The use of succinic acid

Amber is best known as a material forjewelry, but it also produces the most valuable succinic acid. Useful properties of this product allows its use in different areas, the most important of which are medicine, cosmetology, dietetics.

Pros and cons of succinic acid

Scientists have shown that people who regularlytake succinic acid, remain cheerful to old age. But this is only one of the benefits of this drug. Among the other positive aspects can be identified as follows:

  • in the human body succinic acid comes from food, so this product is completely natural, sometimes it just is not enough, and then the person feels fatigue, and irritability;
  • have no side effects of the drug, as well as not addictive, it can be drunk even life and throw at any time;
  • price available in almost every buyer, except that acid is sold without a prescription, because the medicine is not, and is considered Supplements;
  • harmless to the body substance does not accumulate in the organs, easy to carry the reception, taste sour, reminiscent of citric acid;
  • getting into the body, the acid itself is a bodywhich requires its assistance in the formulation contains not only the acid but also other nutrients which only enhance its therapeutic properties. And even minimal doses it has a positive effect on the body;
  • succinic acid is recommended to drink at all poisoning, it instantly displays the body of toxins, toxins and even alcohol. In addition, this supplement protects against radiation.

Contraindications have little succinic acid. Usually when it is receiving no side effects were observed. an allergic reaction is very rare. But still there is a disease in which the drug is not recommended to drink: it is a variety of ulcers of the digestive system, kidney stones, glaucoma, chronic hypertension.

Succinic acid in medicine

Best of all its medicinal properties acidexhibits in conjunction with glucose, so very often these two components are in the complex. There are diseases, which are very difficult to cure or alleviate the disease, if the body will not have enough of succinic acid. Effective acid in these diseases:

  1. Diabetes, if you take the drug in this disease, it will recover the metabolic processes in the body and blood sugar levels normalized.
  2. In all cancer patients need to drink this drug, it helps the body neutralize the tumor and treatments do more forgiving.
  3. Diseases of the thyroid gland. In addition, you need to drink acid, even when these diseases is recommended to wear amber beads, which have not yet been processed.
  4. Gynecological problems, such as cervical ectopia, ovarian cysts, fibroids, vaningit. And in some cases receiving the drug helps women get rid of infertility.
  5. Diseases of the cardiovascular system. The acid is able to reduce blood levels of bad cholesterol, besides it minimizes the side effects of long-term use of potent drugs and removes harmful substances from the blood. MirCovetov recommended to take the drug for those who have recently had a heart attack or atherosclerosis sick.
  6. Supporters of the diet using succinic acidThey argue that it is able to accelerate the metabolism so that fat will burn himself and the diet is not required. But the scientific evidence is confirming yet. One thing is certain, as an adjunct to diet and sport, the acid will work on burning the extra kilos.

This is a partial list of diseases in which acid would be effective. In fact, it has beneficial effects on the body in almost all cases as a whole strengthened bodies.

The use of succinic acid

There are several ways to use succinic acid:

  1. Three consecutive days to drink three tablets at one timeduring the meal, then one day discharge. On this day, it is not recommended to eat food, or at least limit its intake into the body. No need to also lean and exercise.
  2. Drink succinic acid needed once daily,in the morning on an empty stomach. Measured off of 1 gram of the drug, it should be diluted in a glass of water and drink half an hour before breakfast. This method is not suitable for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  3. At one time you need to take one tablet acid. This should be done during a meal four times a day.

In taking preventive measures aspreparation of tablets three times a day for 30 days. Acid is unique in that the dosage of each selects itself on the basis of well-being. Treatment usually begins with a high dose of 500 mg per day, gradually reduce the dose to 100 mg, breaking them down into several stages.

If there is cancer, therecommended to drink 10 tablets a day, and if the case is serious, even up to 20 tablets a day. When manifestations of hangover drink 1 tablet every hour. Total take 5 tablets.

Succinic acid in cosmetics

Health and appearance of a person is closelyinterconnected, and taking succinic acid as a cure, we can expect that not only will leave hateful problems, but will change for the better appearance. As a litmus test, responding to the drug human skin. It becomes taut, disappearing small scars and marks after acne. The skin is cleaned and begins to breathe, spots become almost invisible, if not disappear, decreases puffiness around the eyes are expressionless vascular mesh, complexion gets healthy fresh look. Once in the dying and flabby tissue acid resumes in their life processes, restores lost functions.

Due to anti-viral and anti-allergicproperties, acid - a common ingredient in skincare lotions, creams, peels, and other means of care for appearance. Very often, succinic acid is a supplement in tandem with brewer's yeast. Due to the fact that a lot of protein in yeast, there is an active interaction with the acid, and the result is increased muscle flexibility, there is no pain after exercise, there is energy, therefore it so love to take the athletes.

At home, with an acid can beconduct medical peels. Tablets need to grind and mix a spoonful of nut in two tablespoons of warm water. As a result, should get a paste, and it is applied to the skin a special brush, a little massage, hold on the face for about ten minutes and wash off with warm running water, no need to apply the cream after the procedure.

You can do at home and amber massage, before thisgood skin cleansing milk, then applied a thin coating of crushed amber and make a gentle massage of stroking. Then wash off with amber skin.

If nothing but good cosmetic proceduresthe body of another will not do, before ingestion of succinic acid as a medicine, it is best to consult with your doctor. To it brought only benefits.