The use of geranium oil

Bright flowers geranium with its sharp aromadecoration window sills are many apartments. But few know that this plant extract the most valuable essential oil, the ability to cure many diseases and make the human body more beautiful.

Useful properties of geranium oil

In the world there are about 200 varieties of geranium andOnly two of them, pink and lemon, suitable for the production of essential oil. To make 1 ml of oil, it is necessary to process a kilogram of raw material, because of that, and is a means cheap. But the price is justified. The chemical composition of geranium oil depends on the type of plants and employs more than a hundred components. The most significant of them are linalool, nerol, geraniol.

Geranium oil known asanti-inflammatory agent, it can relieve pain in the middle ear, sinuses, tonsils and throat, blocking the inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. Due to the fact that the oil relieves spasms of blood vessels, it is used to combat migraines, and it also helps the heart, restoring blood circulation in it, weakens the manifestation of tachycardia. A chronic administration of normal blood pressure.

oil can be used not only takinginside, but treating the skin. It is considered an effective means in the fight against herpes, fungus on the skin and dry eczema. And causing agent on the hair, you can get rid of lice.

In the oil as is used for emergencytreatment of burns and rapid pain relief. It blocks virtually all kinds of pain: dental, menstrual, rheumatism, arthritis, hemorrhoids, cramps and neuralgic diseases. It affects oil reception not only on the body but also on the emotional state of a person. If you suffer from anxiety, low mood, depression, MipSovetov recommends taking geranium oil. It will improve the efficiency, will focus and give a burst of energy and vigor. Women who have reached menopause, this oil is prescribed to increase the sensitivity, and the people in old age, to extend the clarity of mind.

Geranium oil in traditional medicine

Geranium oil undiluted not used, and is mixed with the base oil, that is, any plant in which the properties are not pronounced. Treat them to a variety of diseases:

  1. For the treatment of scars, herpes and burns,mix 10 ml of base oil with 5 drops of geranium. This mixture to moisten a cotton ball or disc, attach to the affected area, repeat the procedure several times a day. The same procedure can be used to cleanse the skin from acne, eczema. In the same amount of oil should be used to get rid of lice.
  2. For the treatment of problems with hormones, apply one drop of oil to the lymph nodes in the armpits. As a result, increase in the blood the amount of estrogen, which affect the hormones.
  3. To get rid of the headache, it is necessary to combine in a ratio of 1: 3, geranium oil and foundations. Apply the product on the temples, forehead and back of the head and on the feet and hands.
  4. For the treatment of otitis media should be part of the mixgeranium oil to two parts of the base. Carefully twist the cotton swab and put it into the mixture. When it gets wet, insert into the ear canal. Repeat the procedure several times a day until complete recovery.
  5. To strengthen the gums, geranium oil must be mixed with the base at a ratio of 1: 4. Moisten the mixture gums with a cotton disc.

To be accepted into the oil first diluted with honey or jam, washed down with plenty of water or tea. The recommended dose - 2 times a day by one drop after eating.

Geranium oil in cosmetics

Because of its non-toxic oil, geraniumIt is widely used as a perfume and cosmetics. It is added in cream, liquid soap, shampoo. Often it is a part of the men's spirits as the main tone. If you do not have time to cook at home masks and creams, and nourish the skin you want, you can simply add two drops of oil to 30 ml of base any creams and shampoos. This tool is good because it is suitable for all skin types, all ages. Effects of geranium oil on the skin is great:

  • reduces inflammation;
  • acts antiseptic;
  • It stimulates the cells of the epidermis to the renewal;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands;
  • blocks the appearance of acne;
  • restores skin youthful and smooth.

In its pure form oil can be applied to the affecteddot plots, in all other cases mixed with the base oil. It can be added to shampoos and balms for the hair to get rid of dandruff. To use the skin you can cook these recipes:

  1. For daily skin care can be preparedsuch cream: Mix 10 ml of avocado oil, jojoba oil and hazelnut with three drops of rosewood and orange oil, add one drop of geranium, jasmine and vanilla.
  2. To deal with acne, you need to take a drop of clove and chamomile oil, add two drops of geranium. Apply a dot in its pure form or mixed with cream - locally.
  3. To combat acne is well suitedsteam baths. For their preparation on half a liter of boiling water with two drops of lavender oil and kayaputovogo and one cedar and geranium. Keep face over the steam for 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated twice a week. Also helps to remove acne and the following mixture: Combine 10 ml of wheat germ oil with two drops of chamomile oil, add one drop of geranium, eucalyptus and juniper.
  4. Remove excess fat from the skin to help this lotion: Mix 10 ml of ethanol with three drops of geranium oil, camomile and orange. The mixture was added 100 ml of distilled water and wipe lotion for oily skin sites. Keep the mixture should be in a dark and cool place.
  5. In order to soften chapped and flakyskin of the hands and elbows, can be prepared in such a mask: Take a tablespoon of fat sour cream, a little warm up and add five drops of geranium oil, myrrh, orange, mix and lubricate the problem areas, hold for half an hour and rinse with cool water.

Despite the fact that the oil is added in geraniummen's fragrance, it has long been considered a feminine fragrance. It has phytoestrogens, which are not allowed to develop PMS to block pain during menstruation, sexuality stimulate, stabilize the condition of hormones. Menopause in women with intake of geranium oil comes later.

To set the mood and fight depression andfatigue, oil is added to the aroma lamp: 15 sq. m - 3 drops of oil. Also prepare him and medallions: the molten wax was added two drops of essential oil. For a relaxing massage, you need to take five drops of 15 ml of base.

Contraindications to receiving geranium oil

  1. Children under six years of age.
  2. Pregnant women, especially in the first two trimesters.
  3. Admission to the meal.
  4. The course of the application of geranium oil should not be more than three weeks.

Before using the product in order to avoidan allergic reaction, should be applied to a small area of ​​skin oil is diluted to track response. And do not forget to consult with your doctor before starting treatment.