywork encourages them to try and make it to the miraculous properties of exotic oils.