Use of nicotinic acid

Niacin no to cigarettesdoes not apply. This vitamin PP, one of the components of the B-complex. In the human body, nicotinic acid has a beneficial effect, it is used as a medicine and in cosmetics.

Properties of nicotinic acid

Without niacin the human body could not function normally. It affects the metabolic and educational processes:

  • improves liver function;
  • It heals wounds and ulcers;
  • restores bone marrow hematopoietic system;
  • dilates blood vessels;
  • It stimulates the digestive tract;
  • removes toxins from the body;
  • lowers blood sugar levels;
  • It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

Scientists have shown that after drinkingnicotinic acid improving lipid metabolism, besides atherosclerosis in patients with hypercholesterolemia and decreases blood cholesterol levels. When pellagra after the first reception of acid rate already seen the effect of the treatment. This eliminates not only the disease but also go parallel gastrointestinal diseases and central nervous system, the skin is cleaned. After three weeks from the onset of the course on the skin virtually disappear, and bowel and stomach disorders are terminated. After two months of therapy the person is completely rid of pellagrous psychoses. Also popular use of this slimming and hair beauty.

Terms of use of nicotinic acid

To the drug acted, you must correctlyselect a dosage and method of administration, nicotinic acid is administered in the form of tablets or dragees, by injection intramuscularly, intravenously or subcutaneously. These injections are very painful, so they are rarely prescribed.

The dosage prescribed by the physician, based on the factdisease that should be cured. Generally, nicotinic acid 0.1 g take at a time three times a day. All tablets consumed after eating. As a precaution to take nicotinic acid dosage at - 0.020 g per one time, and three times a day.

Injections are made with nicotinic acid twiceday to 0.1 g intramuscularly and half the dose - intravenously. The course of drug treatment depends on the complexity and type of the disease. It can last from 3 to 5 weeks, followed by a break for 2 weeks and can again continue to receive. healingandbodywork not exceed the recommended daily dose - 5 grams to 0.3 grams of tablets and injection.

Niacin hair

With the ability to dilate bloodvessels, nicotinic acid is widely used for hair care. After the preparation is applied to the hair roots, it is absorbed by the skin of the head and is supplied through the blood vessels to the skin, enriching the hair follicles and their nutrients. This method is the property of traditional medicine, sometimes it is recommended and trichologists.

For one course of treatment is necessary to get 30vials. The vial should be opened and, without delay, a syringe to transfer the liquid into a small container. All you need to do quickly, since the drug loses its beneficial properties in the air very quickly. Apply the medication only need to clean the head, especially owners of oily hair, because fat can be a barrier to the penetration of vitamin hair. Shampoo with Silicone also be used in this period. Apply the drug must be on a slightly damp hair, so that it is evenly distributed.

Apply the liquid to the hair can be a syringe withoutneedles or fingers, first covering the temporal part of the head, then on the middle and along the entire length of hair. Use the best one vial, although at first glance it may seem and small. Do not worry if the solution is not to get all of the head, or are the gaps, because getting into the blood, nicotinic acid is distributed across the skin surface.

After applying the drug may slight burningand redness of the skin, so it should be. If there was a rash, itching, and headache, it means that human individual intolerance or allergy. It should be immediately thoroughly wash your hair and more of nicotinic acid is not used.

Rinse hair with the drug is not necessary, it will not leavecontamination. This procedure should be repeated every day for a month. Next month should be on a break. Judging by the reviews of girls, such a procedure can trigger the growth of hair to three centimeters per month.

Niacin for skin

Without nicotinic acid in the skin is notI came to exchange oxygen. In addition, it dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation, causing the skin look supple and healthy. Well it works and edematous skin, removes excess fluid from the cells. Therefore all decongestants cosmetics usually contains nicotinic acid.

Participates in this vitamin and protein metabolism inthe formation of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin smooth, supple and well-groomed. Acid also affects the formation of the sex hormones in women when their levels in the body is great, no facial wrinkles. It is useful to use cosmetics with nicotinic acid in sunny weather, since this drug reduces the risk of developing melanoma due to ultraviolet radiation.

Also useful nicotinic acid and in the fight againstcellulite. For wrapping need thermoactive vial to dissolve the drug in water in a ratio of 1: 3. Moisten with this solution a bandage and wrap them trouble spots. Winding should be snug but not tight. Top wrap cling film and a warm towel or blanket. The skin should be a good warm up, and even better - to sweat. Starting procedure must be 15 minutes if the skin will respond well to wrap, the time can be increased. In beauty shops selling ready-made bandages impregnated. Their width is about 15 cm, one package is enough for some procedures. In addition to nicotinic acid in the liquid oils are wrapping, caffeine, plant extracts.

Contraindications and side effects

When receiving nicotinic acid may be a manifestation of side effects:

  • redness of the skin;
  • burning;
  • dizziness;
  • a sharp decrease in blood pressure;
  • increased secretion of gastric juice;
  • nausea and diarrhea.

When side effects should immediatelyinform your doctor. Maybe he will not call medicine and revise dose. In addition, over time the body gets used to the nicotinic acid and is not so clearly it reacts.

Contraindications to receiving nicotinic acid:

  • aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, ulcers, since in this case the drug can cause bleeding in the stomach;
  • inflammation of the colon;
  • Children under two years of age;
  • glaucoma, gout, kidney disorders;
  • low blood pressure;
  • bleeding tendency.

And an absolute contraindication to receiving the drug is its idiosyncrasy, which can be detected by taking a small dose of nicotinic acid.