The use of lemon oil

This means a wide range of activities. Even in ancient times, people have been successfully treated with oil, squeezed from the fruit of the lemon tree many diseases. Among them - not just the fight against viruses and bacteria, and can be successfully treated by this low drug cosmetic skin defects (stains, cuts, scars), used to flavor the premises, used in cosmetics and even cooking.

Evergreen lemon - a native of India. The inhabitants of ancient Egypt used the fruit of the tree, in order to neutralize the poisoned food and alleviate the condition of critically ill. In Europe, the plant is widely used for the prevention of such terrible diseases as plague and malaria. The plant also helps to remove toxins, relieve arthritis pain and normalize blood pressure.

It is interesting

The essential oil of the plant is obtained fromimmature fruit pericarp and distillation or by pressing without heating. The resulting product has a good concentration and a strong lemon flavor. Interestingly - to produce 1 kg of product it is necessary to process about 3 thousand fruits of lemon, which is almost 60 kg of raw material! Main useful substances contained in oil - limonene (90%, gives a flavor of the oil).

On properties

A wide range of useful properties of lemon oilmake it indispensable in industries such as medicine and cosmetology. The main advantage of the drug - toning the nervous system. If you feel a lack of energy, you have nothing pleases, and the mood somewhere zapropastilsya - open bottle of lemon oil, a few deep breaths, and after 5 minutes you will feel a surge of strength, vigor, you will rise not only mood but also improve mental activity. MirSovetov recommends that you always carry a bottle of lemon oil to stay in good shape. By the way, the oil will not only become more active in the work, it will increase sexual activity.

Thanks to the unique properties of lemon is widelyand it is used in cosmetics as a refreshing and tonic. The composition of various creams, balms, tonics and other products include lemon oil, which helps to reduce the concentration of preservatives. And again, oil of lemon - a great antiseptic, it well heals small cuts and wounds, improves circulation. He was also successfully used as a disinfecting agent from streptococcal infections and even the tubercle bacillus.

Depending on the usage of oillemon can lower or raise blood pressure, stimulate the liver, lower blood cholesterol levels. Incidentally, because this property lemon oil is often used to prevent to prevent the formation of thrombi.

Since ancient times lemon oil is used as one of thethe most effective ways to combat intestinal parasites (worms, roundworm, tapeworms, etc.). It also helps in the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, normalizes blood pressure and increases the tone.

Lemon oil in medicine

It is widely used lemon oil for medicinal purposes. Thus, depending on the nature of ailments can be done with the addition of inhalation 2 droplets of oil, massage, rubbing, add oil to a bath, and flavored drink inside the room.


  1. Adding to the aroma lamp only 1-2 drops of oillemon cure colds, relieve fatigue and help to fall asleep faster. Using this method, you can freshen up a room and neutralize cigarette smoke - add 5 drops of the oil lamp.
  2. Adoption of aromatic baths with lemon oil - ita simple remedy for cellulite, rheumatism, getting rid of toxins and extra kilos. The bath should be added not more than 5-7 drops of taking time - 10 minutes.
  3. Oil massage removes muscle pain, relieve fatigue, help in the treatment of varicose veins and rheumatism.
  4. Get rid of bad breath, to relieve pain in the throat, a simple rinse. In 1 cup of water you need to add 2 drops of oil.
  5. Want to quickly and inexpensively whiten teeth and prevent tooth decay? Add only 1 drop of oil directly on a toothbrush with toothpaste. It will also help to get rid of bleeding gums.
  6. When cold sores, bleeding from the nose can make the oil compress.
  7. Oil of lemon tree - irreplaceable natural product in treating colds. Pour into the inhaler water drip out of the pipette 3 drops of oil.
  8. You suffers from headaches and extra kilosdid not go? Try to take 1 drop of lemon oil, adding the juice to drip or on a lump of sugar. You'll see - the pain will pass, and the extra weight will disappear unnoticed.
  9. When aerophagia (ingestion of large amounts ofair during eating) add 200 ml of water and 5 drops of oil for 1 hour. L. honey. Drink in small sips throughout the day. Kids give this medication undesirable.
  10. Flavored drink can be done by adding a few drops into a glass of juice or tea.
  11. Oil strongly repels insects. In your house is not the place of moths and ants.

Oil of lemon in cosmetics

Lemon oil - a cheap and effectivemeans. How to lighten the skin: easy to remove pigmentation and "solar" spots need to take 1/3 tsp.. salt, 3 and 7 drops of wheat germ oil droplets. Mushy mixture applied dot, leave for 15 minutes. After the impact of its mask should be washed off with water.

But this simple method can try to imagineevery girl. Surely you are caring for the skin regularly, and 2 times a day using a face cream. Enrich his few drops of fragrant oil. After a few days you do not recognize yourself in the mirror, so fresh and healthy your skin will look.

If you need to tighten up loose skin, add 5lemon oil droplets in the facial lotion. Wipe them face you need in a day. Vitamin C, which is available in sufficient quantities in the oil, will help tighten oval face, remove wrinkles and restore its former elasticity. Now, no lifts and other expensive operations do not need to, the necessary means for the beauty we have in our home medicine cabinet!

Beauty Recipes:

  1. If every day to wipe the nails with oil of lemon, it will help get rid of fragility, about the nail skin will be soft and gentle.
  2. How to remove fat: need to lubricate the problem areas (forehead, nose and chin area), oil of lemon. Such a procedure will help prevent bacterial growth and reduce sebum. By the way, the rash will disappear, and the skin becomes radiant.
  3. Oil of lemon successfully combats cellulite. It is necessary to add 4-5 drops in 1 tbsp. l. bases (sea salt, coffee).
  4. Oil well treating cracked heels and elbows. For 1 hour. L. base oil is taken 2 drops lemon oil. The mixture is impregnated sponge is applied to the skin.
  5. You want shiny hair? You can not spend money on the purchase of expensive resources, use lemon butter: add 2-3 drops to the water to rinse after washing your tresses.

When using oils you need to remember that you can notapplying it on the skin and in the sun. Also, before first use of swipe sensitivity test. Lemon oil - an invaluable gift of nature, use it to become more beautiful. Good luck!