The use of hop cones

Hearing the familiar word "hops" - many readers will think that it will be about a drunken spree. But in fact, hop over a wide range of action and he has a lot of positive qualities.

hops plant came to us from very ancient times. He was considered a plant of fertility, which gives strength and health.

Now the plant is increasingly being used indecorative purposes. They adorn fences, pergolas and verandas. Dried cones are often complement flower arrangements. Most of the plant claimed in the brewery industry.

Curly plant shoots quicklygrow. If you decide to plant in their hop area, you should be ready to fight. A plant if it is not promptly cut off, is gradually flooding the entire space portion. When hops are unable to "prismirit", that is the time to remove the rhizomes can be obtained from the plant a double benefit:

  1. Collect "knobs" harvest in late August and September. The cones are dried and used for preparation of decoctions, infusions and cosmetics.
  2. In industry, the mass cultivation of plants dry stalks go to manufacture fabrics, natural fabrics for paint, varnish, perfume manufacturing, brewing and cosmetology.

On properties

Hops - is a perennial plant whose buds- It blossoms, and they are both male and female. The most valuable content of nutrients will inflorescence feminine. By the way, they are called - bumps. They emit an unusual odor breathing which may be even a little drunk.

Special value has pollen cones. It has a yellowish tint, and is called "lupulin". The taste bitter pollen, because it consists of a mixture of essential oils, resins, and tannin and a wax. Thanks to this "cocktail" pollen has a light tack.


As a drug of hop cones recognize both health workers and admirers of folk medicine. Their use is often invaluable. MirCovetov tell what useful properties has hops:

  • It acts as a mild sedative;
  • It has a calming effect light action, normalizes sleep;
  • It relieves pain, inflammations and spasms;
  • in the cones contain vitamins C, B complex, magnesium, potassium, calcium;
  • It has a tonic effect on the stomach and intestines;
  • It has a slight diuretic effect;
  • It is a good tool, appetizing;
  • It helps to establish a cycle in women, treating cystitis.

In addition, the raw materials plants use for the treatment of nervous diseases, stomach diseases and inflammation of the kidneys, bladder, pain in the joints.


A popular form of treatment for drugmost diseases - a decoction or infusion of hop cones. In addition, the mono pharmacies meet ointment whose main component is a pollen collected from the cones.

Scope of hops:

  1. Insomnia Treatment and removal of the nerveoverexertion. To prepare a tincture, it is necessary to take motherwort and hop cones (equal proportions), add a pinch (a fifth of the composition having a) a balm or mint. If you wish to be allowed to add valerian root. Fill two large (tablespoons) of raw spoon just a boiling water (one liter). Leave to infuse for 8-10 hours. Drink the infusion three times a day.
  2. To strengthen the fight against sleep and insomnia, as well as stress relieving evening bumps brewed with boiling water - a tablespoon of dry raw material to a glass of water and drink as a tea (you can add honey).
  3. For the treatment of pain in the joints grind spoon(More) raw materials to a powder and mixed with any vegetable oil. We need to get thick "cream", which is rubbed into the problem areas. Also ointment used for the treatment of injuries, inflammations and rheumatism. Besides boiled raw prescription (spoon 250 ml of water) for as long until the liquid evaporated, and then added to the broth in three to four tablespoons petrolatum, mixed and used for other purposes.
  4. kidney and bladder treatment. Preparing such infusion: spoon per liter of raw liquid (boiling water), leave on a steam bath for 15 minutes. Infusion into use by the fourth part of glass three times a day before meals. After a drink of water, preferably boiled.
  5. Treatment of cystitis. Two spoons cones (you can not grind), add 0.5 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse for an hour, then strain and take on the standard scheme. The course of treatment - no more than a week.
  6. Hair Loss Treatment. 1.2 grams (large spoon) of dry raw pour 250 ml boiling water and leave to infuse. When infusion is slightly warm, it is rinsed hair. To see the effect of such rinsing is necessary to make at least three times a week.
  7. Allergy treatment. To prepare the collection take hawthorn (one part), "dog" nettle, lemon balm and hops (two parts). Take the five parts of the raw materials, pour hot water (four cups). Drink three to four times a day before meals.

Widely used in cosmetics hops. To eliminate the oily sheen, decoction (two tablespoons per 250 ml of boiling water) to wipe the face. From this tincture can make compresses and lotions to get rid of the irritation and inflammation of the skin.

You can also take a bath with the infusion of the plant. For such purposes, a concentrated tincture prepared (three tablespoons three cups of boiling water). Infusion add in a water bath and take approximately ten minutes.

In ancient times, our grandmothers used hopsfor baking bread. They made a special starter, which consisted of hops, honey and flour. If you eat this bread, the constipation, gas and bloating will not bother you.

Augmentation using hops

Do not believe it? Why is this plant? Because cones contains phytoestrogen, a hormone that is very similar to the hormone responsible for breast growth. If the patient to adhere to recommendations - drink brandy and lubricate the breast cream, you can see a small result. The main thing - to consult with mammologist to do no harm.

What's better?

Raw materials can be purchased at the pharmacy and collecthimself. When gathering should pay attention to the "female" inflorescence, because the most valuable. Gather the materials after the cones are ripe - they acquire a beautiful yellow-green color. Harvest season - August and September.

Cones should be removed from the branches gently, notdamaging the peduncle. After harvesting the raw material is dried in the shade to keep out the sun. Their spread on a paper towel or (but not the paper!). If they are properly dried, they are resilient and do not change color.

Your task - to collect pollen? Dry raw materials must be carefully shake and sift.

There are contraindications

Hops - this herb special, so useit must be extremely cautious, as it is to a certain extent is poisonous. Therefore, if you exceed the dose - it can cause poisoning.

The first signs of poisoning are dizziness, nausea and drowsiness. In some cases - disorientation and fainting.

You can not take a tincture of hop cones during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

It is also forbidden to use the drug in such diseases:

  • polyps;
  • tumors;
  • endometriosis;
  • allergic reactions (skin rashes).

In the treatment of herbs, be careful and do not forget to comply with the measure.